I don’t like assuming the role of “victim.” That is best left to liberals and socialists. But in all the worry about this non-crisis, only thin, reedy voices have mentioned that the loss of medical treatment due to “fears” is real. Lynette Clark, my friend and mentor in the Alaskan Independence Party, permitted her cancer to go undiagnosed a year ago out of fear of entering a hospital. When she became too weak even to walk to her mailbox, she surrendered and went to seek medical attention.

Too late for anything but palliative treatment, she succumbed not to COVID but to “COVID Hype.” I wonder if there is a body count for that?

I believe most readers would agree that this is not a health issue but a political one.

I have a bad set of toes that need surgical treatment. I haven’t been able to get into all my dress shoes or ice skates for years without considerable pain and discomfort, and only box-toed boots, sneakers and bunny boots keep me comfortable anymore. I have put the surgery off due to my active lifestyle and the six-week walking-cast time that will be necessary. Summer is out, and so is autumn and hunting season. Early winter would be OK for me and also early spring. What can we do in the slush, anyway?

Alas, I have “elected” to continue to suffer, for the surgical protocols require me to get – no, not a COVID vax but a test. Many people might see this as foolish. Please reconsider.

I believe most readers would agree that this is not a health issue but a political one. With that, it is not hard to see that the creeping incrementalism – the “boiling frog technique” – is fully in play. The globalists know this well, of course, since their satanic mentors fully understand human nature.

Resistance is required of those who are certain of the truth.

First, “The Mask” – a symbol of obedience, ignorance, subservience. When I can avoid it, I do. I can’t travel on airplanes without this, but I can quit a community theater production which I was casted for, and which required masking for every rehearsal for three months. And I did not attend any performance because the audience was required to “mask up.” The play was still impressive online, but there is no comparison to being on hand.

Resistance is required of those who are certain of the truth. Each of us contributes to the solution or continuance of the problem, depending on what we decide. In a dump truck, no one grain of sand is more important than another, but collectively they matter.

The next step in boiling a frog is the COVID tests, which have been proven to be 1.) faulty 2.) intrusive 3.) a vital cog in the state’s COVID dashboard statistics and 4.) a stepping-stone to vaccination. While I wore a mask to the doctor’s office to gain entry for the diagnosis of my foot, I made sure that the questions they asked did not go into a government database.

And in the office after we agreed upon surgery, no one told me that COVID testing would be required until I got a call the next day. As yet, we still control our bodies. To refuse medical treatment because a person wants to control what is put into their body is a violation of the now despised but formerly required and honored Hippocratic Oath, plus the basic precepts of conscience.

I am now being coerced into accepting the next steppingstone to vaxing…

I saw this some years ago after hip surgery. I went to the dentist for a mere cleaning, but was asked, “Have you had major surgery in the last two years?” Checking the “yes” box brought me a demand: either take their antibiotics or forego dental treatment for two years.

“What for?”

“Well, some people have died after getting an infection.”

“What are the odds?”

“About one in a million. But we don’t want to get sued.”

“I’ll sign a waiver exonerating you from responsibility. I don’t want or trust antibiotics unless I am actually sick!”

“Sorry, those are the ADA’s insurer rules.”

So, I went without a teeth cleaning for two years. So much for medical ethics. Instead of “patients first” it is now “lawyers first,” or maybe, “profits always before patients.”

On my radio show, I joust with those who say, “You are ridiculous in thinking that we will ever be coerced or forced into vaxing … but if it does come to that, I’ll gladly apologize.”

How nice.

Well, I am now being coerced into accepting the next steppingstone to vaxing, but I would rather continue to limp through this annoying and at times debilitating condition rather than genuflect to their “altar of science.”

Make that fake science.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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COVID-hype victims and the denial of medical treatment

Bob Bird
Bob Bird ran for U.S. Senate in 1990 and 2008. He is a past president of Alaska Right to Life, a 47-year Alaska resident and a retired public school teacher. He has a passion for studying and teaching Alaska and U.S. constitutional history. He lives on the Kenai Peninsula and is currently a daily radio talk-show host for The Talk of the Kenai, on KSRM 920 AM from 3-5 pm and heard online


  • Kfinh says:

    Great opinion piece here! Exactly how I feel and think. Eventually there will be no refusing the vaccine if you want to participate in society. Yes folks would point out that the government would not be able to force an individual to take the vaccine but if individual businesses and workplace start requiring a vaccine to be able to shop, travel or be employed then the outcome would be the same.

