All decent Americans watched with horror the video of George Floyd’s tragic death last May. I could not bring myself to watch it a second time. Afterwards, I awaited a national conversation about post 9/11 policing. What happened next shocked and saddened me even more. 

The exploitation of emotional and tragic events is how all dangerous movements grow. Now, decent people who were horrified at George Floyd’s death are terrified of speaking openly against those who are exploiting it. 

Patrisse Cullors is one of three founders of the Black Lives Matter movement. She is the spiritual head and most outspoken member of the movement. She is responsible for the mainstreaming of Critical Race Theory, including demanding its introduction into our nation’s schools. Cullors’ style of activism is the inspiration for many of the ‘anti-racism’ books on the Anchorage School District’s website. She has two adopted children and seeks to “disrupt the nuclear family.” As BLM founder here she is under a year ago admitting she is a trained Marxist:

Marxist ideology was responsible for the deaths of 100 to 150,000,000 people in the 20th century.

Less than a year later she has purchased five luxury homes (one with a grass runway and another in the Bahamas) with the millions she extorted from Corporate America as well as the poor in disadvantaged communities. She claims criticism of her is “extremely dangerous.”

At least she is not a true Marxist anymore. But she is still peddling her venom to the young and impressionable as her new wealth continues to grow. 

Patrisse Cullors is not Martin Luther King nor is BLM-inspired Critical Race Theory a continuation of King’s vision for America. One was a believer in the American creed, a skilled religious orator and a uniter of people. The other is an exploitive race-baiting hypocrite demanding ‘equity’ and ‘justice’ while benefiting from the destruction of communities she claims to be supporting. 

Educated people know what a Marxist is. It took Mrs. Cullors only one year to violate her conscience and betray the core beliefs of her anti-capitalist movement. Her price was millions of dollars and luxury homes.

Community and civic leaders fret nervously and abdicate their moral responsibilities in return for career advancement.

What is the price of the Anchorage School Board? It really doesn’t matter. You will not pay it at first. The initial price will be paid by students of all races as they lose the very notion of childhood itself. First, comes the loss of ability to speak and think freely. Then constant racial friction will cause kids to mistrust each other. The oppressors will have to be identified and then shamed. Public education will become politicized and stagnate.

Already, things like math are being deemed racist in many public schools and higher institutions of learning. Even science is becoming “problematic” as it is now deemed a product of “white supremacy.” Yes, these teachings follow the introduction of “anti-racism” and “ethnic studies.” Such insanity is an affront to the gains of the Enlightenment in which all people contributed.

Don’t take my word for it. Follow the logic in your minds and search where this leads. The radicals don’t just want a few nice words about racism and de-colonization. Emboldened, they will want a few more about pedagogy, imperialism and class struggle. Once the very idea and (crucially) the founding of America is fully demonized, they will begin dismantling “the system” as they have begun to do in other jurisdictions across the country. What of our current system, which saved the world twice; defeating Fascism and Communism, will be left in 10 years? Finally, where have Marxist-inspired movements ever brought about peaceful outcomes?

Patrisse Cullors could care less. She will be an immensely powerful and wealthy woman by then. 

One thing is clear about movements lead by radicals; they are never satisfied. They get louder the more they achieve. Weakness provokes them. Our era is defined as one in which community and civic leaders fret nervously and abdicate their moral responsibilities in return for career advancement. They feed the beast hoping they will be eaten last. I notice such people end up having to move further up the hill (or away entirely) from places their policies were implemented. Meanwhile, our national culture is becoming G’d up like the hype before an MMA fight. If the schools do not exercise restraint and start talking about violence and radicalization instead of bowing to them, I fear the final destabilization of our society will begin. Passions will simply become too high. Only the radicals of both sides will be left.

Intimidation and the violation of peoples’ consciences always gives way to dark times. Nice middle-aged people living in material comfort may not see the price their individual surrender will cost. But history shows it’s only a matter of time before the bill comes due for everyone.

The view expressed here are those of the author.


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Open Letter: Anchorage School Board is on a dangerous & divisive path

Dean Cannon
Dean Cannon is a resident of Anchorage and active in community politics.


  • Sammy says:

    One could counter that even if science is “white supremacy” it is still the best way to find things out. Observe, test, form a hypothesis, observe, test again, have it peer reviewed, and all of that. Ditto for math. Adding, subtracting, and all other math has led to the discovery of so many things, including rockets going into space, landing on mars, vaccines, lifesaving devices such as the Jarvic heart. It doesn’t matter where it came from, it is useful to live our lives today and to discover our world.
    We are already graduating kids who can’t read or do simple math. Spending time of these so-called social justice issues doesn’t help the kid figure out how to get a job, etc.

  • G Aleution says:

    If only Alaskans were taught to love their lovable American history, Constitution and their countrymen.

    • Alberto Brandolini says:

      How does one love the 3/5 clause? Or the Philippine insurrection? Or agent Orange? Or the gulf of Tonkin? Or the Tuskegee airman?

      You do realize mistakes have been made?
      No country exist that doesn’t have a dark history.
      You want blind loyalty without any recognition of the past.
      How do you learn from mistakes ?

  • Steve Peterson says:

    Sammy and G Aleution, you are thinking too sensibly and logically. That isn’t permitted anymore.

