Dunleavy has no COVID symptoms but chooses weeklong isolation after ‘close contact’


    Gov. Mike Dunleavy has decided to spend the next week hunkered down in his Wasilla home after being informed that he was in close contact on Feb. 21 with someone who was later discovered to be positive for coronavirus.

    An official notice about the governor’s plan was released Feb. 22. It states that Dunleavy received a COVID-19 rapid test and “immediately went into self-isolation at his home.”

    The test result came back negative on Feb. 22 and he shows “no symptoms of the disease.” Nevertheless, Dunleavy plans to quarantine for a minimum of seven days in accord with procedures from the Centers for Disease Control and the Alaska Dept. of Health and Social Services.

    He plans to telework from home as he receives additional tests. He will resume normal work when it is “certain he is free of the virus,” the notice states.

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    Joel Davidson
    Joel Davidson
    Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 20 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.

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    1. What is really happening here is Dunleavy is in hiding with Anne Zink’s help, from facing Alaskans & the Media over his Trashing the Legislature’s rights to hold him accountable for the Emergency Orders & Unconstitutional actions against Alaskans Liberties! What a low life he is !

    2. Our Governor, bless his heart, is conscientious. Our daughter Talia has been trying to contact him about updates on new protocol that is not related to the CDC but has been very effective in Florida, Texas and other states whose governors listened and responded to early intervention. Our governor needs to be briefed on what is working well with two Christian doctors Dr. Zelenko in Florida and Dr. Bartlett inn Texas. She has helped save the lives up here in Fairbanks with this simple protocol. Respectfully, Ruth Ewig

    3. Squish.
      Lora – please run for governor – we need someone with common sense who isn’t driven by FearPorn and knows how to keep bureacrats in their place – advising, but not making policy. Dunleavy while you are hunkered down in Wasilla – what about the following: 1) 2nd Amendment Sancutary status, 2) Kenai Land Deal Lisa needs to be censured – use your alleged influence, 3) Voter Integrity – why do we have Dominion voting machines and SmartMatic voting software?

    4. My question to Gov. Dunleavy is was the person who tested positive (and that he had contact with) SICK? Or did the person have what a large percentage of others have, a false positive PCR test based on excessive amplifications? Sounds more to me like the RINO governor wants to hide out and is using the Wuhan China Virus as his excuse.

    5. The real question should be, how many replications were used with the PCR test. Anything over 35 has better than 60% false positive rate. DId his health care provider follow up with the Sanger Sequence which would identify the actual virus detected by the PCR test. My guess 40 plus replications and No follow up test.

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