  • Fred Lee says:

    You are suffering pain because you refuse to get a Covid test? The victim card is the right one to play, but you’re a victim of your own pride. Those of us old enough remove the phrase “Cutitng off your nose to spite your face.”

    There are true “victims” here. The victims are the ones who literally weren’t able to get needed treatment because hospitals were overrun with covid patients (those who claim it’s “just the flu” have obviously scrubbed the memory of mobile morgues from their memory). The victims are those who died from covid because their friends, relatives, neighbors, or completely strangers thought that the burden of putting on a mask was just too high. But you… You’re able to get a treatment easily. But you refuse because you don’t want to get a simple 30 second test? And you complain about wearing a mask to help prevent spreading a deadly virus? Do you also refuse to cover your mouth when you sneeze? Is this what we’ve become, unwilling to inconvenience ourselves in the most trivial manner possible, because “the libs” say it’s the righ thing to do, while “our guy” mocks masks (while getting secretly vaccinated)?

    We are hopefully nearing the end of a global pandemic. Before it’s done, more than 1 out of every 500 Americans will have perished because of it. The readers of this blog, who profess to believe in the sanctity of life, who profess to possess morality, who claim to care about their fellow Americans, have it within their power to help end this. Refusing simple measures such as wearing a mask, or getting vaccinated, increases the time for the pandemic to end, not to mention puts your loved ones at risk.

    I’m reminded of the story of Don Tice, a larger than life Mat-Su resident who similarly scorned masks and vaccines. He died from Covid last Fall, his final post to social media still trying to “own the libs” while going on a ventilator and perishing. It’s a tragic story precisely because it’s /so easily preventable/. Our fellow Alaskans, our fellow Americans, do not need to be perishing by the hundreds of thousands. Acting responsibly, treating the Covid-19 with the respect it deserves, and acting in consideration of your fellow man is all that is needed.

    Wear the mask. Get the vaccine. Get the world back to normal, let us get back to work and back to life. Please. For yourself. For all of us.

    • Robert Bird says:

      A paid shill and troll could not do better than the above paragraph. Notice how he is ordering us! And wraps himself in the flag. “Obey, trust the medical community — even though they are giving conflicting advice.” Next step will be to demonize those of us who think for ourselves.

      • Fred Lee says:

        Ah yes, you’ve un-masked me. Big Mask is secretly paying me millions to encourage others to avoid spewing spittle on others.

        The medical establishment is uniform in its advice to wear a mask, and get vaccinated. Show me a reputable doctor who disagrees.

    • Theresa says:

      “Before it’s done, more than 1 out of every 500 Americans will have perished because of it.“

      Where did you get this prediction?

      • Fred Lee says:

        Hi Theresa, there are 330m people in the US (give or take). So far 530K people have died of Covid (give or take). We’re still losing more than 1,000 people every day. Who knows what the final tally will be, but 660K seems pretty plausible at this point, particularly as we start to exhaust the supply of those who will receive the vaccination.

    • R says:

      You have been nominated for the Fauci Manipulation Medal. How marvelous.

  • Francine says:

    I really believe you would enjoy Dr David Martin. Here is discussing a few ideas and sharing his presentation to the NH House. He also has a very good vax video you might be interested in: don’t know if this link will work. It seems to be buried. Could not find on D.Martin’s channel.

  • Alaska Girl says:

    I just have to point out that not everyone can wear masks or get the vaccine due to medical conditions. I know this from experience. I have lung issues that won’t allow me to wear a mask for very long without passing out and I’m allergic to some of the ingredients in the vaccine. What will people like me do if they make it mandatory?