  • david Boyle says:

    Here is a great testimony from a Black, single parent in the ASD:
    “Testimony from a BLack single parent to the ASD on its Racist Policy;
    “Good morning, I hope this finds you well on this beautiful Alaskan spring day. I am contacting you to testify regarding these theories the Anchorage School District wishes to unleash upon the children of this state. Let me begin by telling you that I am a black woman, and I have grown and birthed another black woman with this body.We are statistics. I am a single parent, receiving no financial aid and her father had been nonexistent in her rearing since her conception. But we are not victims. We are not oppressed. I have a good union job that has allowed me to work throughout this pandemic from the comfort of the house I just bought last summer. I’m a full time student pursuing her dreams. I am teaching my daughter that she can be and do whatever she wants in her life, that color doesn’t matter. I am a living, breathing testimony of that. I am not a victim, least of all of something as stupid as my skin color. One of the issues we have in this great country is that we don’t truly know what racism is, and because of that, everything can be labeled as such. A twitch of the eye, an offending tone, a hesitant reply, a statue. What’s next? Will it be breathing? Maybe shoes. I think shoes should be added to the list of white supremacy next. But I digress…do you know what real racism is? I was raised in a foreign country where I was able to look in the eyes of Racism, and it does not live here. True racism is where you can be beaten, molested, spit on, what have you, and look at all the faces around you that look nothing like yours, and know that none of them are going to help you. Knowing that they don’t even care. Knowing, in the deepest part of your soul, that there is nothing you can do, that no one will speak up on your behalf. Knowing…that you are alone.That…is racism. It does not live here. Unless you count my experience with countless black people who deemed me “too white” throughout my life and used that as an excuse to abuse. There are many like me with similar experiences.But now, simply disagreeing will get you labeled a bigot and a racist. Depending on where you live, these labels can attract violence, sadly even death in some cases. Well…I disagree. As an American first and foremost, I have that right, but you want to teach these dangerous ideas to our kids? These…theories? They’re not even facts. Just emotional vicodine to place a fog around the hard truth of personal failure. You want to teach our children that they are slaves to the amount of melanin in their skin. Why? And further more, since I am a victim here, because I am of the oppressed population, why am I not being heard more than my white counterparts? Why doesn’t my daughter receive special attention? Why is my voice being silenced just as hard as the white man and woman? You say you love me, that you care, that you’re doing this for me and my people. Then why do I feel forced to snatch my baby out of the claws of ASD and homeschool her going forward? Yes, that is what is happening. Your words and actions don’t line up, and your actions say that the only thing you care about is creating a generation of broken people who will funnel everything through the lens of skin color. Something so superficial and stupid as skin color…. Not my daughter. You cannot have her. But I will speak for the other children, as a black woman,
    because by default, you have stolen the voices of their parents just because they’re white. As if that diminishes their humanity, dignity, or opinion. You’re the real racists. The beauty of it all, is that you’re allowed to be a racist. Much blood has been spilled to seal the Constitution. But, what right do you have to usurp the authority of parents? If you choose to believe the lies of the 1619 project and anti-racism, I feel so sorry for you, but that is your choice. But how dare you lie to us and say you love our children and that you care about parents when you are so willing to trample all of our rights! To think independently. To form one’s own opinions. HOW DARE YOU!Do you know what the job of the schools are? To teach English, math, art, history, and science. Not ideology. You’ve crossed the line. Now fix it before you create a mess that will turn around and eat you like the rest of us…that’s equality, you know?Sincerely,A Black Survivor, Kevina Mitchell”

  • Lou Anne says:

    Wow! Kevina Mitchell you Go Girl!!! You have said it best!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! The ADN needs to publish your letter as well. Fat chance of that!

  • Blaine Miller says:

    Thank you for sharing your amazing story Kevina Mitchell. Thank you for speaking truth and having the conviction to share your reality. Congratulations on demonstrating to your daughter and leading by example in following your dreams. #AmazingAmericanMom

  • G Aleution says:

    The Magna Carta, the great charter of liberties for English speaking people, declared their rights as law, rights to a speedy trial (the Article the 6th), the 1776 Virginia Bill of Rights, unalienable rights was the succession of law rights you can’t diminish including finish rights of your progeny in America. In the rest of the world slavery was another word for employment. IN America no STATE of society can divest their posterity (not white males) of any unalienable rights of life. Only in America was there to be freedom of the press (not white adult males). IN America the press can never be constrained except by despots in other lands. There is still no freedom of speech in Canafa, England, Spain, other royal areas or communist countries. A STATE in America can NEVER these rights away. THIS LAW IS LAID DOWN. You can’t suspend these laws ever. The legislature is called into session to execute the law. All, not just white males, have a right to confront accusers, and witnesses against them. Not true around the world. Lee’s Resolution declared ourselves as independent from the STATE of Britain. It was a plan prepared and transmitted to the colonies for their consideration and approbation to break the tie with the Monarchy during a period of time from 1215 to 1776 to get it done. Patrick Henry said on March 23, 1775 to the 1774 First Continental Congress that it was no time for ceremony.

  • G Aleution says:

    The question was “Freedom Or Slavery”. Patrick Henry said he revered heaven above all earthly Kungs…I am willing to know the whole truth and provide for it one lamp the lamp of experience of the past”. So Patrick was talking about slavery (his own) in his give me liberty or give me death.

    How was this venture paid for? From the Patriots pockets. The Constitution of freedom was THE INHERITANCE of the children of white people who personally gave away their wealth to start up this gig. What they have for their kids who were at least part white? A GUARANTEED FREEDOM! I am their direct descendent. This was intended as my personal inheritance. I never waive one right. These were bought, fought, and paid for and expanded to all of you and the servants and all inhabitants in this continent. You know like you all do in your wills fight to give everything to the Californians and not just your kids exclusively. You are all saints too. Glad you could join me. Don’t dilute the Constitution though.

  • Steve says:

    Kevina Mitchell, is a HERO of the American spirit!