Anchorage Mayor Dave Bronson vetoed a highly contentious emergency mask mandate that the Anchorage Assembly approved on Oct. 12. A few hours after the emergency ordinance passed, Bronson issued his veto, condemning the mandate as an infringement on the personal liberties of Anchorage residents.

In particular, the mayor blasted the Assembly for passing the mandate via a last minute emergency ordinance, which effectively shut down the ongoing testimony on the proposal. For seven meetings, the public had testified on the mandate, most were adamantly opposed and under the impression that there would be additional public hearings on the matter Oct. 13 and 14.

“The Assembly introduced and passed this emergency ordinance on the same night, effectively shutting down public testimony on the issue of mask mandates,” Bronson wrote in his veto. “They blatantly ignored the people’s right to petition their government. The Assembly openly displayed their scorn for the public process, which is fundamental to self-government and self-governance.”

He also criticized the Assembly for ignoring the fact that COVID cases in Anchorage have significantly decreased over the past few weeks.

The Assembly needs eight votes to overturn the veto. Since the mandate passed with nine votes, it appears they have the numbers.

The meeting is scheduled from 5-5:30 p.m. on Oct. 14 in the Assembly Chambers at the Loussac Library. It is open to the public, but residents won’t be able to testify until after the vote. There will, however, be a very brief period for public comment following the vote.

Even if veto is overturned, Bronson has stated that he will not enforce the mandate with fines, fees or any other measures. Without enforcement teeth, it will essentially be a recommendation that is set to expire after 60 days.

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Anchorage Assembly meets Oct. 14 to override mayor’s veto of mask mandate

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Burt says:


    • Sharon Alice Turner says:

      Yes, indeed, Burt: Let WE the people, if we are in fact tired enough to act, keep putting up decent, viable candidates, that we support with our time money and votes to send a deafening message to these San Franciso-esque grifters that they are out and a real ‘representatives of WE the folks are now ensconced. grandma

  • Mark+Clemons says:

    I’m not an anchorage resident but mayor Bronson is right in his decision to not enforce the mandate on the grounds that the assembly is way out of control. My question is that where in the hell is the governor on this matter, governor Mike Dunlevy should speak out about this intrusion of the basic rights of the we the people and stand with the mayor on this issue.

  • Momma Moose says:

    Unlike Palmer City Council who listened and actually accepted their constituents concerns with the proposed mask mandate, Anchorage Assembly chooses their own dictatorship over their constituents. Anchorage Assembly does NOT listen to or vote what their constituents desire. But you voted for these representatives unlike Palmer who voted to correct the situation. Wake up America!

    • kris spencer says:

      I think what happened is that Anchorage got complacent over the last 10-20 years and participation in voting…when it comes to local government dropped off. Though local elections have never really had much participation anyway, especially w/o a hot-button issue. It’s well known that the socialist/libs go around flipping conservative cities by bringing their own people in from liberal cities (many who are young and w/o families so easy for them to move around) and they hang out long enough to qualify to run for election. Some of them no doubt get paid by and get jobs from supporters of their movement. While Anchorage was sleeping, the extreme left almost took the whole assembly. It was easy for the small number of libs to show up at the polls, plus any cheating from mail in ballots and the suspect Dominion voting machines. So 2020 was a wake-up! The conservatives came out in droves and elected mayor Bronson. As for Palmer, it barely made it. Was not a piece of cake. But it woke people up and the recent city election proves it…though turn out was extremely low. (could have gone the other way!) Most people want freedom…but don’t realize that these days you must fight for it.

      • James says:

        Yep, these local mask mandates highlight the need to vote in every single election. And also, to put effort into getting strong conservative candidates to run for every office.

  • G Aleutian says:

    I worked for a democrat outfit once. I was wearing a $1200 St. John’s suit a costume indicating businesslike serious attitude. He said “I expect to see you urinating beside the side of the road”. Tricky, huh? Let’s get back to the Constitution. I, too, am done with democrats.

    • G Aleutian says:

      The democrats are not champions of a native woman’s rights to dignity on the job. They have zero credibility in applying Constitutional principles equally in Alaska. Hypocrites. Anything goes.

  • Matthew says:

    Bull-Sh!t it doesn’t have teeth – they will fined a way. Remember 2 weeks to slow the spread? Were you even alive since Nov3 2020? You must DO MORE.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    I will not comply
    No mask No shot.
    I’m just living my God fearing life. As best as I can loving others

  • G Aleutian says:

    In order to have your rights you must know them and know how to claim them. This should be taught in eighth grade civics classes. Do you believe you you know how to do that? Do you think any assembly person right now in Anchorage knows his or her own rights and knows how to properly claim them? These people are bound to the US Constitution by signed oath as a predicate to receiving the benefit, stipend, from the public trust funds. Are you bound to defend the US Constitution?

  • G Aleution says:

    Anchorage has: authority to review plans for public hospital spaces. Anchorage discharges those duties. Anchorage inspects to make sure the building approved for public use is the one that gets built to minimum safety standards adopted by the state legislature and local ratification. That duty is discharged. Anchorage does not issue business licenses to hospitals. Anchorage may send in a health team to cafeterias discharging that duty. Beyond that Anchorage has no duties to discharge in triage of medical care of freemen. Any medical mandate is ultra vires therefore assemblypersons have lost ALL immunity. If I know this why don’t the lawyers? Did they pass law school? Is the Police Chief ex officio and voting?

  • G Aleution says:

    That is a pertinent question by the way. In a real emergency the anwer would be in the emergency plan if nominally intelligent, interested people were “working”.