In a sign of the battles that lie ahead, far-left Forrest Dunbar conceded a hard-fought race to conservative Dave Bronson, who will become the next mayor of Anchorage. Not once did Dunbar congratulate his opponent.

According to the latest vote tally from May 21, Bronson enjoys a relatively close but solid lead of 1,191 votes – 45,889 to 44,698. The Anchorage Assembly will certify the results May 25.

Dunbar, who also sits on the Anchorage Assembly, is clearly unhappy with the election outcome and used his concession post to rail against Bronson and his supporters. He also lamented that under normal circumstances his 44,000-plus votes would have been enough to win the mayoral seat.

“In any other year, this would have been enough votes to win; however, this year the Municipal Election saw record turnout, driven largely by intense feelings about the COVID-19 pandemic,” Dunbar wrote.

Dunbar continued his embittered rant against Bronson by instructing him to govern from the political middle.

Dunbar then turned his ire on Bronson, claiming he saw “aggressive, confrontational, and frankly bizarre behavior from Bronson supporters and staff toward Election Center workers” during the vote counting process at the Election Center.

He asserted that Bronson staffers “needlessly consumed Election Center staff time responding to baseless challenges.”

As a member of the Anchorage Assembly, Dunbar also took a stab at his vastly outnumbered conservative colleagues on the Assembly.

“Coupled with their allies on the Assembly and in the far-right media, the Bronson campaign is strangely casting doubt on the election that they themselves are winning,” Dunbar claimed.

To be clear, Bronson has not questioned the results of the election, but his campaign did set up a camping trailer near the election headquarters to monitor activity during the vote counting process.

Dunbar ends with a litany of aggressive and accusatory questions.

Dunbar surmised that Bronson wants to repeal the controversial Anchorage vote-by-mail system, which included mailing hundreds of ballots to residents with addresses not located in the city.

Later in his concession, Dunbar accused Bronson of lying about COVID and misrepresenting the city’s response.

Dunbar was a strong supporter of the litany of mandates, masking orders, business closures and other controversial measures which the majority of the Anchorage Assembly forced on area residents over the past year. These actions resulted in the closure of scores of Anchorage businesses, restrictions on religious worship, shuttered schools and widespread unemployment.

Bronson, like thousands of his fellow Anchorage residents, was critical of these measures both before and during the campaign for mayor. Without providing any specifics, Dunbar claimed Bronson lied about his record on the campaign trail.

Dunbar continued his embittered rant against Bronson by instructing him to govern from the political middle.

“If he does indeed govern from the ‘center right,’ as he has claimed he would, and avoid extremism, he will likely find many issues on which he can ‘count to six’ on the Assembly,” Dunbar instructed.

Dunbar ends with a litany of aggressive and accusatory questions.

“Mr. Bronson will have several early tests: will he retain a number of the professional, nonpartisan heads of Departments that deliver core services to the people of Anchorage? Or will he appoint ideologically extreme political allies in their place?” Dunbar stated in reference to the department heads appointed under former Mayor Ethan Berkowitz and acting mayor Austin Quinn-Davidson – both far leftists.

“Will he compromise and work with the Assembly to pass ordinances and budget measures? Or will he continue to refer to those elected officials as ‘idiots’ and ‘trash,’ and perpetuate the divisions in Anchorage that he and his allies stoked so eagerly this past year?” Dunbar fumes. “We shall see.”

After the long diatribe against his victorious opponent, Dunbar then claimed he is on the side of unity and nonpartisanship.

“My colleagues and I will not stop doing the detailed, nonpartisan, community-centric work that constitutes the bulk of what we do at the Municipality,” he said. “Most of Anchorage will be hoping that unity can be found, extremism can be rejected, and facts and truth will guide our decision making.”

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Embittered Dunbar concedes Anchorage mayoral race to Bronson with divisive, accusatory rant

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Brad Campbell says:

    So basically Dumbbar is a whiny, sore loser.
    What a twig!

    • RC says:


    • Matthew says:

      Bipartisan and political center – Dunbar you thick twat. You and your ilk have pushed your leftist ideology on a vastly conservative population for the better part of a decade, at least as long as I have started paying attention. What part of “political center” is critical race theory? What part of “political center” is the LGBTQAKCJENSLSHRK agenda? Will he get rid of “non-partisan”positions – we could only hope these bloated positions of amassed leftist power do get cut. Where’s the video of the county clerk leaving the building around 11? The only reason Dunbar didn’t get elected – the Bronson campaign stayed the course, kept a watchful eye on the count, and posted up guard. Without them – this would have been another stolen election – and it almost was. 1100 votes is not a lot.

      • Richard Corbeil says:

        I like thinking of Anchorage and Alaska as vastly conservative. But I have a hard time reconciling that like with the fact that Ethan Berkowitz was our last Mayor and Dunbar only lost by 1%. This reality does not support the vastly conservative population that we should be.

