UPDATE: Bronson, Dunbar headed to run-off for Anchorage mayor


    After the latest round of vote tabulation, it is clear that Dave Bronson is headed to a May run-off election against far-left Forrest Dunbar to decide who becomes the next mayor of Anchorage.

    The third round of vote totals from April 8 shows Dunbar with 16,485 votes to 15,953 for Bronson. While there are still another 20,000 some votes to count, neither man appears close to garnering 45%, the percentage needed to avoid a run-off.

    Here are the vote totals of the top candidates so far:

    • Forrest Dunbar: 16,485 (32.6%)
    • Dave Bronson: 15,953 (31.6%)
    • Bill Falsey: 6,703 (13.3%)
    • Bill Evans: 4,782 (9.5%)
    • Mike Robbins: 3,766 (7.5%)
    • George Martinez: 1,658 (3.3%)

    Both Falsey and Martinez are considered more liberal candidates, which means their supporters would be more likely to support far-left candidate Forrest Dunbar. Likewise, Evans and Robbins are considered right or center-right and their supporters are more likely to vote for Bronson in a run-off.

    If you add up all left-leaning votes, including those won by Dunbar so far, the total comes to 24,846. Likewise, all right and center right votes, including those won by Bronson, equal 24,501,954 votes.

    While the clerk’s office still has another 20,000 or so ballots to tally, Anchorage is headed for a hotly contested run-off in the next few weeks.

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    Joel Davidson
    Joel Davidson
    Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 20 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.

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      • “Adjudication” Mail in ballots. Officials deciding what the voter ment. Delay the count. Add fraudulent ballots. Yeee Hawww, Tarzan!

    1. We all need to Get out and vote for Bronson! Grab those who forgot or didnt (we all know at least 5 or more 22-25yr olds) & get them to vote, too!

    2. We know if Alaska continue to use the Dominion machine the Democrats will continue to cheat and try to control our city and eventually our state we cannot allow that where is Dunleavy in all this has he no say or control any longer ???

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