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Anchorage mayoral candidate Dave Bronson sent a letter to the Anchorage Police Department detailing how he plans to support and collaborate with the force if elected mayor.

Dated April 10, the letter is addressed to the “men and women of APD.” It clearly lays out Bronson’s views on a number of hot-button issues that police departments around the country have faced over the past year.

Bronson states that he believes ANTIFA is a “domestic terrorist group and should be treated accordingly.” He adds that some divisions of the Black Lives Matter movement are “violent and clearly anti-American.”

With regard to calls by leftist groups to defund police departments, Bronson said this is an “organized effort to damage our police departments, harm out citizens and make our streets less safe.” He said he would “end any effort to defund, in any way, the APD” and added that “The Thin Blue Line is the last line of defense between civilization and anarchy.”

Bronson affirmed his belief that “all lives matter, blue lives matter.”

Regarding how he would oversee the Police Department, Bronson indicated that he does not plan to micromanage the Chief of Police who “leads and manages the Department.”

When negotiating contracts with the police, Bronson said he would seek terms that balance the need to compensate officers and attract quality candidates with the need to save costs wherever possible.

Bronson is headed to a runoff election against Anchorage Assemblyman Forrest Dunbar. The two men are the top vote getters for mayor, but neither will be able to win 45% of the vote – the amount needed to avoid a runoff. The runoff will take place on May 11.

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Bronson promises to defend and support Anchorage police officers

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Bill says:

    Support APD how? Hold down the Natives while they “George Floyd” the citizens?

  • Bill says:

    City Ombudsman runs block for APD. Killing any complaints filed by the citizens. APD has the officers involved in the complaints investigate themselves. Your not going to cover this up with that stupid blue shroud. Replace these clowns with actual peace officers. Seperate traffic control from criminal investigation. Give teeth to the citizen advisory. Reduce recruitment and screen all military personnel before aloud into policing.