One of the most liberal members of the Anchorage Assembly, Meg Zaletel, will introduce an ordinance to condemn the most conservative member at the Feb. 9 Assembly meeting.

Zaletel’s resolution airs a litany of grievances she has against fellow Assemblywoman Jamie Allard, claiming Allard has improperly used her social media sites by blocking certain individuals, has openly defied and criticized the city’s mask mandate and has made comments that Zaletel asserts “defend language that is unequivocally associated with Nazis.”

Zaletel’s resolution alleges that these actions have “breached the public trust” and that “regardless of apologies Member Allard may have made to a constituent and the public for some of the actions outlined herein, her conduct and actions in her official capacity as an Assembly Member merit an official response.”

Allard is the most consistently conservative voice on the Assembly.

Zaletel makes no mention of her fellow liberal Assembly Members, such as Christopher Constant, who has used both social media and emails to disparage and embarrass members of the public.

Allard stirred criticism last month when posting comments on Facebook which some saw as supportive of two Nazi themed vanity license plates that were issued and then revoked by Alaska’s Department of Motor Vehicles. The plates read, “3REICH” and “FUHRER.”

Allard has said that she was never defending the plates but was concerned that banning them could create a slippery slope if the state began censoring all words which it deemed offensive. Her comments led Gov. Mike Dunleavy to remove her from the state’s Commission for Human Rights.

While it is not at all clear that Allard has committed a breach of public trust as defined in municipal code, and Zaletel admits that the Anchorage Assembly does not have the authority to publicly file an ethics complaint with the state, her resolution asks the Assembly to request an “advisory opinion” from the state’s Ethics Board, or find a way to address the issue on their own.

Allard is the most consistently conservative voice on the Assembly. She has battled the liberal majority on multiple fronts, opposing their efforts to shut down businesses due to COVID, impose mandatory facemask orders and their attempt to improperly spend CARES Act funds to buy buildings for homeless shelters. Allard is seen by many as a champion for personal liberties and conservative values on an Assembly run by a majority of hard left members.

To date, liberal Assembly members Forest Dunbar, Kameron Perez-Verdia, Austin Quinn-Davidson (who is now serving as acting mayor) and Zaletel have all been subjects of citizen-led recall efforts, as has Assembly Chair Felix Rivera who will stand for recall on April 6. Allard has never faced a recall effort.

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Anchorage Assemblywoman Zaletel hopes to officially condemn conservative colleague Allard

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Ho Lee Fok says:

    Megs next, keep them recalls flowing.

  • TJ says:

    She needs to go. Such a hateful, bitter and spiteful woman. Breach of public trust? I would say she has done more breaching of public trust than Jamie.

  • Mike Burdick says:

    It’s really none of my business what you people do in Anchorage as I don’t live there.
    First it was the word Trump that drove Liberal Democrats to the brink. Now it looks like it’s Conservatives. Anchorage Conservatives whether you are republican or what ever, you would be smart if you started to pay attention to city hall or you’re going to loose your city to a group of people who want to stand on your head.

  • Barbara says:

    Explaining what words mean isn’t saying that they believe in Nazi-ism, but just helps make people aware of the English meaning. And as for “blocking certain individuals”… look in the mirror, honey. You and all you liberal buddies have blocked every single Anchorage resident that disagrees with you over the last year. I stand with Ms. Allard, and hope the rest of Anchorage sees the double standard that’s being played by the assembly and “mayor” right now.

  • Swance Der Slinger says:

    Why photshop Zyletels face to make it look twisted up? Could it be your whiny article/s are weak and and only serve to froth up the conservative victim narrative?

    • yeahright says:

      no, that’s the way the ugly stick pinch faced witch actually looks. it’s pretty common for leftists, who are miserable ugly people inside and out.

  • Robert C. Weel says:

    Zaletel needs to go, not Allard! Zaletel is another Liberal Left-Wing POS just like Rivera, Dunbar, Perez-Verdia, and our idiot Mayor AQD! Anchorage needs to recall all of these Morons for killing our once great city! Wake up Anchorage!

  • Garrett Lieb says:

    This is the one to go like Felix and constant

  • David R. Mitchell says:

    What is happening to the first amendment ?? If you are a Liberal Left Wing you can say and do what ever you feel cause you say you are protect by the first amendment .Its time for the Conservatives Voice to stand and be heard Anchorage.

