Established 22 years ago by the Alaska Federation of Natives with the core mission to preserve and strengthen the “traditions, languages, and art of Alaska’s Native People,” the Alaska Native Heritage Center is now playing host to Drag Queen story hour.

As part of its youth programming for children the center will host a June 26 drag event that features three hypersexualized drag queens who will push “fluidity of gender concepts,” to children during a two-hour free public “story hour” that runs from 7-9 p.m.

A Facebook post advertises Drag Queen Story Hour for children at the Alaska Native Heritage Center.

The event is a collaboration between Alaska Native Heritage Center and Native Movement – a group that promotes Marxist ideas about wealth and land redistribution, dismantling of private property ownership and ending capitalism. It also pushes extreme environmentalist views such as the Green New Deal, attacks traditional views of human sexuality and embraces critical race theory.

The upcoming drag event is described as an occasion that “celebrates gender equality through inclusive activities connecting traditional values to the present. Come celebrate with us, all genders, at this family-friendly event hosted by Native Movement and the Alaska Native Heritage Center.”

To incentivize attendance, families that agree to attend the event will receive $50 gift cards. The event is being underwritten, in part, by funds from the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services.

The featured drag queens go by the sexualized names of Ivanna Kishacok, Golden Delicious, De La Rosa.

Griffitts said pushing transgenderism on little minds disregards the beliefs of many Alaskan Natives who are Christian.

Typically, Heritage Center youth programming focuses on Alaska Native practices, languages, beliefs, art and history. It’s not clear how the drag performers fit into the center’s youth activities, which according to its website exist to empower future generation to “steward and promote Alaska Native culture and tradition.”

News of the upcoming event drew a sharp response from Rachelle Griffitts, an Alaska Native with family roots in Bristol Bay. She wrote an letter to leaders of the Heritage Center, urging them to reconsider hosting the drag event. The letter was also posted to Facebook.

Griffitts said pushing transgenderism on little minds disregards the beliefs of many Alaskan Natives who are Christian.

“I urge you to be careful with promoting this ideology. It may seem like a good thing but in the end it leads to destruction,” Griffitts wrote. “If it were up to me, I would not allow this type of event to happen in the Alaska Native Heritage Center. Let me ask you this, would you allow a Christian Group to come in and speak and share their teachings? Why or why not?”

She added that a drag event targeting children is not “appropriate for little minds or applicable to Alaska Native culture of today.”

“As you watch these people think about their names – Ivaana Kishacok, Golden Delicious, De La Rosa (of the rose). Are these appropriate names?” she said. “Pay attention when they introduce themselves, think about their names and if it really is appropriate for young minds.”

“Most importantly, look at the faces of the young children,” Griffitts continued, “from babies to five-year-olds, 10-years-olds, young teens – what are their facial expressions? I have seen them before, they are confused, one young child had an alarmed look on their face. Their spirit was telling them something was not right. I would like you to view the children’s expressions yourself.”


Below are the contacts for leadership at the Alaska Native Heritage Center.

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Alaska Native Heritage Center to host drag queens for young children

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Neil A DeWitt says:

    WTH is wrong with people today? It’s bad enough normal people have to have this shit shoved down our throats but to force it on our children is just wrong. Pull your brainless heads out your butts and start thinking how your destroying our children. If you want to be gay so be it go do it but don’t force it on kids. Let them decide for themselves if they want a normal life of be gay.

  • Dee Cee says:

    One of the Queens on this poster is named “Ivanna Kishacock?” Is that a play on the words “I wanna kiss a c-ck?” WTH?!?!? Dp parents really go for this stuff?

  • Jen says:

    You know expressing anger is not going to help. The anger only emboldens the LGBTQ, cause then they think they have a greater purpose correcting you and making you less hateful. Hahaha

    You dislike it? then start faithfully attending a bible reading church like ABT and get into service with activities that counter the LGBTQ activities. And Yes! Start tithing again your first 10 percent tithe of your monthly or bi weekly paycheck to the church so it has more money for Missions around the local community like Vacation Bible Schools, Bus Ministries, and supporting missionary families.

