The Juneau School District will take a very different approach to students and staff who have not been unvaccinated when schools open on Aug. 16.

According to a public announcement from the district, all unvaccinated students will be required to quarantine at home if they are deemed a “close contact” with someone in the class who is COVID positive. This would apply to all students under age 12, as they are not eligible to receive the experimental COVID shots.

The same rules do not apply to students considered “fully vaccinated.”

Additionally, all unvaccinated coaches and athletes will be required to undergo regular COVID tests in order to participate in activities.

The Juneau School Board has also approved a universal masking requirement for “all persons indoors in Juneau School District facilities.” This will apply to practices and competitions as well.

Additionally, the district recommends that “even vaccinated people wear masks outdoors in crowded events, including sporting events. For school events, everyone must wear masks if closer than 6 feet.”

Juneau’s mask policy contrasts with those approved in the Mat-Su, Fairbanks and Kenai school districts where masks are optional regardless of vaccination status. These areas have some of the lowest overall vaccination rates in the state, while also having much lower COVID transmission rates than Juneau.

Anchorage is the only other large district that has imposed universal mask mandates.

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Juneau imposes greater restrictions on unvaxed students and staff

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • G Aleution says:

    Of course. Our staff and kids are very dainty and fragile and the Democrat empire wanna be highly favors and promotes the fragility motif among itself. Let me mock and compare. An Alaskan immune system needs to be strong and hearty to survive. Take a lesson from nature. When salmon are in eat them everyday. When the sun is out you be out. Alaskan water is pretty good drink it. If there are berries have them every day. And stop whining. Think positive thoughts!

    • Patrick Mahoney says:

      AND- “WHILE WE’RE AT IT”. . . . ACADEMIC INDOCTRINATION under the ‘guise of’
      Education has been going on in American Public learning Institutions since the late1940’s.It’s genesis was formulated and cultivated at, the University of Chicago in the 1930’s by East European(mostly) german/russian immigrant “professors” and became known by covert cogniscenti as, THE FRANKFURT SCHOOL.Their ‘crops’ of “students”and dedicated educator-cadre began to take off the wraps in the 1960’s. Italian communist Antonio Gramsci’s posits were/are ‘spot on’ and have been darkly successful this very Day in England, United States, et al.”Trusting”callow Parents
      are just beginning to Be Aware of it; alas 2, 3 generations Too late….young minds’ve been formed.

    • Sy Entist says:

      I wasn’t aware that Alaska was home to a unique subspecies of homo sapien with its own immune system. Does it also have less developed critical thinking skills?

      • G Aleution says:

        You are an Id yet. Some races get cancer of the nose. Some never do. It is a medical SY ENTIFIC fact. :*)

  • Mo says:

    Where is this? Fauciville? Oh, its Juneau.

  • Ralph says:

    We have a mask mandate in Anchorage??
    Haven’t noticed =]

    • Proud Alaskan says:

      Yes more madness
      The afraid sheep are wearing masks again.
      Gci requires the public you to wear a mask in there office’s. Fire island bakery has a sign that says wear a mask.
      I will not support these businesses telling me how to live.
      Please walk over to this edge you little afraid sheep, its ok the fall won’t Hurt.
      Stop the Madness

      • Fight fellacious thinking says:

        Why do you think it’s OK for you to tell those businesses how to run their private business?

      • Proud Alaskan says:

        Your right it’s there own business.
        I’m right too, I don’t have to support there business either.
        Plus it’s my life, Take your shot and masks and go home.
        Not happening for me or my family.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    According to a public announcement from the district, all unvaccinated students will be required to quarantine at home if they are deemed a “close contact” with someone in the class who is COVID positive

    How Stupid is this. The person most likely they will come in contact with.
    Is a person who’s had the shot who is Covid positive, more Stupidness right.

  • Dan says:

    When will democrats learn? Cloth masks fail stop the COVID virus. Masks are for show. Main reason dems continue to want masks is to remind people we’re in a pandemic. Otherwise we may forget about the pandemic when exercising our freedoms.

  • Pathos is not logos says:

    I wasn’t aware there was a subspecies of homo sapien in Alaska with a unique immune system. Must come at the expense of a well developed intellect.

  • Sharon Turner says:

    Way overdue. WE Alaskans get real. Juneau is Seattle’s liberal suburb. We must move State government up her to the ‘seat’ of population. WE must ignore whining multitude of phony baloney excuses. These snowflakes need huge doses of You Work for WE!. We who hired you and WE who should fire most of you. They get a few thousand votes.. Then think they are rock stars. Let’s teach them who is boss. grandma

  • Jen says:

    I thinking Juneau Republicans had compromised too much believing in too long their wrong thinking that a conservative candidate couldnt win in a Juneau race settling for supporting compromised Republican candidates. Now look where that compromising brought them. Juneau candidates more pro life don’t even want to show their more conservative views during campaign Q&A sessions. Anchorage could had belived the lies told by the team working for Bill Evan’s when they said Anchorage wouldn’t elect a stronger conservative mayor and a candidate in the middle is the best option. Anchorage couldn had lost its history and culture if it lost belief in itself and what is Godly good.

    Juneau USED to be such a nice little town for business, family, and church. Then politics changed after 1992 starting Juneau’s descent into immorality.

    • Jen says:

      Juneau’s only hope is the trust it puts in God he will guide them reaching out and teaching the youth of Juneau the Jesus Christ ministry and the old testament. So that maybe the Juneau youth and young 20 year olds will recieve Christ, and understand the order, freedom, and peace being in Christ applying His wisdom in each daily relatiomship and event of their lives.

  • Steve says:

    Tell the school board to shove it where the sun don’t shine. Until people stand up and say NO they will continue to act like petty little Tyrants.

  • NP Adam says:

    Just say no. It’s time for mass non-compliance. Say, of course I’m not doing that. Of course I’m not going to be tested. Force them to arrest you. We must not cooperate with this level of fascism.

  • Scott says:

    The last paragraph laughably implies a direct relationship between mask-wearing and testing positive for Covid. The transmission rates in Matsu, Fairbanks, and Kenai Peninsula are NOT the lowest. Where is this author getting his information? All the sources I am checking say otherwise.