After three nights of heated testimony on a highly controversial and deeply divisive mask mandate proposal, the Anchorage Assembly is set for round four Monday night.

Emotions are high with most testifiers adamantly opposed to the idea of forcing business owners to boot unmasked customers, or having neighbors report on each other.

Yes, COVID case counts are high (although they been steadily dropping over the past week or so), but Mayor Dave Bronson is right in adamantly opposing this mandate.

Using the force of law to threaten and coerce nearly every Anchorage man, woman and child into covering their faces with an assortment of questionably effective masks was doomed to create massive backlash, and it has.

Bronson is correct to provide expanded testing and treatment options for area residents, while adamantly opposing this micro-managing scheme to turn neighbor against neighbor.

The public hearing continues at 5 p.m., Oct. 4., in the Anchorage Assembly Chambers.

Keep on point, civil and passionate.


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  • To contact Mayor Dave Bronson, call (907) 343-7100 or email
  • The public may submit written comments at There is no sign-up list for in-person testimony. It is on a first come basis. Click here for more information.

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Heated Anchorage masking debate continues Monday at 5 p.m.

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Wisdom Cries in the Streets says:

    Is it any coincidence that the mask mandate debate is playing out at the same time that the CoVID reporting is catching up on a backlog and putting up higher than accurate daily case counts?

    Is it any coincidence that this is all happening while the hospitals are implementing “critical care standards’ while also receiving healthcare workers from Outside to help?

    And what about those Alaskan healthcare workers who are being forced to resign for refusing to vaccinate? Does that have something to do with “critical care standards?”

    And now that you mention it, I did notice that our ICU bed numbers are looking better… the number of available beds statewide doubled from Thursday to Friday.

  • JC says:

    If the mask tyranny does get passed, I suspect any reduction in “case” numbers would get chalked up to now having the tyranny in place(and a convenient reshuffling of statistics).
    Instead, our cases will naturally decline on their own due to the widespread exposure we are now and have been experiencing. And if you’ve had Covid, you get natural immunity. No need for the mask or the jab.

  • Burt says:

    Occupy the Anchorage Assembly!

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    What a bunch of losers this assembly is.
    It’s totally about controlling us.
    No mask wearing or shot for me.
    Plus all these businesses can say. We have the right to refuse services to you. But there afraid they need big brother the assembly. To tell then how to run there businesses and their lives. You will put that diaper on you face.
    I just don’t support these sheepy businesses.
    Why aren’t they doing lockdowns too. Because they need this win first, then they will start turning up the heat, the frog is still in the pot.

  • Buzz Kelley says:

    Swarm the Anchorage Assembly. Swarm community council meetings. Swarm the school boards. Swarm the PTA.
    Swarm the Division of Elections. Division of Elections is right now out of compliance with the law because they did not keep all the returned ballot envelopes. No fines. No jail time. No job loses. No consequences for anyone. Until we swarm and force some consequences on all the liars and cheaters running the Division of Elections look for things to get continually worse.

  • G Aleution says:

    I don’t know if it helps but isn’t the federal government out of money on October 18th? SEWWW, I mean will the oppressors be oppressing for free? Volunteer oppressing? Prolly not…

  • G Aleution says:

    Does this remind you of the fluoride program? The Dims turned off the spigot far you on the Seward Highway. They don’t care about the public good after all. Sari to dissapint…

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Over 700,000 Americans are dead because idiots like you refuse to wear a mask and take a vaccine. How patriotic you are.

    • NAV says:

      Your the only idiot on this forum by your very statement it is 100% obvious you haven’t done any real research on the science Virology/Viral Immunology go back and do your homework so you don’t look like the idiot !!!!!

  • Keith says:

    The Vaccinated are now officially the Super-Spreaders.

  • NAV says:

    American Medical Association Code of Ethics on Informed Consent
    The process of informed consent occurs when communication between a patient and physician results in the patient’s authorization or agreement to undergo a specific medical intervention. In seeking a patient’s informed consent (or the consent of the patient’s surrogate if the patient lacks decision-making capacity or declines to participate in making decisions), physicians should:
    1. Assess the patient’s ability to understand relevant medical information and the implications of treatment alternatives and to make an independent, voluntary decision.
    2. Present relevant information accurately and sensitively, in keeping with the patient’s preferences for receiving medical information. The physician should include information about:
    1. The diagnosis (when known)
    2. The nature and purpose of recommended interventions
    3. The burdens, risks, and expected benefits of all options, including forgoing treatment
    3. Document the informed consent conversation and the patient’s (or surrogate’s) decision in the medical record in some manner. When the patient/surrogate has provided specific written consent, the consent form should be included in the record.
    In emergencies, when a decision must be made urgently, the patient is not able to participate in decision making, and the patient’s surrogate is not available, physicians may initiate treatment without prior informed consent. In such situations, the physician should inform the patient/surrogate at the earliest opportunity and obtain consent for ongoing treatment in keeping with these guidelines.

  • NAV says:

    P.S. mandating wearing masks is a prescribed medical procedure!!!!

  • Ralph says:

    Protect the protected from the unprotected..
    Isolate, be single forever, and die alone.. because.. someone’s granny needs to live forever.
    Don’t think, just submit to the ones who already thought about it for you.
    Submit to authority, consume, obey..
    Blame humans for what nature does on it’s own.. so we can try to control it and everyone else.
    School is NOT for learning to learn or critical thought, it is for being told what to know and who your authority is.
    Be a good lil sheep and bend over just a little further.

  • DoneWithIt says:

    Bronson urges civility against Maoist Anchorage City Council.
    We voted for you Bronson because we thought you would FIGHT for us!
    Extremism in Defense of Liberty is no Vice.
    Moderation is Defense of Liberty is no Virtue.
    Grow a pair Bronson!!!

