LGBT march

A hard-left and well-organized LGBTQ activist group is preparing a legislative attack on conservative minded Alaska business owners who may oppose their radical sexual ideologies.

In recent years, Identity, Inc. gained notoriety for organizing Drag Queen Story Hour events for young children at the Loussac Library, recruiting young teens to perform as drag queens and promoting cross-sex hormones to Alaska children who identify as the opposite sex. The group is now looking to build a coalition of activists who will work toward imposing legal penalties on Alaska business owners who do not capitulate to its LGBTQ cultural demands.

A link on the group’s website, now urges Alaska’s small business owners to join ranks in pushing for laws that penalize companies and individuals who do not share their beliefs. The website is compiling a list of allies to enlist in the culture wars.

Most immediately, Identity is asking Alaskans to contact Senators Lisa Murkowski and Dan Sullivan to urge them to support the federal Equality Act, a bill that has passed the House and is currently before the U.S. Senate.

If the Equality Act passes out of the Senate and President Biden signs it into law – as he has promised to do – it would mandate that Americans accommodate and facilitate behavior and events associated with the LGBTQ movement in private establishments, business, health care, entertainment and many other areas. Furthermore, the Equality Act would require businesses with more than 15 employees to affirm and officially recognize gender identities and sexual orientations, while banning opposite-sex locker rooms and restrooms.

“Being open to the public means being open to everyone,” Identity’s website asserts. “No one should have to worry about being turned away or denied service because of who they are.”

In particular, Identity is pushing for federal laws that force places of public accommodation such as hotels, businesses and restaurants to offer services and rental deals that support or promote LGBTQ ideals, regardless of whether it violates a business owner’s deeply held convictions.


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Alaska LGBTQ activists organizing to punish conservative business owners

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Steve Lankerd says:

    I have a conservative business and i don’t take too kindly to ANYONE telling me how they think I should run my business.
    Respect and kindness is earned, not expected, and I go by the Bible for lifestyles….

    • Steven Chappell says:

      Please let us know what they are so we can frequent the business as a show of support.

  • John J.Otness says:


  • Joyce says:

    Isn’t this discriminating against the non-LBGTQ community? Can’t have it both ways folks!

    • kris spencer says:

      yes, it is! There’s always a lie in there somewhere. The lie is that they are being discriminated against if someone doesn’t publicly acknowledge them and give them access to bathrooms of their choice. This is perverse and they know it, but don’t care. All you gotta do is look and see that they are using FEAR as their weapon. If a business owner doesn’t want to cave to their demands at the expense of his other customers…they want penalties thrown at him. God has said in the Bible that the last days will be like this.

  • Neil DeWitt says:

    How is this radical agenda not infringing on my rights as a normal heterosexual male? Enough is enough with this radical garbage!

  • Will Johns says:

    Thank you for the links…that helps a lot when we are mobile!!

  • Brandon says:

    Be tolerant (they scream) as they attempt to violate anyone within reach whom doesn’t agree with being a perverted degenerate.

  • jh says:

    I really think the LGBTQ activist ALPHABET SOUP GROUP need to push their SICK agenda in WYOMING AND MONTANA!! GOOD LUCK ALPHIES!

  • SV says:

    Let me get this straight. And I do mean straight. Our government is funding our local libraries to push this filth to healthy families who do not want any part of this garbage? I recently came across an inappropriate and inappropriately placed book at the Eagle River library, during our weekly visit, with my school aged children. Had I not been paying attention, my children could have picked up said inappropriate trash instead of the books they were seeking using the regular old fashioned Dewey decimal system. I would also like to add that this book continues to show up in the children’s section in what appears to be purposefully placed locations. In the children’s section. Children.
    It is a parents number one job to protect their children. Now we can’t even enjoy a library reading time or checking out books without this trash infiltrating?! How queer!!!
    It is time to take action.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Ok Freak’s, you live your Sick life and I’ll live mine.
    Just don’t tell me I have to believe or live like you.
    So you make someone make you a gay cake, but we can’t have pray anymore.
    Like Joyce was saying you can’t have it both ways

  • Nicole Rosa Coslet says:

    LGBTQ , if you want to work together lets do so! I think, right now we have more issues
    then you could imagine~? You don’t realize what people have to deal with in other countries!

  • Matt says:

    So why the hell aren’t conservatives joining together against this? Where are all of you at?

    • nicole says:

      Depends on your definition of “Conservative.” Moral conservatism has been largely abandoned by Christians who’ve been duped into believing we’re not supposed to be involved in politics and who repeatedly speculate ad nauseam they’ll be rescued by an imminent rapture from the societal collapse caused by their apathy and neglect in society.
      Then you have the morally bankrupt “Fiscal Conservatives” who care only about their own pocketbook. Until we fix this pernicious, faulty thinking, we will never see a united front against evil.

