Mat-Su couple, Heidi and Daniel Watson, just launched a new business aimed at assisting fellow Alaskans faced with job termination, violations of medical freedom and other coercive COVID related policies and mandates. went live last week with the aim of forming a network of Alaskans who can support one another through employment opportunities, legal advice, health care options and the creation of innovative new companies and services.

Heidi’s husband, Daniel, is one of thousands of Alaskans whose jobs are in limbo thanks to President Joe Biden’s mandate that all federal workers and contractors be deemed “fully vaccinated” with the experimental COVID shots.

Daniel is a control systems engineer for Honeywell. Heidi said he submitted a medical exemption request but is still waiting to find out whether he can stay employed without getting the COVID jab.

“You hear from people all over the place who are going through the same thing – people grasping for information to figure out how to provide for their families,” Heidi said. “People need to be supported because they are doing something that takes a lot of bravery. They need to know they are not alone.”

Heidi said she hopes becomes a place where companies that support medical freedom and personal liberties will list their services or advertise job openings. Likewise, Alaskans seeking jobs can post resumes and contact potential employers without having to worry about taking a COVID shot.

Companies that want to list job openings at must sign a form stating the business “will not require our employees to receive the vaccine in order to obtain or retain employment with us. We endeavor to protect the personal rights of our employees.” Companies that agree get their name and logo listed on the website so that both job seekers and those wishing to support freedom-loving businesses can see who’s participating.

While the site is only a few days old, Heidi said she hopes it evolves quickly into a space where business professionals and entrepreneurs also regularly meet, brainstorm solutions and possibly create new business models in a variety of professions.

“My goal is to keep people in Alaska, because there is going to be an exodus with so many federal workers here,” Heidi said. “I’m hoping to foster new companies and innovation.”

As the website grows, she wants it to be a one-stop-shop for job listings, resumes, event notices, legal advice, medical care and other services. She also has a “neighbors helping neighbors” section where people can assist fellow Alaskans who may have lost jobs for refusing to get COVID injections.

For businesses that want to remain anonymous, but still post job openings, there’s an option for that, too.

“We are in a time when everything is so unsure, and I think that people who have the same ideas about protecting liberty and freedom need to stand together so that we know we’re not alone, and so we can support each other,” Heidi said. “Eventually, I would love for this to become an Amazon of conservatism. I just need an army of people to help run the different sections. This is way bigger than any one person.”

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Website aims to build network for Alaskans facing jab mandates, job loss and medical violations

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 20 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.