    • EscapedAnchorage says:

      I know someone that had a bad reaction to the flu shot that’s in your same boat. I personally won’t get it for the same reason Mr. Bird won’t. What ever happened to “my body, my choice”? It seems to only apply to abortion according to “the science”

      • Fred Lee says:

        Mr. Bird’s did not provide a cogent reason for eschewing the mask or vaccine. He talks vaguely about subservience (huh?), boiling frogs, and satanists. He doesn’t even try to refute the established science behind mask wearing or the vaccine. Presumably because he cannot.

        My body my choice? OK sure. And you do have a choice; nobody has proposed otherwise. We can make a lot of choices, but refusing to wear a mask that may save another’s life, or get a vaccine that may save your own, seems like an odd hill to die on.

    • Fred Lee says:

      As far as I know nobody has proposed making the vaccine mandatory. And all vaccines have medical exemptions.

  • Flockmom says:

    Everything you said is me. They denied me follow up care on a bleed in my eye because I wear a sheik not a mask unless I pay extra(on Medicare) to come after hours. Haven’t been I. The office for months because I wear a shield not a mask

    • Fred Lee says:

      So… why not just put on a mask? You haven’t been denied anything. Simon and Seafort’s denies me service if I show up without a shirt on. So I put on a shirt..

  • Neocondom1 says:

    Good man, and I am glad this is being articulated. I have been foregoing a dental procedure for over a year because it will create aerosols which we all know now are terrifying. So the patient must be tested, which may lead to preventive detention in the form of non-medical quarantine, wherein your name goes on a list and a Government officials calls and tracks your diligence in following all CDC regulations. This is all to flatten a curve that never really existed other than on news chirons and other colorful, scary, fearful advice coming from the medical community.

    Without a doubt the Covid Shamdemic is 95% political, the other 5% is most likely seasonal influenza.

  • Steve says:

    Sadly I secretly delight in the way you and other right thinking republicans promote noncompliance and plandemic conspiracies. It means less of you will be alive in the coming years. I’m in healthcare. I’m close to several physicians working in the Covid ICU at Methodist hospital in Texas. I have texts where they are heartbroken because a otherwise healthy marine, or a firefighter, or a father and son, or a grandad – all arriving in the Covid ICU only to die within a couple of days. These doctors are devastated- they say it’s like combat medicine – most of them are former military. I don’t really have a dog in the political hunt of who’s right or wrong in government restrictions. I do know there will be fewer of you mask doubters & Covid deniers when it’s all said & done.

    • Fred Lee says:

      Imagine you’re a car mechanic. And someone keeps bringing his car in without any oil. You tell them, look.. All you need to do is top up the oil every month, but the guy refuses. I don’t think Steve’s sentiment is ill will, it’s the inevitable result of exhaustion. Health care workers have been working around the clock surrounded by a deadly virus. Meanwhile a small but shrill group of covid-deniers refuse to do even the most basic things necessary, and in fact openly mock those who /do/ behave responsibly. And you continue to do your best to keep them alive, but it turns out that there’s a nearly endless supply of idiots.

      So it’s not too surprising that, while they risk their lives to help others, there is a resentment against those who continually metaphorically stab themselves in the eye, and when told “Hey, you really shouldn’t do that, we’d all be better off if you’d just stop stabbing yourself in the eye”, the response by these idiots is “my body, my choice. Don’t tell me what to do”.

      The cognitive dissonance is astounding.

      • Kfinh says:

        Deadly virus? 99+% survival rate is hardly deadly. I probably have a better chance of dying from daily driving. Just why can’t the one who don’t wear a mask not be told or ask to wear one. Why do we have to be micromanaged? And mocking those who behave responsibly? I haven’t seen a single incident of a mask denier mock a mask wearer out in public. But I have seen those mask wearer scorn at the mask deniers for not having one on. Since the start I’ve always said if you’re afraid stay home, live in your bubble of protection. But quite complaining about folks who simply don’t want to put on a bacterial infested cloth on our face. We don’t tell you to take that mask off so quite trying to shame us who think differently.

      • Kfinh says:

        Quit* since there’s no way of editing. Excuse me for my bad grammar and spelling because I’m uneducated and all.

      • Fred Lee says:

        The odds of dying from COVID far exceed the odds of dying from a car accident.

        But I hear ya about the lack of editing in this comment section! We have found some common ground, let us build on that!

