Gov. Mike Dunleavy issued an administrative order, Nov. 2, to combat efforts by President Joe Biden to undermine Alaska’s states’ rights. The order lays out steps Alaska will take to protect its State Constitution and the rights of Alaskans from federal overreach. 

“The Biden Administration has imposed a long list of encroachments against the State of Alaska in attempts to control the health and welfare of Alaskans,” Dunleavy said. “The recent actions or attempts are threatening the state’s sovereign authority under the 10th Amendment. We will not let the federal government usurp our power. We will fight against these threats, enforce Alaska’s sovereignty and protect the rights and freedoms of all Alaskans.”

A statement from Dunleavy’s office notes that over the past year Biden has introduced plans that would force banks and financial institutions to provide the IRS with personal information from private bank accounts for any transactions of $600 or more that occur in a year. Biden’s plan would monitor citizens’ banking activities and store their financial information, actions that Dunleavy says violate existing protections for such records under the Federal Right to Financial Privacy Act.

Additionally, Dunleavy expressed concern that Biden’s Dept. of Justice wants to use federal law enforcement personnel and resources to monitor and potentially prosecute parents as possible domestic terrorists for protesting issues like mask mandates and curriculum choices at local school board meetings.

Order states, “to the extent allowable by law, no state agency shall participate in, or use state funds or personnel, to further a federal vaccine mandate for employers.”

Dunleavy’s order also addresses Biden’s plan to direct the Occupational and Safety Health Administration to implement regulations requiring private employers, and certain public employers, with more than 100 employees to mandate that workers to be deemed “fully vaccinated” or to submit to regular COVID-19 testing.

Along these same lines, Dunleavy’s order addresses the Biden administration’s attempt to mandate that all federal contractors require employees to be vaccinated in order to keep their jobs. Dunleavy’s office noted that earlier this year, Biden’s administration imposed vaccine mandates on military and National Guard members without adequate protections in place for individuals with religious objections.

To fight this federal overreach, Dunleavy’s order directs the State Attorney General’s office to review any federal vaccine mandate issued by the Biden Administration and to determine whether there are legal grounds to challenge such mandates in court.

Dunleavy’s order also states that “to the extent allowable by law, no state agency shall participate in, or use state funds or personnel, to further a federal vaccine mandate for employers.”

The order empowers the Attorney General Treg Taylor to “review and oppose efforts by the Federal Government to monitor and negatively affect the ability of Alaskan parents to exercise their constitutional rights by participating in school board meetings.”

It also states that to the extent allowable by law, “no state agency shall participate with a federal agency, or spend state funds to participate in, or further any action by a federal agency that infringes on the constitutional rights of Alaskans. Nor may a state agency take actions that would unconstitutionally chill free speech or infringe upon other constitutional rights exercised by citizens against or in support of local school district policies. State agencies shall continue to enforce the criminal code of the State of Alaska.”

Finally, Dunleavy has ordered his state commissioners to “immediately inform” Attorney General Taylor if a federal agency proposes actions to a state agency that would “require a state agency to act in a manner that may violate the Alaska or U.S. Constitution.”

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Dunleavy issues order to defend Alaska from ‘blatant federal overreach’

Joel Davidson
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