Many parents across Alaska and the nation are expressing serious concern and even outrage over the teaching of critical race theory (CRT) in public school classrooms, only to be met with denials from school officials that it is even being taught at all.

But those denials were exposed as false last week, with the passage of a resolution by the National Education Association, the nation’s largest teachers union. CRT is a divisive, racist ideology that identifies all persons as either oppressors or victims, solely based on the color of their skin. And with the passage of Resolution 39, the NEA, which represents more than 2 million teachers in 14,000 school districts nationally, voted to continue pushing expanded teaching of CRT in public elementary and secondary schools, and spending money to legally defend those who do from any challenge from parents or lawmakers.

This push takes an extreme ideology and attempts to pass it as educational fact, which can be especially confusing for children who should be able to trust what their teachers tell them.

Not only did the NEA approve funding for the use of CRT in K-12 classrooms and promotion in local school districts, but also for attacking opponents of CRT – including parent organizations. This is an extreme measure to endorse such a divisive, Marxist ideology in our public schools.

Most importantly, when it comes to these important conversations about race, values, and ideology, parents – who know their children best – need to be the ones to decide when and how to have these conversations – not teachers.

For more information on critical race theory, check out our recently released resource here.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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EXPOSED: Teacher union’s vote reveals radical support of divisive, racist ideology

Jim Minnery
A lifelong Alaskan, Jim Minnery has served as the executive director of Alaska Family Council since its inception in 2006.


  • Alexander says:

    Success at school begins at home!!

    • Steve Peterson says:

      You are correct, and what happens at school must not undermine what is taught at home.

  • Andrew says:

    Pull your kids out of these schools, CRT is garbage and so is NEA and most any educator affiliated with them.

  • Mike Moore says:

    The NEA, can do what they will, but the bottom line is, there will be no one attending school if this is pushed upon our children. So, the school district will be laying teachers off, because everyone will be sending their kids to private schools and or home school. Other Words, their out of a job because they have no one to teach, No parent is going have someone dictate someone else’s’ values and cram them down our children’s throats.
    The education of our children stops, at the point you misquote historical events, or inject anything into the conversation that is an opinion. Teach math, writing, history, science, and reading. Everything else, and I mean everything else needs and will be taught by the parents. School, was never intended to be anything else but that!
    Mr. Minnery last paragraph nailed it!