  • Robert Bird says:

    You see? There is no finer example of what is at play here than from Steve in Texas: Soviet-style ruthlessness. In his own words, he would “delight” in our deaths! “Better to see you dead than to allow you to think for yourself. Trust the government and medical bureaucracy.” Sure, even though it is obvious they are suppressing dissenters within their own ranks. “Die, Die! You deserve it!. You are a danger to the rest of us. And don’t ask us for medical treatment. Suffer on, and we’re glad that you are!” I am grateful for those who have expressed their own experiences. Resist these tyrants, pray for their conversion.

    • Fred Lee says:

      Just wear a mask. It’s not a slippery slope to globalism, it’s not a plot by Bill Gates to inject you with a microchip, it’s not a 5G antenna that is going to control you. It’s a piece of material that prevents your droplets from landing in other people’s eyes and mouths.

      Do you also refuse to wash your hands after using the restroom? Do you refuse to cover your mouth when you cough? Why has such basic consideration for the health of others become a political hot potato for certain segments of the population?

  • Steve says:

    Wow! Soviet style? Die, Die – you deserve it? You kinda go extreme with your assumptions pretty fast. I own guns, fish, hunt, vote republican most of the time, back law enforcement, love my freedom and reject government over reach etc. I’m just stating my first hand experience around lots of covid sickness and death. It probably hasn’t hit your community like larger populated areas – but it is real. You do a disservice spreading your own ideas about COVID. It’s not a media, democrat, leftist or whatever thing – it’s a virus. It’s not the flu. @30,000 people died of flu in 2019. 550,000+ COVID deaths so far. Maybe “delight” was too harsh – my apologies. It’s more like realizing Darwin’s Law in action – failure to adapt – if you don’t follow the science (and some good ole common sense) – you aren’t going to be around to see your grandkids. Or maybe it’s God working through nature and you need to pay attention.

  • Tony Bird says:

    (Bob’s brother from California here.)

    The best term I’ve heard for what we’re being force-fed is “junk science”.
    If you want to have a decent opinion about all this, you have to do it on your own and stop taking “experts'” word for it. You will find experts on all side of this controversy. You will find some intelligent opinions coming out, because of the controversy, which have been in hiding until now.
    Cf “The Great Barrington Declaration–thousands of medical and scientific experts from around the world denouncing governmental policy on this so-called–you can’t even call it an epidemic. If you know how to count, you just don’t have the numbers.
    They say that the Chinese have learned that if their government is promoting a certain point of view it means that they should believe its direct opposite. We could learn from them.

    • R says:

      “They say that the Chinese have learned that if their government is promoting a certain point of view it means that they should believe its direct opposite. We could learn from them.”
      Yep! That’s the communist way.

  • Shannon Van Holstyn says:

    Fascinating to see all of the perspectives being shared. I would like to point out just a few things to consider as we attempt to restore trust and faith in coexisting together. There have been many factors and agendas at play here for quite a long time. We cannot have good without evil, life without death, sin without grace, love without hate. These conflicts provide an opportunity for greater potential of growth. What has been hijacked this past year was our ability to respect one another and rely on facts and common sense instead of basing decisions on fear and uncertainty. Our society has become a system that has turned us aginst eachother for our differences and opposing viewpoints. Create civil war amongst us so upper eshelon can molest us when we arent looking. Divide and conquer. It may just be the evil plot of something far greater than ourselves. God presented us this great journey and we are living in an unfortunate state of perpetual self sabotage because we have forgotten he has all of the answers and each of us have a solo journey to the end to travel. I believe we should have listened to more than a handful of “experts” followed ALL of the science and used common sense and banned together to stand for our freedoms. Big pharma is not an expert at anything but making DIS EASE in our bodies and extorting money for the solutions. If you believe in a mask, put one on, if you believe putting toxins in your body to “save” you from something with a 99.7% survival rate than by all means, I shall not stop you. It does not give anyone the right to take away my right to breathe or my right to choose. God made us with our immune system living within an ecosystem that is completely self sustainable if we pay attention and take responsibility of ourselves. Understanding how our immune system works, how these experimental vaccines will have long term impact and the truth of the science should be the focus. Telegram has been a great resource of communication away from MSM. God Bless!