Amid new reports that some patients are facing difficulties getting requested COVID treatments from local hospitals, Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson is calling for calm and compassion on all sides.

The mayor’s Oct. 12 statement does not specifically mention the desperate situation facing Anchorage resident William Topel, but his comments address the rising tensions between hospitals and patients with regard to COVID treatments. Topel is currently in critical condition at Providence Hospital and his request for Ivermectin has been denied by hospital staff. Topel’s case was reported by the Alaska Watchman and several other media outlets on Oct. 12.

“Good healthcare begins with trust between a patient and their physician,” Bronson’s statement notes. “People should not be afraid that their doctors, hospitals, or healthcare providers might treat them differently because of their politics or personal choices, in particular their COVID vaccination status.”

The mayor then defends health care providers who have been on the front lines during the pandemic, saying they “deserve our respect and need our support.”

“Patients should not be afraid of their doctors, and health care workers should feel they are appreciated by those they help,” Bronson said. “We agree that vaccination is the best way to reduce COVID infections, serious illness, and death and strongly encourage everyone – in consultation with their health care provider – to get vaccinated. We also ask that each of our health care institutions reaffirm their commitment, in these tense times, to treat every patient with dignity, compassion, and respect regardless of creed or personal belief. We stand together, with you, to see our city through this. We are strongest united.”

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Anchorage mayor asks health care workers to ‘treat every patient with dignity’

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Scott says:

    They won’t. They are arrogant and filled with ‘power’…. they will pay a price for their bs though in this world or in the next. Seriously, the medical community in Alaska has ALWAYS been about power, this just shows how focused they are on power and money.

  • Common Peasant says:

    How about the medical community show compassion by providing care at an affordable price? To use their services, you have to either be wealthy, on government assistance, go into person debt, or have high costing insurance (and personal debt to pay for the deductible).
    Yeah, no.

  • Steve+Peterson says:

    They have abandoned the Hippocratic Oath for power and money.

  • G Aleutian says:

    We may no longer trust their motives going forward. I know I don’t.

  • kris spencer says:

    Bronson is right of course. He’s a man of integrity and is trying to bring peace and understanding in these difficult times. The very fact that Providence didn’t care. They KNOW Ivermectin and intravenous vitamins work. Oh, yes they do! But it is the admin that is playing politics and ‘pretending’ they are being good health care providers by not administering a drug that is not FDA approved. uh…aren’t they now dismissing staff for not participating in a non FDA approved experimental treatment? HYPOCRITES! Providence used to be a good hospital. It was a Catholic hospital that was firmly pro-life and did not perform abortions. That hospital has definitely changed in the quality of their care over the past 20 years. Terrible policies and self-righteous attitudes.

  • Andy says:

    Unless you go to ANMC where civil rights apparently don’t exist.

  • Eva says:

    This man is a patient! He is the one that pays the hospital for services. The hospital should honor this person’s request for treatment that has long been known to work! Why the doctors choose to ignore this option is a mystery to me. Imagine this is a poor dog, they are denying treatment that works. Can you imagine the uproar of all the animal lovers? Maybe it is because the hospital only gets paid a lot for using ventilators, with which many people die.
    It seems like the hospital gets more money when they let a patient die, rather than helping him get better.
    They should only get paid for every patient they help and not the ones they kill!

  • Matthew says:

    Who is “We agree”? Take that vax talk and kick rocks. You weren’t propped up and supported by conservatives to placate these nazis – Mr. Noce – doesn’t work.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    You people are idiots. There is no evidence that Ivermectin is effective against COVID. Get vaccinated.

    • Tamra+Nygaard says:

      Well, the evidence is there if you care to look, but I guess us “idiots” can’t understand how India issuing ivermectin to anyone who wants it has completely reversed the rise in Covid. Are you saying they are all idiots, too? Maybe a little less pride and a little more common decency, Skippy.

      • Sean Foreman says:

        You folks really gotta get educated. Ivermectin for Covid-19 treatment is nothing more then a conspiracy theory. All of the studies compiled together show no positive results… period. Get a clue, get vaccinated, put your mask on, stay to yourself… and vote BLUE.

    • DoneWithIt says:

      Biden, Fauci, and BigPharma would never lie.
      When you lay I’m bed at night – do yiu ever think about the risk you’ve potentially played with your health?
      Blood clots, heart swelling, brain inflammation, strokes, Bell’s palsy, permanently compromised immune system?
      Or are yiu in LaLa land and trust these people?
      Must be a CNN watcher and Fauci acolyte…

    • NAV says:

      NIH has Ivermectin listed on their web site as APPROVED treatment so why don’t you go get your third and forth booster save us from your lack of facts!!!
      Table 2e. Characteristics of Antiviral Agents That Are Approved or Under Evaluation for the Treatment of COVID-19
      The dose most commonly used in clinical trials is IVM 0.2–0.6 mg/kg PO given as a single dose or as a once-daily dose for up to 5 days.
      Generally well tolerated
      GI effects (e.g., nausea, diarrhea)
      Neurological AEs have been reported when IVM has been used to treat parasitic diseases, but it is not clear whether these AEs were caused by IVM or the underlying conditions.
      Monitor for potential AEs.
      Minor CYP3A4 substrate
      P-gp substrate
      Generally given on an empty stomach with water; however, administering IVM with food increases its bioavailability.2
      A list of clinical trials is available here: Ivermectin

      • Sean Foreman says:

        Just go to your local vet… you’ll never receive ivermectin because it has zero effectiveness against COVID.

