Despite the fact that roughly 70% of Juneau residents have submitted to the experimental COVID shot, and area transmission rates are infinitesimally low, the local borough still wants to test and track those who have declined to get the injection.

A June 25 notice from the City and Borough of Juneau claims that while COVID numbers are “tapering down,” there is still “some” virus transmission.

The actual transmission rate is extremely low, now at 1.8 cases per 100,000 residents.

“Where it is still spreading, is among individuals who are unvaccinated,” the borough notice claims. “To keep track of and contain possible spread,” the borough is “encouraging” unvaccinated youth, unvaccinated adults who work with youth and unvaccinated adults who regularly interact with tourists to participate in weekly COVID testing.

Tests are being performed by Bartlett Regional Hospital. Anyone who agrees to the test gives the hospital permission to share their health information with the State of Alaska, the Juneau Borough and “any government agency involved with the prevention of disease spread.”

According to the hospital’s medical disclosure agreement, the test results can be used and shared if the hospital deems it is necessary to “prevent a serious threat to your health and safety or the health and safety of the public or another person.”

There is no information on how the hospital calculates whether a health threat is deemed sufficiently “serious” to merit sharing personal medical information with outside entities.

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Juneau wants to track unvaccinated residents through weekly COVID tests

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Michael S Totten says:

    Next they will be coming around in 5 ton military trucks to collect the unvaxxed. Be aware people they want to kill you. The VAXXED are already dead in 3 years. Depopulation agenda 2030.

    • Efrog Industries says:

      Mike is right and he knows better then any of you having had boots on the ground in the armed forces. People in Juneau move out now be for its to late and watch the place go broke overnight.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    More ways to scare people, into getting the shot.
    Don’t do it.

  • Jo says:

    I suppose if the tourism is mostly based in cruise ships I can see why these money whores want to support it since vaxxed pilots are dying and the vaxxed due to blood clotting are being told not to fly….other than that you need to get the hell out of people’s personal business.

  • G Aleution says:

    It is mentally ill, not sweet, to believe you have the authority and right to command your neighbor’s health in any way. Until Juneau sheds this spiritual debris it should not be inhabited.

  • Js says:

    Simple. “I refuse”. Turns into a constitutional war from there. “Comply or else”. Juneau has all he makings of history’s standard issue fascist tyrants. “It’s for SAFETY though”. The number one go-to excuse for egregious infractions. IF this vaccine is so great, and it WORKS, why in the world are they pushing that everyone needs to get it, to the point of coercion? If you’re vaccinated, you’re ‘safe’. If not, it’s by the same choice and agreement with all the others that aren’t. It’s because there is far more ulterior motives. Absolutely no one is accountable, liable for any of the side effects or injury that can (and will) come from this. This is a simulacrum to habituate the public to being lab-ratted into other, future things that will not be well accepted, like biometric ID marking. Digital money is being talked about (interestingly, from China. CCP Joe is there to aid as partisan traitor). During the virus, was getting into a bank/CU difficult? Everything was PUSHED online. Anybody notice has multi factor authentication is being implemented by companies in a mad frenzy, claiming it’s ‘safer’ (which is absurd except to the ‘expert’ code writers and such that already stroke one another’s egos.). It is being implemented as MANDATES. And it is reaching banking institutions. They, just like derelict elected leaders relegated their trusted oath to unelected authorities (CDC, et al), these companies are SEIZING, by force, your SOLE control of the authentication gate to your online data (a password). Though there is a problem with hackers and users with WEAK passwords, that is only the ‘crisis’ image they’re using to take control of your ACCESS. Regarding bank accounts: your funds will be safe, it’s your ACCESS to those funds that can be LOCKED DOWN during a financial ‘crisis’ (like an imposed change to the cash monetary system). You wont be denied access to your account by the banks/CU’s, the MFA issuing source just wont send out THEIR password to YOUR account. Not to mention the absurdly well known fact that email/SMS/voice calls are hardly the answer to ‘security’, which makes you wonder why they have embraced it so strongly. These third party factors are OUTSIDE the controls and purview of the MFA mandating company. MFA IS A TROJAN HORSE, quite similar to the COVID virus, how it was released and the legal ways reaction to it were implemented. Next planned virus ‘crisis’, no physical access to banks, no virtual access to your account without THEIR permission, despite how high your password encryption is. The promotion of the premise that ‘companies can do whatever they want on their premises and business’ is false. With required LICENSE they are INVITING you, the unlicensed, protected citizen – inseparable from their rights – to engage in commerce. To just ‘pull the rug’ out, negating their invitation is injury, and could even be considered violent if the commerce is for survival. The Left is waging a war with carpet bombing tactics. The Right is sitting back bewildered waiting for the law to engage – as they know we do – ignorant of the fact the ‘law’ has been infiltrated by the enemy. What’s left is eventual capitulation, or war. Either way, I believe, will be violent.

    • Herman Nelson says:

      In that argument, simply reply back with “It’s worked for the Jews, didn’t it…?”.

  • Ed Martin Jr says:

    Ever more important to be oneself “Christian Sovereign ” !

  • Michael C Coons says:

    1. No way would I ever submit to their “request”
    2. Who is paying for the testing?
    3. Will Juneau start using facial recognition to check if a person without a mask has had the vaccine or been tested? Would not be surprised if that happens or being contemplated!

  • Caterina says:

    There is no Science to support the boroughs claims.