      • Richard+Corbeil says:

        That’s a super myopic look at conservatives. Moral conservatism has not been abandoned by anyone but progressive leftists and Fiscal Conservatives are only morally bankrupt in the eyes of progressives. Which by the way, you sound very much like!

  • Bckwds says:

    There’s no point in contacting Lisa Murkowski about anything…..

  • Andy says:

    Biden now wants to accept sexual deviancy? How’d that go for Sodom and Gomorrah? This is money that could be better spent on a much, much needed mental health assessment and support for himself and program support for others. LGBTQ is really a movement of folks who suffer from serious mental issues and they have almost succeeded in convincing others that it is normal.

  • jh says:

    The LGBT (alphabet soup gender) threatening to attack Christian businesses is a direct assault on Christianity and other people of faith.
    It is the role of government to protect liberty, not to promote dangerous ideological conformity.
    It is time for businesses to retaliate by suing them.
    The Alliance Defending Freedom is the world’s largest legal organization committed to protecting religious freedom, free speech, marriage and family, parental rights, and the sanctity of life. They defend your most cherished liberties in Congress, state legislatures, and courtrooms across the country—all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary.
    Alliance Defending Freedom
    15100 N. 90th Street
    Scottsdale, AZ 85260
    Toll-free: 800-835-5233
    Local: 480-444-0020
    General Fax: 480-444-0025
    Legal Fax: 480-444-0028

  • John J Otness says:

    We all have eyes to see, The perverse are a militant evil that seek to destroy our GOD fearing way of life.
    They hide behind the good of our nature and attack attack attack in an unrelenting assault , And when confronted
    they scream bigot homophobe or some nonsense to claim it is us who is the bad guys for defending our way of life and our children. Well it is high time we clean up this mess. These mentally disturbed are just a minute minority that has been allowed a foothold in society only to destroy this Nation…

  • Charlotte says:

    Is this a joke? You want to recruit our “conservative”congressional reps to help you attack the voters who kept them in office (assuming there was no voter fraud with Murky)? Murky and Young are hopefully retiring and being replaced with actual conservatives. Perhaps a recall could be considered for Mr. Sullivan since he has forgotten who voted for him.
    Leave the children out of your drag queen story hour. They are America’s future and too young to be indoctrinated in your chosen lifestyle. If schools weren’t so fetid, this story would never have been written.You all should be ashamed but you’re guided by Satan and incapable of feeling shame or being respectful of another human being.
    Punish conservative Anchorage businesses? In your dreams. Try to find something constructive to do with your time and leave the rest of us alone.

  • P.J. says:

    There are more of us then them. There is No reason we should have to change Our values to accommodate them. We are talking about a very small group of people who seem to think they have the right to dictate to the Majority how to live. That’s not how it works. They can start their own bakeries, gyms, bars, whatever they want, no one is stopping them. Their rights don’t trump My rights. It’s time for the majority to become vocal and quit being pushed around by a tiny group of people.

  • Ceak says:

    I identify as a cat, so every establishment must have a litter box for me. Everyone must meow at me or they’re bigots. I also require every restaurant to stop using utensils, so I feel more welcome eating from my dish. Every child should be taught that cat lives matter. #normalizeinsanity

  • Aaron Blumenthal says:

    Oh Lord! Our country is on its way to hell. One day it is going to be like in Norway where they force their kids to have sex not only with family members and other adults, but also with wild animals. I read a story about one Norwegian boy being forced to copulate with a penguin. Please save us from sodomites dear Lord Jesus Christ! AMEN!

    • jh says:

      I am boycotting Campbell’s Soup! I will no longer by their alphabet soup!

      • Aaron Blumenthal says:

        Yes brother jh! Andy Warhol was a sodomite who worshipped this soup. Just google his name and his satanic work and you will see the signs of Armageddon getting stronger and stronger everyday. The world needs the Second Coming asap. Please pray with us brother. Pray to make this soup to go away from the shelves of our supermarkets. Amen!

  • John J Otness says:

    Witnessing just another attack tentacle of the Chinese communist party Octopus …. We clearly see the POLITICIANS THE COURTS have all sold their souls to the treason… Every single member of. office has made. themselves eligible to the treason laws of this Nation this Republic by staying silent on Dominion…… WE WILL REMEMBER YOUR COWARDICE!!!! GODS gift to man is LIBERTY, Those. who took. oaths and did nothing to. defend this precious gift will answer for. this.

  • jh says:

    Doesn’t LGBTQ mean – Law, Guns, Bible, Trump, QAnon?

  • John says:

    It is easy to look at their list and avoid businesses caving into LGBT. Support the businesses who told them to keep their sexual activities private.

  • jh says:

    Why do the delusional leftist believe women have male genitalia and men can get pregnant?
    Why do they believe biology is real when it comes to vaccine injections, but biology is imaginary when it comes to pregnancy and male genitalia?