Thanks to a 2016 state law, Alaska school districts must get approval from local school boards before they can teach new sex education material to children.

On Oct. 19, the Fairbanks School District asked school board members to green light curriculum supplements that teach students, as young as age 12, how to have sex or stimulate their partners, while also giving them advice on how to select appropriate contraceptives, including the Morning After Pill, which can cause early abortions. One sex-ed video emphasizes that students have the right to use contraception without informing their parents. Other materials instruct children about “vaginal, anal and manual (using hands) intercourse, or oral-genital stimulation with a partner.”

The district’s request was a bridge too far, even for most of the left-leaning majority on the school board.

Board President Tim Doran, who generally sides with the liberal majority, said he didn’t oppose all the sex-ed content. He did, however tell the district’s Director of Teaching and Learning Chane Beam that there were serious concerns about how some of the material was deemed worthy enough to ask for the board’s for approval.

It’s humiliating to us as an organization that we even put it out there on our website, that we’d like to show this to your children.

Beam explained that local teachers wanted the material and the district went ahead and asked for it. He did not explain how the district evaluates these types of requests.

Doran told Beam that the process needs to be examined and revamped.

“I think I can speak for the board, that this is not ready to come forward at this time,” Doran said.

Conservative School Board Member April Smith was far more direct, saying the proposed curriculum has caused public humiliation and “a lack of trust in the district with a number of people.”

“I don’t like to be humiliated,” she said. “I think it’s humiliating to us as an organization that we even put it out there on our website, that we’d like to show this to your children.”

Smith said the district’s actions are exactly why so many Fairbanks students are leaving public schools and opting for homeschool or private education.

Over the past four years, Fairbanks has lost more than 1,000 students to other educational options.

We’re not allowed to talk about religion or church or anything in schools and yet we’re going to bring this disgusting material to our children?

“Issues like this contribute greatly to our declining enrollment,” Smith said. “We’re crazy.”

Earlier in the meeting five members of the public expressed outrage over the curriculum. No one spoke in favor of it.

Tresa Ciscel blasted the district for thinking it was a good idea to teach children “how they can stimulate their partner or learn about the Morning After pill,” which can cause early abortions.

“As a parent, I legally have the right to regulate what my child is being exposed to,” she said. “If I have to, I will withdraw my child, and I’m sure I’m not the only parent who feels this way.”

A North Pole woman agreed calling the material “basically porn.”

 “It just does not belong in the school,” she said. “We’re not allowed to talk about religion or church or anything in schools and yet we’re going to bring this disgusting material to our children?”

Beam defended the district, saying it posted the proposed materials on its website, social media pages and in the local newspaper for the community to review ahead of time. Only four people gave feedback over a two-week period, he said. This prompted an accusation from School Board Member Margaret Matheson that the district appears to have buried the materials and survey from the general public.

School Board Member Jennifer Luke said she watched the video in preparation for the meeting, but would never let her own children see it.

Matheson asked Beam to tell her where to find the survey on the district’s website.

“I have been looking for it and I have not been able to find it,” she said.

Beam was unable to direct her to the survey.

Several board members raised concern about a YouTube video, Mamma Dr. Jones, which the district wanted to use for sex-education.

The video features Jones teaching in gender neutral terms that “50% of people have a vagina.” She then spotlights a young teen showing off her stained underwear and talking about the fact that vaginal discharge is normal. At one point Jones discusses what can happen when inserting a “toy or penis” into the vagina.

School Board Member Jennifer Luke said she watched the video in preparation for the meeting, but would never let her own children see it.

Doran said he didn’t have a problem with the video, but was concerned about other Mamma Dr. Jones clips on her YouTube channel. Her videos praise transgenderism, Black Lives Matter and a host of far-leftist political and social agendas.

Overall, Smith said she was disappointed with the sheer amount of YouTube videos the district utilizes.

“The main problem I have with all of the videos links that were sent is that they create a trust with the name and source with the students,” Smith said. “We are now putting into our children that Momma Dr. Jones is an excellent source of education.”

