We cannot ignore the fact that Alaska’s government schools are overrun by entrenched bureaucrats bent on using their immense power to indoctrinate our kids with far-left political propaganda.

Just recently we reported that 13 Alaska teachers signed an open letter vowing to flaunt any law prohibiting them from teaching the philosophies embedded in Critical Race Theory.

Then a few days later, we documented the fact that the largest public teacher union in the nation – the National Education Association, of which 13,000 Alaskans are members, approved plans to use their influence to convince our children that America is fundamentally flawed, inherently racist and steeped in bigotry.

“Those unable to homeschool, however, cannot simply surrender.”

But it’s not just the undermining of the country or the fomenting of racial division that should concern us. The NEA, and school districts across Alaska, are also intent on weaving LGBTQ sexual ideologies into history, literature, health classes and school sports. According to these teachers, no child is too young to question their sexual identity or begin judging others on the basis of their racial privilege or skin color.

While good teachers are certainly sprinkled throughout our government schools, the teachers union as a whole has no interested in dialogue or the free exchange of ideas. The NEA, for example, has vowed to identify and research conservative groups that dare defy their agenda.

So, what are parents to do?

Some will find ways to pull their children out of these government schools and educate them through private or publicly funded homeschool programs, of which there are many in Alaska.

Those unable to homeschool, however, cannot simply surrender.

Alaska is also home to scores of solid private and religious schools – Protestant, Catholic and non-denominational. If you can afford this option – even for one child – it is immeasurably better than giving leftist teachers free reign over their hearts and minds for six to seven hours every day.

“They are, after all, funded with public money – our money.”

For those who cannot afford private school, the next best option is public charter schools. Most school districts in Alaska offer these on a limited basis.

While still subject to policies and mandates from the state and district level, smaller charter schools provide parents a greater measure of control over curriculum and programming.

But what of those who see no other way but to send their children to standard brick and mortar public schools? While this number is quickly shrinking, it continues to represent the vast majority of Alaskans.

All I can say is that the struggle to reclaim our government schools will be both colossal and necessary. They are, after all, funded with public money – our money.

A number of parents have already joined grassroots organizations that serve to educate and mobilize Alaskans to run for school board seats, testify at public hearings, and volunteer to serve on curriculum councils. These voluntary associations represent a key part of the resistance. They can expose the radical agenda being forced upon our students and bring it out in the light for public debate.

On a statewide level, we must also address the question of school choice, which the late Tom Fink so admirably championed for years. This work requires courageous politicians to help repeal the state’s prohibition against state funds going to private schools. If parents opt to forego public education, the money set aside to educate their child should follow the student and go to whichever school the family chooses.

Loosening the stranglehold that teacher unions have will require a sustained and multi-pronged effort. Anything less, and our schools will continue their rapid descent into leftist training centers.

7.11 > Our Leftist Training Grounds

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Timothy Colbath says:

    July 12 the Kenai Peninsula School board is discussing CRT in our schools at the Kenai Central High school @ 6pm. While they are not Calling it CRT – it is CRT broken down into racist policies. Even if you don’t have a kid in our school system but live and pay taxes here – you must come and let them know that we will not accept separating kids by race and saying “white are suppressors” in our schools!

  • Sharon says:

    Excellent article – sets out what most parents across our country are feeling and makes me glad I do not have children who are forced to suffer through this time in our country. I am 73 and disgusted and confused over everything happening to our country right now. There has to be a revolt to turn thing around and if that does not happen all these power hungry sickos will hopefully pay for what they are creating. I simply do not understand any of it. Keep up the good fight – the moral fight – and God bless you in all endeavors. Sharon in La Pine, OR

  • Jim Capatelli says:

    What bull. This Davidson guy is a far-right, anti-American extremist posing as a “journalist.” His real agenda is to end public education for ALL American children. He’s a TrumpSucker—the type of person who admires someone who BRAGGED about how many women he sexually assaulted and who deliberately stirred up an unhinged mob to go kill his own vice president and members of congress.
    You’re on the wrong side of history, “Joel”, and you’ll see that soon enough.

    • Steve Peterson says:

      Troll alert!

    • Sharon says:

      You are sad.

    • Linda says:

      You must be terribly jealous…of a real family man! He obviously has the quality that you desire but you’ve been so abused in your life that you can’t see it! Get some help sweetie and “you’ll see that soon enough”!

  • G Aleution says:

    The Chinese American citizens recognize this CRT as identical to murderer Mao’s cultural revolution where using CCT precursor models he wiped out traditional native Chinese, cultures and history. This is not benign. The children have no rights. Provision is made to anonymously report staff and other children for racial inquity and those persons are punished. The children have no defense allowed. ALso this marxist revision is very expensive and makes money for the contractors inserting. The cost is over a million dollars the communities will be paying to transition the children to hating themselves, their parents, the schools. This is public service I don’t consent to. It is a foreign agenda.

  • Jen says:

    You know! What is the most revealing thing? That parent! Or grandparent! Who praises the quality of public schools only for you to see they have their child attend a private or better public charter school.hahahaha. If that parent or grandparent thinks the neighborhood public schools were so great than why isnt your child attending one is what I ask them.
    You know what the reply to me is? Don’t be so negative! Hahahahaha
    They have their reasons…

    • Jen says:

      It’s the same reasons for why any thoughtful parent or grandparent has for sending any child into a private school.

  • NAV says:

    Thank you Joel this was very Important !!!

  • Steve Peterson says:

    I’ve heard that if you purposefully do not enroll your kids in PSs in the first two weeks, the schools don’t get the money they so desire to spend with reckless abandon. Maybe someone else knows about that…
    Best course of action is to get your kids out of public schools completely, and, unless you homeschool them yourself, carefully monitor whatever other type of school you may put them in, whether private or charter. Be their educational champion.
    Since the days of John Dewey (
    public education has been trending towards making good little atheistic worker bees for the state. It is WAAAAYYYYY past time to bring this to a screeching halt. Quit giving them money and they will soon realize that the jig is up.

  • Mo says:

    Geez the left keep pushing their commie agenda, if they keep it up I’ll be known as Mao!!! Thank you for making this information known. I see a lot of the leftist have left their states they have destroyed, I’m hoping they didn’t move here.

  • P. Mahoney says:

    You are a ‘Stand Up’ Gent, JOEL DAVIDSON. Unheralded, noble and articulate. Many nameless, faceless common folk are appreciative of your gifted focus and discernment. Thank You- from the many few- for being the extensive Clarion that You are.Commendable;noteworthy.

  • Gloria says:

    Joel Davidson is doing the hard stuff that many of us didn’t do!! Let’s support a man that has the courage to Name the Shame and take the guff for it..
    Thank you Joel Davidson