Two additional Alaska deaths were reported to the CDC VAERS website which tracks adverse reactions to COVID vaccinations. This brings the total number of deaths reported from Alaska to 10.

The recent deaths included a 70-year-old man who received a Moderna COVID vaccine on Jan. 11. He died nine days later on Jan. 20 after suffering a heart attack. He was on medication for heart problems and had a preexisting lung condition from chronic smoking.

The other reported death was an 83-year-old man who received the Pfizer COVID vaccine on Jan. 11 and died on Feb. 20. He had preexisting nerve and blood disorders.

In addition to the 10 deaths, Alaska has now reported a total of 158 adverse reactions to the VAERS website. Nationally, there have been 1,095 deaths and 19,907 adverse reactions reported since the rollout of the vaccines in December.

More than 63 million doses of COVID vaccines have been administered across the nation. To date, the CDC has dismissed the possibility that any post-COVID vaccination deaths had anything to do with the vaccine. Similarly, the agency claims that, according to VAERS, adverse reactions are extremely rare – occurring in 2-5 people per million. In Alaska, the rate of reported adverse reactions and deaths appears to be much higher. There is now one reported death for every 15,106 Alaskans vaccinations.

Anyone in the nation – including healthcare workers and others – can report adverse reactions or deaths to VAERS. The CDC examines each reports and later issues information on whether it believes the deaths were due to COVID or some other underlying condition.

The CDC automatically requests medical records, autopsy reports and death certificates on all deaths listed in VAERS. Alaska is only contacted if CDC thinks further investigation is needed. These investigation notifications are not made public, however, because they contain details that could identify the deceased.

The VAERS website, however, only captures a fraction of death reports for any given vaccine, as the vast majority are never entered into the database. Alaska’s state health officials, who rely exclusively on CDC’s investigations, have echoed the opinion of the CDC, and claim there are no deaths from COVID vaccines.

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Alaskans report two more post COVID vaccine deaths to CDC

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Ed Martin Jr says:

    ” Alaska’s state health officials, who rely exclusively on CDC’s investigations, have echoed the opinion of the CDC, and claim there are no deaths from COVID vaccines.” Lies ,& a nest of Liars ! Follow the science they say, BS, I say!

  • Michael C Coons says:

    As a retired Paramedic, I will not jump on the bandwagon that the vaccine did or did not cause the deaths. I have yet to see final medical investigation as to the cause.
    Did the person with the heart attack, what was the heart like? How clogged was the corornay arteries? People with pre-existing heart issues can have a devastating heart attack at any time. There are many that have undiagnosed coronary heart disease. I’m 68, take antistatin medications to prevent coronary clogging. Yet, I could have a devastating heart attack as I’m writing this. The first heart attack is the most deadly because the heart can’t take the shock and damage. I’ve treated far too many that have died with the first heart attack and seen those with multiple heart attacks over years live.
    So, to say that taking a vaccine is a direct cause of a heart attack is not confirmed at this point.
    As to the other person, what is the autopsy results as to the blood disorders?
    Do I fully trust the CDC? Hell no! They have a long history of politics. Did have a better trust when our President Trump was in? Yes. Sure it is known that the CDC still had super socialists in place and creating problems? Sure did and still do!
    So, no I will not jump on this wagon that the vaccine is and has caused deaths and/or directly caused reported side effects? No, not with the information we have now and the emotion on this issue.

    • Jan Stanton says:

      Mike you always make sense and am so glad you wrote this. I’m so tired of hearing everyday about how many get sick or die. Not much is said about people having no symptoms or mild symptoms it all about how many die! How about other info about how masks are hurting people particularly the youth of our state and country and others with mental health issues. People might feel happier is they could see people smile and laugh instead of having to communicate through a mask, which is so hard on the hard of hearing.

      • Michael C Coons says:

        Jan, thanks for your kind remark. I too am tired of the numbers and what I am seeing and I’m sure you are is how those numbers are being weaponized against common sense. I only wore a mask for about the first 2 weeks of this CCP Virus outbreak. Neither my wife or I contracted the CCP Virus. I look at the number of reported cases and then I look at the deaths “attributed” to the CCP virus. The percentages of the people who recover are not brought up. The fact that as of writing this, 55,989 that we know had the CCP virus, 55,702 SURVIVED! That of course is not adding in those that had, did not know they had or did not get tested/reported.
        So if you do the simple math, the total known cases vs population of Alaska, 730,000 is 7% of the entire population! and as to the deaths my computer can’t show the percentile!
        As to mask. I like you see people wearing, not wearing. I see children, about 2 and above wearing masks. What is that doing to them, physically? We don’t know at this point but I bet negative aspects will be seen at a later date. The really sad thing it is doing is teaching those children to be like Mommy and Daddy, sheepel! I see children not wearing masks and low and behold their parents aren’t either! Those children will understand freedom and thank God for those parents that are NOT sheepel!
        I want to see our State and nation back to normal, period. Most importantly, I want people to make their own decisions based on truth and facts. Sure there will be those that follow Dr Fauci and Hiden Bident, just like there are those of us that follow our Constitution and those who have stood up for our freedoms, like President Trump and so many others.
        If you meet me on the street, or at Carrs, or Fred Meyer or WalMart or Lowes, say hi and you will see me smile as a free Alaskan!

  • Johnny M Furlong says:

    If I wear a mask will it protect me from the vaccine?

    • Theresa says:

      Only if you wear two masks. One for each dose.

      I’m pretty sure Tom Sawyer is the primary consultant for both Fauci and the CDC.

  • Joseph Fernandez says:

    Alaskas health representatives trusting and believing in only the CDC guidelines for reporting vaccine injurys and deaths touting informed consent of safe and effective of an experimental emergency use none safety animal trial solution that does not even remotely resemble a vaccine as medically described are reflective of the soldiers in the death camps Turning the gas valves on just doing what they were told! You decide just say no to genocide!

  • Vicki Kerr says:

    This is a follow up to info I left about a friend. She had the Covid vaccine on a Saturday. Got deathly ill on Sunday and so weak had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance. She spent 4 days in the hospital and needed someone with her when she returned home. It took her 3 weeks to get somewhat back to normal. This is a healthy 84 year old that walks her dog daily, drives, takes care of herself. The doctor at the hospital told her it was a severe reaction to the vaccine. She called the number on the card she was given when she received the vaccine. NO CALL BACK. She is really upset with the governments ignoring of her experience. My other friends 30+ year old daughter went into anaphylactic shock immediately after receiving the vaccine and had to be sent from the Urgent Care clinic to the hospital. I really don’t think we are getting all the information we should have about the vaccine and I thank The Alaska Watchman for the information they are getting out so we can make an informed choice about the vaccine.

  • G Aleution says:

    The vaccines contain replicated patented cells from an aborted fetus. The unborn was male and a minority. I believe it’s mother’s name is/was known and it was not medically possible to obtain informed consent from the patient at the time of abortion procedure. I don’t believe the “vaccine” for the bio-weapon was ethical and for my personal faith the cells are not consented to by me. I have an immune system devinely designed that works fast 24 hours a day. No vaccines for me.