  • Jen says:

    Whoever is behind the covid coronavirus scam must be expecting this particular coronavirus to disappear. They want as many people to recieve these particular vaccines that we couldnt even press legal charges agianst the distributors if people are right about them.
    You know what! Whether or not I recieve the influenza coronavirus vaccine (cause the Influenza and Covid are within the same family group coronaviruses) I still can get the Flu. Just as its sister flu I am expecting we are all going to contiune getting either the flu, covid, or the common cold because of they are all from the same Coronavirus family group.

    • Jen says:

      *With and without vaccines.

      Oh boy! I sure hope Micheal Totten and other peoples readings are wrong about peoples discovering relatives and friends ‘mysteriously suddenly’ dying or developing weird longterm illnesses within 3 to 7 years because of the covid injections in 2021. That be so sad!
      But! When you put your Faith and safety in ‘man’ or humanity you will always be let down. So many peoples put their health, safety, their faith they will survive by using a mask, isolation, cleanliness, and medicine (vaccines and minerals).

      • Herman Nelson says:

        Fun fact- if you take the experimental vaccine and die from side effects of it, life insurance companies refuse to do a pay-out upon your death. Why? The vaccine is EXPERIMENTAL and voluntary.

  • Steve Peterson says:

    What person in their right mind would willing comply with this? Such a person mighty as well pin a yellow star on themselves. Juneau needs to be shut down and become just anther panhandle town instead of an isolated annex of Seattle which dictates to the rest of Alaska. Move the capitol!

  • G. Aleution says:

    These respiratory ailments have patents. The “vaccines” are patented. In which country are the patents? Perhaps not the US but perhaps the patents belong to a large communist regime. The cell lines of the patented “vaccine” came from the retinas of an aborted fetus. Because over time the cell lines have genetically changed it is announced the cells are not the former creature. This is what may happen within those receiving the jab without the the three pages of inserts to inform the consents. Our consciences are our own. Our consciences are not directed by Godless communists and their international handmaidens. This is yet another ruination of man’s way and an immediate invitation for the earth to be restored to an authority that has the God-given right to rule – the promised conquering Messiah. Pray. CONSTANTLY. Our Father in Heaven Holy by thy name. Your Kingdom come. YOUR WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN.

  • John J Otness says:

    Trust GOD and pass the ammunition.These are the days the Saints prayed for. Your children do not know yet the sacrifice to be made. Make them proud. We think these demons will stop this assault No No No…. They wont stop till either we are all dead or they are. PERIOD. Put on that armor…..

  • Vivian says:

    That is the stupidest thing I’ve heard in a long time. People who wanted to get the vaccine are protected. If those who are not vaccinated get this version of the coronavirus, either their immune systems will take care of the infection or they can seek medical assistance. Remember over 99% of those who became ill, recovered.


    Whatever happended to the mantra of those who believe murdering babies in what is supposed to be the safest place on earth (their mother’s womb), “My body, my choice”. If it is good enough for them to use this slogan and “reason”, it is good enough for us to use to not get vaccinated? And what about the people, like me, who have been told by their doctors NOT to get the vaccine due to bad health conditions? What about the HIPPA laws? No one has the right to ask about our health except our own doctors; not the government, not no one! Watch out Alaskans, this is coming to your town, just as CRT and Drag Queen “story time”
    And the vaccine IS dangerous. I know a healthy 30 y/o that had a heart attack two days after receiving the second shot, and my 86 y/o mother who immediately developed severe rhumatoid arthritis after her 2nd shot and has been told by 4 of her doctors, including her new rhumatologist that this is happening to a LOT of people, but not being reported. Fight by “declining” to even answer questions about this, even to your doctors (as they will be the next group who have to report it to the government; just watch). Okay, enough ranting for today 🙂 and don’t forget to pray, pray, pray!

  • Dirk Pitt says:

    AND exactly another reason why we are only 8 days from being fully moved OUT of Juneau…and folks ask why I am moving…sheeeeesh.

  • NAV says:

    “F” Dunleavy and the legislators he road in on !!!

  • NAV says:

    The largest principle in the PFD ever and you can thank Dunleavy and the legislative body for the SB76 BS that was shoved up Alaskans butt in the last session in order to recalculate how the payment is to be calculated with only one legislator opposing it (Reinbold) for the THEFT of the PFD!!! Dunleavy has turned it into his personal SLUSH FUND along with Micciche, Hughes and all the rest that voted for the bill you just have to research who signed the bill to see the crooks! Dunleavy has lied from the beginning and fallowed in Walkers foot steps. They got theirs in the $8700. 00 raise L.O.L………..

    Yesterday a disabled Marine was denied a part of his monthly disability by the VA who called him and stated to him the COVID 19 Pandemic was officially over and because of it he was now getting a reduction of $400.00 a month in his disability payments!!! So now that it has been officially declared OVER ALL the governor’s and former mayors “BS” is officially over !!!!

  • E5 says:

    So what do we do ?
    If we ” gather ” in ” Pro- Constitutional ” groups or pockets, doing so just makes a target for the 5 Ton Trucks & Troops.
    How can we ” rent” if the ” landlord” is a crazed pro-vax xer, or snitch.
    Is it best to just ” Go rogue” and Stay Away from People ?
    Tents in the woods ?
    PS > Did anyone catch te Dunleavy/ Warren Buffet and 12 Globalists CEOS struck a deal to BUY EVERYTHING, ALL RESIDENCES, REAL ESTATE , pretty much between SEWARD to THE ENTIRE KENAI MARKET ?
    DIG INTO IT – Meeting was in Juneau apprx 06 -16-21. I found it ” happenning” when I was playig with my Flight Tracker, and noticed direct flights from Austin, Sea Tac & Denver all in one Night. Tracked te NetJets Tail Numbers- Yep.