Joel and I knew the article on vaccine reactions would expose the blatant double standard, I just didn’t know it would be the ADN who would chomp on it in spectacular fashion. Part of why we exist is because for years, the mainstream media has not told you the whole story.

But the mainstream media in lockstep with government do not believe you are capable of deciding anything for yourself. Get in line and conform, or suffer the slings and arrows.

If you want the COVID treatment, go and get it. Alaska is showing the entire country how effective distribution is supposed to be done. If you don’t, don’t. But if you want to use COVID to remake society in some graven image, and you demand everyone only hear half the story, then the Watchman probably isn’t for you.

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Jake Libbey
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  • Mike Burdick says:

    I myself will not be taking the so called vaccine. It has too much baggage with it along with deaths for me. Now that being said 99% of my friends have told me the same. I feel that it is too Politicized and that they Leftist media and the new government has sooo many people believing that this flu like China virus is going to kill them if they don’t wear the mask that doesn’t even come close to stopping something that small or getting the so called vaccine. Good luck with that. The lowest survival rate is of people over 80 yoa in hospitals or in nursing homes who are on deaths bed already. I’m 70 years old and the survival rate for my age group is 99.5% hell I’ll take those odds anytime. I survived being a teenager and made it through High-school. Not discounting everything life threw at me and I’m still here. My father God Rest his Sole died at 44. Thats life we will make through this. More people die each year from cancer or heart disease but do they consider those as pandemics? Stop and think about it before you jump in front of the Bus. Look behind the curtain and take a significant amount of time to see who’s looking back at you ‼️

  • Dave Maxwell says:

    Well done Jake and Joel
    I couldn’t agree more

  • John H Slone says:

    Nice pros , how about some cons?

  • John H Slone says:

    Just completed the second of two Moderna COVID shots and glad that a I did. Have always been a believer in modern medicine and the value of vaccinations. Felt a little tired but not quite “sick” after the first one and minimal soreness to the arm. Second one yielded a greater flu like “ malaise.” And a bad nite but it’s all behind me know. The Alaska Watchman is not the only “ alternative” news source out there. I refer you to “World” magazine with “Editorin Chief” Marvin Olasky published since the1970s. Their volume 36 printed on Jan 31, 2021 did a special entitled”New Provisions For Containing COVID-19”. A sub article states “Neither the Pfizer nor the Moderna vaccine used fetal abortion derived cell lines during development or production,but both used abortion derived cell lines in some “ confirmatory lab tests”. Previous IPS technology altered genetic material directly in cells, creating threats inside the cell later on, like cancer. Using m ( modified) RNA solves that problem here because it doesn’t alterDNA. “ It a,axes me that many people whom I esteem highly a quick to adapt to modern technology including the use of the latest cell phones computers and internet use,all of which are benefits of living in the most advanced nation in the world. However, they refuse to accept vaccines which have saved millions of lives around the globe over the past 100 years. They justify this because they know of a few isolated incidents where a negative reaction caused a serious medical reaction. There will always be some persons who will have an allergic reactions to any injection just as some will have a severe reaction to various foods, plants and animals. Without knowing the full medical details, which may never be public, I suspect that those few Alaskans who died following a COVID injection WHERE VERY LIKELY ON THEIR DEATHBED ANYWAY !! and their families simply wanted to forestall a COVID death thru use of the injection. It’s rather interesting how COVID has been a catch all for all sort of maladies and misfortune this season. I am reminded of the death last summer of an Anchor Point man ina local hospital that was counted as a “ COVID related death” after his demise. However, his more knowledgeable neighbors decried the hospital label by saying “ we all knew he had but weeks to live due to advanced cancer” . I likewise suspect the more recent Alaska deaths following their COVID injections were also NOT THE PRIMARY CAUSE OF DEATH but unfortunately it will be used by some to excuse their taking the vaccine.