In general Smith said explicit sex education has no place in public school.

“When we tell a middle schoolers – sixth grade – that these are some options of things you can be doing with your time, I feel that is encouraging them toward inappropriate relationships, which all sexual relationships at the middle school age are inappropriate,” she said. “If we cannot agree on that, we cannot proceed with a rational conversation.”


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Fairbanks school board ‘humiliated’ by district’s request to teach graphic sex-ed

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • ML Moore says:

    Alaska, is better than this. This kind of adult subject matter has no place in our children’s schools. Somehow, they have missed the point. We send our children to school to learn to read and write, to become competent in math, learn history, and geography, science, and other core basic education. Schools like the government are over reaching their purpose and authority. These are personal matters that the parents are to address based on their families own values and beliefs. Sex education should be taught only in the context of basic biology, what’s what, and what’s it do, period! I’m glad a majority of the board saw this as a bad idea, but they need to focus on basic fundamental education and leave parental matters where they belong, with the parents! Parents are fed up, and rightfully so. If change is not initiated by the board in the future they will see and increase in kids being home schooled. Teachers will be laid off, and other support staff due to this shift in education. So, it will have a domino effect. Yes, Alaska, is better than this, leave this misguided non-sense to the lower 49.

  • Ralph says:

    I’m sure Meg with district 4 would fight to teach this to our children, despite any disputes from their own parents.
    Recall Meg!

  • Andy says:

    Granted, there are some really great folks there affiliated with the school system but this really is too far. IMHO this can almost be criminal, there is no question that it should have been shut down immediately. At this point I’d be watching those district folks who pushed this real close.

  • nicole says:

    Thank you Alaska Watchman for informing the public. Curriculum controllers have been abusing public school children behind a vail of secrecy for decades. It’s past time the curtain is ripped down for the world to see what wickedness our taxes are funding in our failing public schools. Parents can no longer feign ignorance.

  • DoneWithIt says:

    50% of Alaskan students do not have remedial levels of math or English skills – and yet we waste one second on this soft porn?
    Home school, private school – get your children out of these satanic, Marxist indoctrination factories.

  • Steve+Peterson says:

    What the hell has happened to Fairbanks?!
    How did all these lefties get hired as teachers?
    Gawd! I used to love visiting that place and taking classes at UAF (I’m an alum), but I don’t think I’d like it so much anymore.

  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    I do not understand why parents keep their kids in such a cesspool. Seriously. It seems each year is almost exponentially worse than the year before and so many parents make idle threats ‘I am gonna pull my kids out..::” well, do it! Exercise your autonomy that you are very fortunate to have in our state! For heaven’s sake it is not going to get better and I assure you that you will be greatly blessed by homeschooling and your kids will get a far better education. At least 50% of success is the commitment so commit and go for it. There is so much support out there for home education. The sacrifice is very worth it. And a bonus is money speaks loudly especially the lack of it. As soon as the district feels the monetary loss of many students they might actually regain some logic snd common sense. Maybe even values.

  • Lobo says:

    Interesting… John Doe.. errr.. John Buck is caught with child porn in his home, and is arrested, jailed, publicly scorned, and.. in “my opinion” he should be, but the school systems seem to think it’s perfectly fine, and appropriate to teach what is essentially, and can result in porn, to the children. Yes.. That’s just fine, doncha think ?

  • Lilahlee says:

    America’s educational system and institutions are broken. Parents are starting to wake up to how bad it has gotten.

  • Herman Nelson says:

    The school “board” should be humiliated. The board’s idea of “education” is no better than Jeff Epstein’s idea of “entertainment”.

  • Richard+Eide says:

    I testified Tuesday at the board meeting. It must be noted that the board makeup is 4/7 liberal. We just had an election in which scores of good hearted conservatives simply didn’t care enough for our children to just vote. The progressives swamped us, and now feel emboldened to proceed with their progressive agenda. Christians need to wake up, talk to one another, and vote-in God fearing board members

    • vince says:

      Agree, Rich.
      When I see this (which is part of the national CSE curricula roll-out), I hope parents take your stance on this.
      Here is a toolbox the’re using in Arizona; they’ve made modest gains.

