Conservatives running for four seats on the Anchorage School Board appear to be suffering from the fact that too like-minded candidates have split the conservative vote.

After the third day of ballot counting, stalwart conservative Judy Norton Eledge is trailing the leading vote getter and staunch liberal Kelly Lessons 17,801 to 16,697. Fellow conservative, Mark Anthony Cox has siphoned off 5,051 votes. There are still several thousand votes left to tally but Eledge has more than 1,100 votes to make up.

Similarly, in the School Board Set E race, conservative Sami Graham is trailing the Planned Parenthood backed candidate Pat Higgins, 13,905 to 15,188. Fellow conservative Nial Williams has taken 1,673 conservative votes.

For Seat F, leftist candidate Dora Wilson has 20,199 votes to 14,321 for conservative Kim Paulson. Conservative Marcus Sanders, however, has 6,988 votes.

Seat G is the only two-way race, and here Planned Parenthood backed Carl Jacobs enjoys a narrow 22,186 to 20,641 lead over centrist candidate Elisa Vakalis.


With regard to taking on new debt, six of seven bond proposals are still on their way to passing after the second round of vote counting. These bonds deal with facility maintenance, capitol improvement projects, public safety, fire fighters, police, parks and recreation, library facilities and roads. The only bond proposition that appears to be on its way to defeat is Prop. 1 which asks voters to approve nearly $7 million in debt to address building upgrades, code improvement projects, pool filtration and solar panels.

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UPDATE: Conservative Anchorage School Board candidates hurt by like-minded rivals

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Steve says:

    Again Republican’s just can’t get their act together. Are they completely oblivious that too many cooks spoil the pot? What did they think the outcome would be if too many conservative minded individual were running for the same position?

    • EscapedAnchorage says:

      Why is is republicans fault? Do you not think it’s convenient the big money backed commies are winning? Mail in ballots are a sham. Anchorage needs to demand a full forensic audit of the election.

  • NorthernMegaWood says:

    It’s all a set up!

  • Jan says:

    I thought Anchorage might be able to save itself this time but I guess not! So sad, I guess for me Anchorage just for passing through on the way to Kenai.

    • Steve Peterson says:

      We can stave it off for a while, but the left has its eyes set on ALL of Alaska. Just the other night, a satanist opened the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly meeting. They want every city, town and village, and, unfortunately, as Anchorage goes, so goes Alaska. Traditionalists in Anchorage just can’t get their act together. They have let this happen and unless something really amazing happens, all of Alaska will be ruined.

      • Ed Zehrung says:

        Are we conservatives EVER going to learn and quit doing this vote split? Are conservatives ever going to learn that we have to actually vote to change the direction of the agenda?

      • Michael S Totten says:

        They won’t survive in rural alaska. Leftists tend to disappear in the wilderness where there are no witnesses. They will get the cities though

  • Missi says:

    If it looks like it smells like it then call it Bullsh!t!

  • David Boyle says:

    Conservatives are very slow learners. The Left is very good at using conservatives as useful idiots to defeat themselves. That, and the ego problem destroy conservatives at election time. Finally, those who don’t have a clue re candidates should not vote.