  • Bill says:

    Nazi sit down, is the message here. Good on her. White supremacist need to be run out of Anchorage. This is a good start. Fascist having there feelings hurt… please..

  • Alberto Brandolini says:

    Not allowing a license plate to say 3Reich is a slippery slope????
    If we all can’t agree that 3Reich shouldn’t be allowed on an American license plate then we should be worried
    But I guess Joel wants to protect the 3Reich license plate crowd I guess
    I wonder why

    • Lobo says:

      I certainly would never have that on my license plate, but, I have a question for you: If you think that should be banned, would you be willing to ban the “offensive”, sometimes sexually suggestive, or violence suggestive stickers from vehicle windows ? They are all on privately owned vehicles… Where do we draw the lines on censorship ?.. Seriously… Anything that offends someone else ?

      • Jim Scott says:

        Agreed. Seems things are becoming to ‘BAN’ with no consideration whatsoever to collateral repercussion so long as there seems to be a public wave of vocal dissent against the contrary. Maybe make special camps for these people, help them learn their error? This once great republic is becoming what TRUE democracy is – little more than mob rule. Imagine votes being cast on every political issue at the fickle whim of the moment (aided with the perfumed stench of propaganda showers) of an ‘enlightened’ voter from a smart phone. Nazi Germany might even be a better place than that world.

      • Michael S Totten says:

        This is what happens when man hating feminists and feminine gay men run the circus.

  • Andrew says:

    Wow the third wave of feminism is really affirmative action for ugly women…

  • TCN says:

    At what point does the Assembly actually start doing the business of running the Municipality instead of rerunning “Mean Girls?” Zaletel should be rung up for wasting the time and money of the citizens of Anchorage. If she really has a beef with Allard, they can settle it in the parking lot at Koots.

    • MICHAEL HUGHES says:

      Agreed. It is interesting that they limit we citizens, for whom they are supposed to work, to 3 minutes when we want to give testimony at the meetings, but they can waste time on attacking the First Amendment rights of not only their fellow members, but the public at large.
      The Day is waning and NOW is the time to fight before we loose everything our forefathers (and mothers) fought and died for., including my ancestors who fought in both the Revolutionary and Civil wars.

  • Chris Byrnes says:

    The hag looked like a slave trader. Seems we have a lot of nazis responding in favor of the elderly nazi

  • Michael S Totten says:

    Haha. I think it’s funny that these weak people get offended by EVERYTHING. They’re going nowhere in life. Maybe they should go live in a country where they get beheaded for not worshipping the state. Oh but no they won’t do that because they want to be free while pointing fingers at the rest of you. I have my popcorn and I’m enjoying the California invasion of alaska. I moved out of alaska for that very reason. Anchorage is pathetic.

  • Jim Scott says:

    Every one of these liberal embarrassments to the Anchorage Assembly history is the mindset of a toddler with the tool sets of an adult. That entire party has descended to the mentality of Romper Room, with more articulate capacity and the misfortune of everyone, including their deluded constituency (and under the oath they consider merely traditional pomp) the public’s liberties paramount to all with access to their powers and authorities in the public trust subject to their tantrums and emotional channeling. Something has to be done about elected officials wielding authority like an infant with a loaded gun. Like the accidental mayor’s misuse of police resources. Immunity from criminal and civil liability in the event of demonstrable incompetence and unrestrained whims (“acting out”) has to be dealt with when it results in public injury. These are not respectable political figures by any stretch of the imagination – the deserve NO RESPECT in any capacity. They’re like brats the play court from Star Trek TOS, ‘Miri’, with the ‘Grups’ and ‘Onlies’. Bonk bonk on her head!

  • NAV says:

    RECALL them all Anchorage your on a roll “DON’T STOP NOW!!!! 🙂

  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    This poor woman, Zaletel, seems very bitter, and also a bully. Add in the leftist double standard hat what is ok for them is not ok for a conservative. Allard has done nothing wrong and has the right to voice her opinion and concern.

  • NAV says:

    RECALL. RECALL, End this sow’s political carrier for ever!!!!!!!!!!