      I see one side made-up of parents, who have the right & should demand to raise their own children with their own God-fearing & secularly-prudent values.
      The other side consists of communists (“progressive” is their euphemism for communism) who, as you note, don’t value God, family, or sustainable communities. They (very, very often) are lesbian, are homosexual, are some deviant form of the LGBTQP++ alphabet-people.
      There is only one group of people who consistently promote sex acts among children in schools. When people call pedophilia what it is and then note that – STATISTICALLY – the majority of teachers/board members who push this are LGBTQ or “allies”, the adults-in-the-room should question why they’re teaching or allowed near children. Bring this up at a school board meeting and watch this overt sexualizing of youth disappear for a year or two. We’re buying time in a fallen-world which is targeting children.

      On the quote from the article….
      This isn’t “just” an ideological difference in curricula; this is sexualized warfare on children. There is a national effort (see the Arizona school parents websites) to push this.
      Believe it — when Left-leaning say it’s a “bridge too far”, you have people in your community hunting your children.
      They aim to groom.
      Parents protect, nurture and DEFEND their children. Defend PROactively. Because if they fail, they just try next year.

      “He did, however tell the district’s
      Director of Teaching and Learning Chane Beam
      that there were serious concerns about how some of the material was deemed worthy enough to ask for the board’s approval…..”

  • Stand Proud says:

    Would love to vote in conservatives, but they need to stand proud and tell us who they are. When voting I usually cannot tell who is staying up for our kids as there is so much riding in the middle and then they reveal who they are once elected. Stand proud to be a conservative with morals & values and you win the vote of the people.

  • Frank A Dahl says:

    do they also teach CRT ? Parents must get involved to stop this craziness…….now

  • Scholastica says:

    Caring parents, please pull your students from public schools. Students are not being taught basic academic skills. Our students need to compare favorably at the national and global levels in order to be employable at good jobs. We owe it to the next generation to prepare them for better work than that in the illegal sex trade.

  • Priscilla Anne Hurley says:

    Think about it. Sexual activity is an adult behavior with serious consequences. Parents, step up and teach/disciple your children in this essential area. What value does our sexuality have? I know it’s devalued in our culture, but children and youth must understand our sexuality is an integrated part of our being, and so the choices made about it affect EVERY part; emotional, mental, physical and spiritual. Help them parents! Contact me if you need help, as I have history teaching youth the value of their sexuality, directing them toward abstinence until marriage. What’s going on in schools with Planned Parenthood endorsed teaching is blind to the value of our kids. They don’t care!! Protecting them IS caring!!

  • Klee says:

    This is the equivalent of fighting cancer with cancer causing poison (chemo) and expecting it to be cured, only to develops chemo cancer.

    Change the environment, and the cancer dissolves. If public schools decide to go this route, withdraw your children from its grips. I did when masks were mandated cutting off air supply to the body continually. Now the phase of injecting highly toxic poisons (scientifically proven toxic) into children “for the better good.”

    What next do these systems want to normalize bring forcefully injected into their bodies? First toys in private parts, then needles, then what? Bad enough the programming that has already slipped in through psychotic normalizing. Like common core math. 1+1= 3

  • Jesse says:

    Your educators, the very definition of your job is to evaluate educational material. Now you want to play dumb?
    Lies, Lies, and More Lies
    You all know exactly what you are doing and you are being turned over to a reprobate mind.

  • Larry Wood says:

    First off, this is 8th grade biology where one was introduced to one’s sexual biology–strictly the facts, not the “how”.
    The How that is being sought is all part of the NEA’s LGBTQ Agenda that is designed to indoctrinate, to make “normal” perversion and to encourage sex, including erasing age differences. All of this is part of ending the prohibitions of children being used by adults as sex toys. All part of the Marxist agenda.
    BLM is all about tearing down the nuclear family. The membership is mostly LGBTQ.
    LGBTQ are not born, and a biological dead end, so they must find new ‘meat’. Hence the transgender push, the encouraging kids to try homosexuality, etc.
    NAMBLA members have to be salivating.
    The superintendent, teachers and any staff sympathetic to this agenda need to be fired now, they are Marxists, LGBTQ and salivating over making new whatevers.
    It has always been a goal of the Left to tear down the sexual norms to get at the kids.