      • Matthew says:

        Exactly. Watch
        Talks about Alaska specifically around the 19min mark.

      • Punahele says:

        That is so true….it is disappointing that he won by such a slim margin….however, if you look on the brighter side, the fact that Bronson won, amid a city that obviously votes left (look at the assembly) it was miraculous that he won…..if the rest of the state had a say, I think the margin of victory would have been much higher, don’t you think? Well, at least I hope so. If only Alaskans who are discouraged with how things are going in Anchorage, wouldn’t move out to areas where they can no longer vote in municipal elections , we wouldn’t have such nail biter elections….c’mon Anchorage, stay and fight! We can still actually win!

      • Mike Moore says:

        Absolutely, Alaska as a whole are conservative minded people. Hard working middle class folks that have traditional American values. You always find the nests of liberalism in big cities. So, I am very pleased to see the results of this election.

      • PC says:

        Anchorage was at one time. The State population is falling over the last couple years…Anchorage Population is falling, but Mat-Su’s population went up by almost 22%. That’s where the Conservatives are going. They’re tired of the multi-digit property tax increases, additional gas taxes, beer taxes, etc, so they go to the Valley. It’s surprising that Bronson eeked this one out.

    • Linda Jobe says:

      I totally agree, he needs to grow up and be an adult!!

  • John J. Otness says:


    • John J. Otness says:

      Needs his nose rubbed in the homeless fecal matter they propagated.

    • RC says:

      I hope and pray that we vote them all out! I would be even happier to recall as many of them as possible to speed up the process.

    • NorthernMegaWood says:

      This Communist sounds alot like Killery Clinton when she lost in 2016.

  • Jim says:

    Sad to see and hear Dunbars reflection on the loss! Most likely it will bite him down ghe road.

  • Pamela Sue says:

    Dumbar has never been non-partisan! He and the other liberal assembly members have pushed and shoved their agenda down everyone’s throat without even thinking about compromising let alone actually doing it. Do not give in Dave Bronson! Push until you get what you want just like they have done!

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Yes sore Loser good bye Dunbar.

  • Steve Sanders says:

    He is such an entitled pansy! He is the problem in Anchorage! I find it fascinating me makes a living from the very institution that he hates! He is the poster child of liberal mental illness!

  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    Of course he is disappointed, that is understandable. His sour grapes comments though about ‘Bronson supporters’ wanting to get rid of the mail in voting, the (very justified) oversight by the Bronson campaign of the counting, and the comments about retaining leftist appointments and (not) acquiescing to a majority leftist, illogical assembly who are definitely not ‘working for the people’ – those comments, and basically threats, are uncalled for. Most leftists actually behave like young children. A bizarre phenomena that so many can behave hat way. They govern like Lord of the Flies, and thinking, common sense Americans need to seriously and collectively step up to the plate and push this evil back by showing up at the polls, monitoring closely the entire election process, and getting involved. It is indeed how Bronson won. Good job Anchorage now keep it up.

  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    Oh good grief! I had missed the last paragraph……..When has Dave Bronson referred to assembly members as ‘idiots and trash’? Seriously? Can anyone document that? I suspect a serious lie here and slander by Dunbar.

  • Ronnie DeWitt says:

    Our communist assemblyman, Forrest Dunbar, lost the Anchorage mayoral race to staunch conservative candidate, Dave Bronson. A very happy ending for Anchorage residents, half of whom fought hard during city council meetings to rid our city of fascist mask mandates and business closures. Dunbar, a captain in the Alaska National Guard, is a disgrace to his uniform. He is not a patriot, but a despot who would do well in red China. I am a former Army non-com and I would never follow that jackass into combat. He is a disgrace! Praise victory for Bronson!

  • DoneWithIt says:

    Prog/Comm and his ilk are the enemy of FreeMen.
    Elections have consequences.
    Bronson better clean house from top to bottom.
    There is no middle ground with these people.
    To the Victor’s go the spoils.
    Open the schools.
    Unmask the children.
    Open the economy back up.
    Give adults the right to make their own health care assessments – my body, my choice – right.
    Stop favoring big box over small business.
    Stop the native corps and other businesses from mandating gene therapies.
    Sic Semper Tyrannis!

  • Sgm(Ret) Kipp Keller says:

    Maybe it is time for Dunbar to stop whining and work with the Mayor elect and the assembly to help fix this city. All I have seen from Dunbar is negative responses and fight his own assembly members. I would have considered moving had Dunbar won the election. I am glad we have the new Mayor

  • LLC says:

    With all the badmouthing Dunbar has done, do you really think he will work with Bronson!
    Dunbar will continue the same BS as his assembly buddies.
    Stay strong Bronson and do what’s right for the people of Anchorage.