    • Tsamacuus says:

      Go get yourself some boosters loser we need your mindless DNA out of the gene pool!

    • Proud Alaskan says:

      Blank you, your using my name A hole
      I have not taken and will not take the shot. Or wear your stupid mask

  • G Aleutian says:

    Doctors can’t just give you whatever drug you want just because you read on Facebook that its a miracle drug. All you really need to do if figure out how to get sunlight into your bodies like the Grand Wizard Trump said to do. What a genius.

    • G Aleution says:

      This comment above is a gross impersonation of the authentic pamphleteer. Quite obvious.

  • Theresa says:

    I’m glad you put a tie on for this one, Mr. Mayor, but I’m sorry you agree that “vaccination is the best way.”

    • Sean Foreman says:

      It is dummy. Whom do you think is clogging up the hospitals in America and dying in droves???

      The unvaccinated.

  • NAV says:

    They are guilty of MURDER for money!!!!

  • Ed+Martin+Jr says:

    ” Consent of the Govern ” To secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity. What does “promote the general welfare” mean? ” the government is a servant to its citizens.” Anchorage Citizens this newly enactment Ord. not only disserves you but the 50,000 commuters that work & do business in your city !

  • SJJR says:

    Table 2e. Characteristics of Antiviral Agents That Are Approved or Under Evaluation for the Treatment of COVID-19
    Last Updated: July 08, 2021

    The doses and indications listed below come from the FDA product information. Please see Therapeutic Management of Hospitalized Adults With COVID-19 for the Panel’s recommendations on when to use RDV.

    • The dose most commonly used in clinical trials is IVM 0.2–0.6 mg/kg PO given as a single dose or as a once-daily dose for up to 5 days.

    Infuse over 30–120 minutes.
    b The FDA EUA permits the emergency use of RDV for the treatment of suspected COVID-19 or laboratory-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection in hospitalized pediatric patients weighing 3.5 kg to <40 kg or aged <12 years and weighing ≥3.5 kg.6
    Key: AE = adverse event; ALT = alanine transaminase; AST = aspartate aminotransferase; CQ = chloroquine; CYP = cytochrome P450; ECMO = extracorporeal membrane oxygenation; eGFR = estimated glomerular filtration rate; EUA = Emergency Use Authorization; FDA = Food and Drug Administration; GI = gastrointestinal; HCQ = hydroxychloroquine; IV = intravenous; IVM = ivermectin; LPV/RTV = lopinavir/ritonavir; MATE = multidrug and toxin extrusion protein; NTZ = nitazoxanide; OATP = organic anion transporter polypeptide; the Panel = the COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines Panel; P-gp = P-glycoprotein; PO = orally; RDV = remdesivir; SBECD = sulfobutylether-beta-cyclodextrin; ULN = upper limit of normal

  • nicole says:

    NO, we do NOT agree that an experimental gene therapy injection is the “best way to reduce COVID infections, serious illness, and death.” Bronson, apparently not beyond being bribed by drug money, is LYING to the people as even the drug manufacturers admit their products, from which the government has granted legal immunity from all resulting injuries and death, do NOT reduce or prevent infection, nor have they been tested to do so. Additionally, the numbers demonstrate more have been killed from the experimental gene therapy injection than have been saved. Bronson is a prime example of controlled opposition, who works for the drug companies advertising and selling their pernicious products. It’s called blood money. “For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither anything hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.”

  • G Aleutian says:

    Did God create us to be under subjugation by force? :*[

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Matthew 18:20 Where there are two are more gathered together I will be there also.

  • Arnold says:

    As a health care worker on the frontline I always treat my patients with dignity and respect. I do not need to be told to do this by a mayor out to further his political agenda. Ivermectin is not approved and if it had been given and the patient died anyway then I imagine there would be a lawsuit.

    • Common Peasant says:

      Look up “Right to Try”.
      Here, I did the hard work for you. Doctor.

    • Greg says:

      CDC or FDA approvals are not infallible. Have you ever looked into how many times they got it wrong on something? Do you truly think that their “approval” is the end-all be-all? Or do you just put your head down and do as pharma tells you? If you are like many in the medical field today, you wouldn’t know how to treat anybody with anything if pharma didn’t tell you what to order. And no, working in the medical field does not make you a saint. There are crooked people in the medical field just like in other fields. So maybe you didn’t need to be told this, but I don’t think the mayor said “Hey Arnold” anyway.

  • G Aleution says:

    We must remove the gravy from the gravytrain at once! NO MORE CATERING FOREVER! Put us $50 million in debt for sticks up noses to the brain when they are obsolete and damage people? Make your own damned sack lunches!