  • Larry Wood says:

    Other than science, what is the school doing teaching ‘technique’ and encouraging minors to engage in sex? That is NOT the mission of education. Remove these Marxist perverts, they are pedophiles.

  • Charlotte says:

    It is so unfortunate that voter turnout isn’t better. Sadly, this type of subject matter is to be expected when good people do nothing.

    If not for the Watchman, we might never have learned about this story (thank you to the Fairbanks board for doing the right thing) and this outrageously inappropriate material might have quietly slipped through the cracks and into the classroom. Taking innocent minds and filling them with something so far beyond their capacity to understand has somehow become perfectly acceptable to those teachers requesting it.

    I have taken on an assignment which ties closely to this Fairbanks story and I now see that it’s going to be just the tip of the iceberg. It involves checking Alaska libraries and determining which ones have in their stacks a list of 50+ inappropriate books!

    All books are ordered by the librarian/mgr at each library (except Anchorage). If a library doesn’t have a particular book, they can borrow from libraries that do have it. There is a person whose job it is to drive that book to its destination.

    In other words, inappropriate books (which can only damage a young child) are purchased and driven around the state all at the taxpayers’ expense!

    My assignment started with Gender Queer and Lawn Boy. 14 Alaska libraries have these books. I would be embarrassed to describe them and I can’t imagine how any educator could honestly advocate for either one.

    Then, there’s My Friend Dahmer (Remember him? He kidnapped boys and murdered and cannibalized them). I haven’t checked this one yet, but nothing would surprise me. This is sadly a deep rabbit hole, and I’m only just beginning.

    Schools and those employed there have been trusted for decades by parents who have been deceived into thinking there was learning going on.

    Many thanks to Alaska Watchman for telling the truth that is not part of the MSM agenda. If parents see enough of this honest reporting, they’ll hopefully start to become a big presence at the schools.

    Thank you.

    • ProudAmerican says:

      Unfortunately, this publication has fallen to the same hubris you accuse MSN of having.
      Please take a look a her response.
      Her videos are extremely measured and educated without an agenda but this “journalist” saw it fit to demonize her knowing that readers would take his word. Notice that he didn’t cite to any videos but instead made sweeping generalizations that are harder to pin down? It’s because his allegations have no basis in fact. It’s a tactic to get you riled up and distracted from the truth.

  • M.John says:

    Why no mention of the sick-minded individuals responsible for this request? Their names need to be made public. There is absolutely no place for this kind of garbage in our schools! Your average “teacher” today is incapable of constructing a grammatically correct sentence or solving a simple equation, yet, they insist upon pushing this trash on kids!!!???

    • ProudAmerican says:

      Because this is all lie to get people riled up to fight a nonexistent enemy. Please take a look a her response.

      Her videos are extremely measured and educated without an agenda but this “journalist” saw it fit to demonize her knowing that readers would take his word. Notice that he didn’t cite to any videos but instead made sweeping generalizations that are harder to pin down? It’s because his allegations have no basis in fact.

  • SquiddyMcGee says:

    *Laughs* She has an ‘apology’ video now.
    “Please get it right you sexist ***holes”

  • Imogen says:

    Of course it’s a white man who has no need for abortion writing these very biased news articles, please do better by not reporting on topics that don’t even affect you
    I can smell the privilege from a mile away

  • ProudAmerican says:

    Wow ! What a misleading article! Here is another example of complaining about things you know nothing about. Yet, you still feel the need to get your compatriots all riled up on false pretenses to further your agenda. There truly is a lack of integrity in journalism. In the future, please fact check instead of feeding you biases.