Let us consider what Anchorage mayoral candidate Forrest Dunbar really means by enacting a “fact-based” mayorship.

But before we go there, consider a few of these facts:

Fact: Flattening the curve destroyed hundreds of Anchorage businesses, including 14,000 jobs, and gave us nearly 15% unemployment here in Anchorage. Flattening the curve was meant to prevent overrunning hospital beds. The fact is we should have made more beds if needed, rather than destroy our economy and hand over our liberty to city government.

Could you have ever imagined that the government would say you can’t have Easter Brunch with friends in your own house?

Fact: Under Berkowitz/Dunbar’s left-wing control Anchorage is the least safe city in the state with a violent crime rate three times higher than the national average and a property crime rate of twice as high as national levels. Liberty is also down and the power of government is at a record high. All those are likely to grow worse if Dunbar leads this city as mayor.

If the ‘fact-based leadership’ offered by Dunbar were in vogue when the country was founded, we wouldn’t be a society based on free speech, religion and liberty. We would be a country of mandates, pandemics and nationalized risk.

Dunbar and his handlers will not give conservatives, libertarians, classical liberals, believers or constitutionalists any quarter.

The fact is that the city is suffering under the current Dunbar/Berkowitz leadership, and Dunbar’s handlers will be spending vast amounts of money to attack Christians and many other groups from the power levers of business, government, public unions, media, and national movements that support the 1619 project and ‘anti-racism’ hatred.

When I hear for the 1,000th time that this election is about facts, I will ask to hear facts about the homelessness crisis, jobs disaster, economic ruin, the favoring of national chains over local stores. I will remind them that telling everyone what to do in their own home is not about facts, but about power and control.

When I hear for the 1,000th time that believers and Christians are the haters, I will remind myself that Christians and believers strive to love as they are loved by God. I will explain that it is the 1619 project, the ‘anti-racism’ hatred policy, critical race theory and cancel culture that peddles hatred which terrifies business leaders, silences dissent and replaces thoughtful disagreement with mindless compliance.

In the Anchorage mayoral runoff election – ending on May 11 – I will stand against the left’s takeover over our culture and our beliefs.  In the left’s view, there was nothing valuable that came before and nothing of value today except what they currently preach. There will be no future for their opponents when they have taken over.

This is the bleak future for those of us who wish to live in peace with our brothers and sisters of whatever political, cultural and sexual view. Dunbar and his handlers will not give conservatives, libertarians, classical liberals, believers or constitutionalists any quarter. They are convinced of their own unquestionable, superior morality and their “facts,” therefore they do not engage in debate. All shall bow, be silent, or be cancelled.

For these reasons, I support my friend Dave Bronson for mayor. He and I have fought many battles together. He wants a multicultural, peaceful, prosperous city with open, civil debate – a place where each of us can determine how we live and what we believe.

I’d like to hear a serious debate between Dunbar and Bronson on the state of our economic, political and religious liberties. I’d like to hear a debate over how Anchorage has fared under left-wing and Democrat control. If we have that debate, we will be better for it, and will gain a clearer understanding of the need to limit mindless municipal power in our personal lives.

It will also become clear that Dave Bronson should be the next mayor of Anchorage.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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Anchorage voters must repudiate Dunbar’s so-called ‘fact based’ leadership

Glen Biegel
Glen Biegel is a long-time Anchorage resident, former host of a popular radio talk-show, a community activist and a political strategist.


  • Michael S Totten says:

    When citizens fail to ACT tyrants will impose their will. The only reason anchorage is suffering is BECAUSE of the citizens within the city. They have zero backbone. I know this for a fact. I lived in anchorage back in 2005-2007. I seen first hand how the majority just GO ALONG TO GET ALONG and most of them are churchy people. fight back you whimps or lose your city to liberal retards! When you do lose it,, you have only yourselves to blame. I have zero pity for you!

    • Shifra says:

      What you say is exactly true, not only of Anchorage, but the entire nation that was once America. There is nowhere left to run.

    • Dee Cee says:

      Well said!! I live here and I campaigned by collecting signatures in the recall campaign against Felix Rivera. The door-to-door signature gathering showed me that the majority people in his district were PISSED that we were trying to do a recall in the first place. They love him. They adore him. And damn it, they deserver him! Meanwhile, I ran into more than a few conservatives that subverted their own cause, saying in summary: “I want Rivera gone, but I disagree with the basis of the recall, so I won’t sign the petition.” Ummmmmm….wow. This is a political battle here. Do you think the left fights fair? Do you think the left pulls its punches? Do you think they act on principle? NOPE. It’s why they keep winning. We can only win if we unite under a single banner. And that banner is Christ. Pull it together, Christians! Or we are lost!

  • Vonda Sanders says:

    I totally agree. I don’t live in Anchorage anymore but the Anchorage I grew up in was totally different than it is now. I don’t even like going there anymore and I have a son and grandchildren there that scares me! If I lived there I’d be voting for Bronson

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Right on, to the point
    Plus you included the other side. That was nice, other people that don’t agree with us Republican are not all bad people.
    Jesus said love all. Romans 17-21
    Yes get out and vote for Bronson

  • John J Otness says:

    Please Vote Bronson. restore sanity. Anchorage belongs to all Alaskans not just the Homeless and the perverse.

  • John J Otness says:

    Communist Chinese owned Dominion voting machines are Satanic globalist installed in our State and those who say nothing about their installation are simply in league with the demonic plan that sees our Nation under One World Order….. GOD wins this and you in Govt from the Gov on down that sit idly by have bowed to the beast….. You have sold your souls by your silence. All is seen by GOD you fools, Allowing the leftist corrupt has bound you to their fate .You sold your State out when your fear or corrupt greed stole your light. May your eyes not close at night until you start defending your Oath. Said in sincere Prayer.

  • L. J. Jensen says:

    Named after the first Grand Wizard of the KKK. Dunbar’s campaign slogan celebrated his name as a link to the movie character who was also named after Gen. (CSA) Nathan Bedford Forrest. If I had been burdened by a first name like that, I would go by my middle name or initials.

  • Theresa says:

    Moreover, how is it the Muni can handle a mail in ballot election in 4 weeks?

    When Berkowitz stepped down we were told tee wouldn’t have a special election because there wasn’t enough time and it would be too costly for the Muni…

    How come they can now pull it off in 4 weeks?