The Alaska School Activities Association, which governs high school sports across the state, is set to vote on a new policy that would impose penalties for “hate speech.” The proposal will be taken up by the board of directors at its Feb. 22-23 meeting.

According to the policy, it aims to “Institute more severe consequences for an athlete who persists in using hate speech” or harassment. This is defined as “behavior aimed at a person’s sex, gender identification, race, religion, creed, age, national origin, ancestry, pregnancy, marital or parental status, sexual orientation, or disability that substantially interferes with a students’ school performance or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive school environment.”

The policy does not identify exactly what sort of comments or actions are prohibited, but it deals with more than physical harassment. Students and coaches could also run afoul for verbal and non-verbal acts.

“When contest officials witness hate speech or an act of harassment, the alleged offender shall be penalized by an IMMEDIATE EJECTION,” the proposed policy states. Additionally, the student will be required to complete the NFHS Learn Sportsmanship course.

If a referee fails to notice the harassment, the policy encourages students to tell their coach as quickly as possible. This includes pointing out the offending players, their jersey numbers and exactly what was said. Coaches must then immediately tell the official.

“The official will then inform the other head coach of the accusation,” the policy states. “The official shall also notify ASAA with 24 hours of ALL situations in which hate speech or harassment was suspected.”

School administrators are required to meet with alleged offenders and victims and investigate the situation. If the alleged offender admits to saying the comment, he or she would be ineligible to compete until completing the sportsmanship course.


  • To provide public comment during ASAA Board meetings, all comments must be first emailed to prior to the meeting. Comments during the meeting are limited to three minutes.
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Proposal would punish Alaska athletes for ‘hate speech’

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • NAV says:

    The politicians screwed everything up and the PUBLIC SCHOOLS ARE ALREADY CONTROLLED BY The LIBERAL BS so keep the ” F ing ” politics out of it and keep to your selves These kids are screwed up enough in the heads because of you liberal nutsacks as it is!!!

  • Jim Scott says:

    “Hate speech” is an illusion given virtual legal status for the SOLE purpose of propagating and perpetuating a special agenda ‘within’ and equally fabricated status of legal protection, and must be outright eradicated. The term ‘hate’ has ZERO definable qualifications that can be ascribed provable impetus equal to any other measures of evidence within the intent of law. “Terrorist” is another term that has been fabricated to provide a means of legally acquiring ‘permission’ to do something otherwise illegal if merely ‘criminal’. Hate is a characteristic of heart and spirit. Hate cannot be recognized by action, no matter how inconvenient it is for you to accept this. That doesn’t mean that the perception of (genuine) hate within the boundary of action isn’t ‘true’, it just can’t -EVER- be proven by, and given, the same empirical standards applied to adjudication of any other accusation. The same goes for ‘love’. Loosely, “hate speech” is emotional, virtual guilt trip transference BS gone crazy (more accurately, ‘evil’). There’s no place for it in law – it is a viral biological attack that collaterally infects and kills everybody. And: this protection clause for “race, creed, ethnic, religion, blah blah is a cancerous tumor to justice. You’re rights, as a US citizen ONLY, are equally derived, sustained and defined by the US Constitution (that is: the tenet, principle – not the legal parchment that gives it legal tangibility) as CITIZEN. ONLY. Absolutely NO other status gives anyone any ‘more equal’ benefit than any other, as a product of ANY arbitrarily recognized parameter of personal experiences, inheritances, chosen behaviors, et al. Orwell is becoming a regular reference to today’s daily Leftist abominations to rights and ‘righteousness’. They claim it to garner life ‘safety’ for ‘classes’ of people’s emotional feelings and ‘senses’ of ‘safe space’ at the cost and threat of ACTUAL safety and threat to another class of people. Hate speech, safe space, feelings….it’s like half of the voting age public has a mindset of a preschooler with more advanced functional tool sets that make them appear like grownups.

  • Brian Gundlach says:

    How about we just teach that sticks and stones may break our bones but words can never hurt me?

    • MICHAEL HUGHES says:

      LOL! Always worked for us. Of course, we weren’t raised to be snowflakes.
      All these people are doing is making it more difficult for our kids when they end up in the big bad world where no one really cares if your feelings get hurt.

  • Sherman Stebbins says:

    NFHS Learn Sportsmanship course = Reprogramming to Liberal Mindset

  • John says:

    Who is proposing this for ASAA to have to vote on. No, no cover names, really who? What other agendas is the unnamed group proposing and what have they proposed in the past?