    Even if you are low income senior who survives on that state senior allowance of like 200 or 300 dollars. You can still tithe the first 20 or 30 dollars each month while keeping the remainder for your living allowances. The instructions for Tithing can be found in the Book of Malachi. Churches arent in the money making business hopefully not. But! It’s in the mission business to be good stewards over the money to use it for Missions.

    That will be a better use of people’s anger, confusion, distress refocused not to stop evil but push God’s kingdom forward.

    • K says:

      So what your saying is that if I don’t agree with what the heritage center is doing then I have to give a church my money? Absurd. I can disagree and still save my cash.

  • Ralph says:

    If your unsure of your sexuality then stop trying to push it on innocent impressionable children and get a mental soundness check up. These children are impressionable and innocent. Children should not be exposed to people with this type of deranged mental illness..
    -Any intelligent adult sees straight through this “pull spit”.
    -If you attend or have your child attend, I think you are abusing your role as a parent.

    • Mo says:

      My god!!! Seriously!? So this reflects native Alaskan values???? This is traditional?? No, this is perversion. It isn’t accepting, it isn’t open mindedness, it’s perversion, those hosting these sick shows need to be in jail charged and tried with child sexual abuse.

  • John J. Otness says:


  • Garrett Lieb says:

    WHY ?????? COMING FROM A ALASKAN NATIVE!!!!!! This is not right at all we will never go back to this organization this is sexually explicit in nature to our CHILDREN!!!
    How dare you all your Grandparents are turn over in there graves my elders would never allow this sort of thing.

    And your organization represents ALL TRIBES of ALASKA!!!!!! SMH ‍♂️

  • Dianne Akers Graham says:

    A Drag Queen Story hour is not in any way aligned with the native Culture that I see around me. Even on the posted descriptions of native culture. Look to the elders. Would they suggest anything even remotely like this for their descendants? Please reconsider.

  • G Aleution says:

    This is a globalist agenda to disturb families. No kid of mine would ever go. Very offensive. But not surprising. Not all of our cultures are healthy right now. Whose idea was this?

  • CJ says:

    If it is partly funded by US HHS, make sure this gets sent to Young, Murkowski & Sullivan. No reason for Federal funding going to this.

    • Owlugraq from PHO says:

      Never in my 50+ years of life have I ever heard of “drag queens” being part of our native culture/tradition/heritage especially like this towards our children…..this too has been going on in our public schools too you know?….it’s called conditioning of the minds…..if they can reach the young they WILL accomplish their intended goal … out one of the drag queens names slowly….Ivanna(I wanna) Kisacock(kiss a cock)…..that’s sick!!!..especially knowing they are focusing on reading to children and having them except them for who they are…thats unexceptable…it’s one thing for them to flock together as or with other adults wanting to be or is like that deciding to be “ok” with that but it’s a whole new level to start focusing on our young innocent growing/maturing minds….

  • Dane Wyrick says:

    Ivanna Kissacock?? Seriously???
    Y’all have lost your damned minds.
    Leave the damned kids out of your perversion, let them be kids.
    It is truly pathetic that they prey on children. To Approach children with sexual innuendo and or explicit feelings of sexuality is the very definition of pedophilia !
    What the f”#k

  • Sharon Knowlton says:

    My native friends are all about family & family values. They are paying $50 to bribe you to attend. Don’t go!! Don’t take your children!! Judas took 30 pieces of silver to betray Jesus. Judas killed himself afterwards. If you willingly take your children then you are presenting them to satan for $50.

  • Steve says:

    While they’re at it why don’t they serve the children alcohol too, make as much sense.

  • Robert Rude says:

    Bob Rude–I think having a session for young people to hear about homosexual activates is evil and wrong and should not be endorsed by Native leaders. I am 83 and have never seen such open activaties by sinner

  • Robert Rude says:

    Bob Rude–I think having a session for young people to hear about homosexual activates is evil and wrong and should not be endorsed by Native leaders. I am 83 and have never seen such open activaties by sinners.