  • Sandra Oden says:

    Where do I start? Dunbar is NOT to the political middle of anything! I believe they spent so much dark money on Rivera’s recall that they couldn’t buy enough votes, on top of the fact that too many people were paying attention and they can be charged with tampering with an election, actually landing them in jail. How close am I, Forrest? Myanmar is doing a job on Soros’ funds, so whatever money comes trickling down from him is probably just about gone. It’s just a matter of time.Tic.Toc.

    • Random Alaskan says:

      That’s closer to the truth. Now let’s recall Dunbarr and take out that trash mouth

  • J Scott says:

    And THAT, folks, is the Romper Room minded toddler the people of Anchorage dodged from being obscenely violated. The out of state funded attempt at another election steal by the abysmal left wasn’t supposed to fail. No worry loser, most of the Assembly is still just as infantile and amoral as you are.

  • Jill Warburton says:

    Reminds me of a very whiny Eddie Haskell… from “Leave it to Beaver”…….be gone Eddie!!!

  • Marc Ciarlo says:

    Unfortunately the current liberal assembly will do everything they can to override the mayor’s decisions, thus sabotaging Bronsons success. If what’s posted in this article is based upon truthful information Dunbar already declared war with the demand he be moderate or he won’t have 6 votes….a battle was fought but we didn’t win the war…yet.

  • Kevin Nolen says:

    We need some 50 below winters to cull the weak. And by “the weak”, I mean the the crops of Neo-Marxists we seem to have grown through the years.

  • Alberto Brandolini says:

    After all weeks of nonsense articles and comments on these message boards I’m surprised the Chinese with there hackable dominion voting machines and dark money for satanic special interests could ever allow this to happen ?

  • Ekim kicdrub says:

    Whining Tit crybaby

  • Greg in Homer says:

    To a Democrat, unity and nonpartisanship mean that you forget that you won, and that they lost the election. It means that you will agree with them on all issues and abandon your principles and agenda. It has worked for Democrats in Congress every time they lose control to the Republicans.

  • Theresa says:

    Please remember for pray for Dave Bronson and his family every day. They will suffer relentless attacks over the next three years.

  • Midtown Residence says:

    I would like to see the REAL total of votes from the Recall Felix Rivera, I wonder if he was really recalled and since midtown wasn’t watching they made sure he was secured and stayed. Why I am making this statement because I just received a letter today stating my vote didn’t count due to signature. Hum questionable. Why didn’t I receive this earlier to correct and be counted?Wake up Anchorage! Be on Watch! Anchorage people be members of your community council, school board, understand the government procedures. Do you know what your school is teaching??
    Let’s keep AK free from outside monies that DO NOT have our best interest at heart.
    Be the gate keepers of our state.

  • Herman Nelson says:

    Let me think, “dumb-bell”. You ran on the democrat ticket. Anchorage was closed down by democrats during the SCAMdemic. 70 small businesses closed down permanently because of democrats. The assembly spent money on those that do not produce jobs or revenue and turned their backs on business owners and the assembly’s employers (taxpayers). Democrat’s bad decisions and tyrannical action created the revolt. People are starting to question why waste their votes on tyrants that will mistreat and put them in lock down. It’s coming.

  • Trouser Bark says:

    Dunbar has made it clear that he’s at best a self important child.
    Now with an adult in the room we have some cleaning up to do. I did note a response that Bronson made in his team intro speech on Suzanne’s site and it was that crime is crime and it doesn’t matter if you have drug, drink or psych issues; the consequence will be the same. I like that. A lot. Our court system’s leniency produced numerous examples of how not to do it and leftist perspectives aren’t consistent w/ repairing an all too lenient expectation of criminals. Clayton Charlie, the Choke and Spank FAA clod, and a zillion others come to mind. The underlying component being that without consequences there’s no accountability.

  • Jen says:

    Of course Dunbar will be bitter. He chooses to focus on someone elses bitterness by him standing in the middle among two dozen destroyed campaign signs, which by judging the captured photo of the two men I saw them as two ugly anti semitic liberal democrats taking advantage of a communty’s intense feelings regarding the covid response to hide their democrat party’s rising ugly hatred agianst Isreal and Jews. no Republican male looks as cowardly like those two photo captured men caught vandalizing his team’s signs.

    Thats a topic worth discussing rising anti semitism in the Democrat Party and unfortunately in the Church.

  • Julie says:

    Run forrest Run……to that special place your preparing for yourself if you don’t seriously stop your evil ways!

  • Jacob Harrison says:

    Dumb bore.

  • Michael S Totten says:

    I love the taste of gay liberal tears in the morning. Hey Dunbar your new letter is L for LOSER!

  • Walter says:

    Looks like Bronson stole the election. STOP THE STEAL

  • Js says:

    LOL! Yeah, all that out of state funding. Hope they don’t let that go rgarding Dumbars campaign

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