  • JLW says:

    All. This new ‘mandate’ is MUCH more than wearing masks everywhere. Go in to the ordinance and read it. It changes the dynamics of seating (Mayor and his staff will be split up), and much, much more. Crazy powers to the assembly chair and its majority communist members. Virtually strips the Mayor and his team for doing anything for Anchorage if I read it correctly. From what I can tell, none is legal but somehow the attorney(s) advising the assembly members are letting it proceed as written. These attorney(s) should be disbarred. (Kinda of like when they allowed a fake mayor to run the city, not replacing said fake mayor on the assembly, and then allowing her back to her assembly seat).
    Also: Today, there is a re-zoning meeting going on at the Dena’ina Center today. Public testimony allowed.
    Also: The School Board is voting at tomorrow night’s meeting to muzzle our children and to continue this present mandate.
    I wonder why all these are happening at the same time? Maybe so we all can’t be everywhere at the same time?

  • Andy says:

    The left leaning assembly is probably taking pointers from Pelosi and AOC.

  • C says:

    If you desire to wear a mask, wear one, if you don’t, then don’t. If you desire to accept the vaccine, then do do. If you fear you may catch Covid do one or all of the following; wear a mask, face shelf, gloves and take the vaccine, don’t forget hand sanitizer and wipes. Your choice. Freedom! Don’t take away people’s freedom. Why if you had Covid need to get the vaccine??
    If you had the vaccine, why should you wear a mask?? They people wearing the Star of David, yellow star I believe are concerned like the Holocaust victims, had no voice, lost their freedom, singled out to and mistreated and eliminated. But it started by a lie, freedom removed, life and a voice not valued.

  • Concerned citizen says:

    Please read the mask mandate ordinance, it is stripping the elected mayor of his rights and duties to transfer those to the jaded Assembly.

    If you don’t read the ordinances, bills you are voting into law, then you have now idea what you are getting. Hence the forced-rank voting scheme now in place in Alaska that will forever block removal of RINOs from holding office. Buyer beware.

  • NAV says:

    History of This Issue:
    After 19 months of a global clinical trial that we have all watched in real-time, living under CDC guidelines, shutdowns, unemployment, and widespread hardship, system failures throughout the country, wrecking world economies, health care, education, children, parents, and families – Basic life and liberty for millions, WE NOW KNOW…
    • If masks worked, you wouldn’t need distancing.
    • If distancing worked, you wouldn’t need masks.
    • If the inoculations worked as you were told, you wouldn’t have to mask or social distance.
    • Fact is, if anything had been proven true after 19 months, we wouldn’t be here tonight.
    Current situation:
    As the real science stands tonight, there is no clinical evidence that masks have stopped the spread of anything. In fact, there are many clinical studies confirming the exact opposite regarding these masks.
    As confirmed by Dr. Fauci while speaking with Sylvia Burwell, who was health and human services secretary for three years under President Barrack Obama…
    Quote: “Masks are really for infected people to prevent them from spreading infection to people who are not infected rather than protecting uninfected people from acquiring infection”.
    According to the CDC, since one mask doesn’t work, they then recommended that people wear two or three masks, as if three things that don’t work is better than one thing that doesn’t work. Let’s be honest with the people here tonight…the science stated on the side of every mask box is the real true related science…and every box says, they won’t work!
    So, what are we doing here tonight?
    Then came Dr. Fauci’s unlawful “gene therapy human experiment” through mRNA inoculations 9 months ago. You were told that if you received a shot, you could go back to “normal” in the “new normal environment.” With two shots, D.C. might even let you taste a little freedom and liberty again. But that has proven to be false too.
    Now you’re being told that you need a “Booster,” because your previous shots do not protect you from infection, transmission, illness, or death.
    Fool you once, shame on them. But fool you twice, three or four times…shame on you!
    In just the past nine months, real scientific results of these alleged “vaccines” has proven to be so ineffective, that none of these vaccines even qualify as a viable vaccine by FDA’s posted standards. The best we can say about the vaccines is, they don’t prevent infection, transmission, illness, or death from COVID19. The worst we can say is, they are killing people with weakened immune systems.
    This is without talking about the inoculations ingredients, to include Graphene-family nanoparticles and other known regulated toxins, that have health ramification due to exposure with no clinical long term studies on humans that can be produced.
    Note: According to U.S. law and standing practice, printed by the Mayo Clinic, the only way to receive mRNA treatment is to volunteer as part of a clinical trial, which requires full individual “informed consent” of each patient.
    • Has anyone given informed consent?
    • Has all related data on the previous trials and results from the mammalian studies been made public?
    • Or, has the information been strictly limited to CDC recommendations, talking points and guidelines?
    • Is there even a test specifically for the Delta variant?
    There are many more questions than answers. To date, you have gone from “two weeks to flatten the curve,” to lotteries, free beer, and hamburgers, to free tuition and now unconstitutional mandates with threat of force and coercion.
    Is this what we call science now? All done by institutions of un-elected officials who have no power but recommendation to elected officials…
    Key Questions:
    If masks work, contrary to the statement by the manufacturers, why does anyone need a mandated vaccine? Why isn’t just wearing a mask an option?
    And if any of these vaccines worked, why are we still talking about masks?
    And since nothing that the “experts” told everyone to do for 20 months has worked, making it necessary for us to be here tonight, why is anyone still following the experts instead of following the known science?
    Do we have an obligation to follow the real science? Or just our blind marching orders from above?
    The only thing sinking faster than our country, is expert opinions!

  • SJJR says:

    If your reading glasses fog up when you wear a mask, how is a mask going to stop a virus?