The 33rd annual Homer Nutcracker Ballet spread some holiday division last week when non-vaxxed theater goers were cordoned off from the vaxxed upon entering the Homer High School theater, Dec. 3-5.

Rep. Christopher Kurka is running for governor of Alaska.

Alaska gubernatorial candidate Rep. Christopher Kurka caught wind of the segregated performances from some of his Kenai Peninsula supporters and then released a scathing critique of theater organizers for choosing to separate the community based on who has submitted to the COVID jab. Kurka said it “hearkens back to segregation and Jim-Crow.”

Tickets for the event were sold in several locations on the Kenai Peninsula. The official Facebook page for the performance stated that masks were required for those ages two years old and up, and that seating in a “vaccinated section” was available during the show.

Apparently, that message was not relayed to several patrons who purchased tickets prior to the performance.

“When Ballet ticketholders purchased tickets in Soldotna, the business asked them to identify if they received a COVID-19 shot, but did not necessarily inform folks that the ‘unvaccinated,’ would be separated from those with general admission,” Kurka posted to his campaign Facebook page on Dec. 11. “On the day of the performance those who did not wish to share their private medical information and those who reported not receiving COVID-19 shots were forced to segregate from the so-called ‘Vaxxed’ patrons and were forced to take seats in the rear of the theater.”

“How did we arrive at this place?” Kurka asked. “Not since the days of Jim-Crow and racial-segregation have we seen such a disgraceful disregard for the civil-rights of our fellow citizens.”

Organizers of the Homer Nutcracker Ballet had not responded to questions sent by the Watchman as of publication.

Kurka called their actions a “serious violation of liberty” and blasted Gov. Mike Dunleavy, Kenai Peninsula Borough School District officials and main-stream media outlets for remaining silent on the issue.

Kurka blamed Dunleavy and his Chief Medical Officer Anne Zink, along with legislative leaders for executing a “coordinated attack against Alaskan liberty, sowing the fear-soaked seeds of tyranny – a deadly weed which now poisons communities throughout our beloved state.”

If elected in 2022, Kurka said he would “not allow individuals, institutions, organizations, businesses, or political subdivisions of the state, to trample the constitutionally protected rights, freedoms or dignity of Alaskans and their families. “

“Under my Administration, violations of our rights will be swiftly investigated, and fully prosecuted,” he said. “We must stop the outrageous attacks on freedom to make our own healthcare choices. Anne Zink and the Dunleavy administration will not stop in their effort to eviscerate our healthcare freedoms.”

Elected to Alaska’s State House in 2020 to as a representative from Wasilla, Kurka announced his run for governor on Nov. 29 with a widely reported endorsement from former Tea Party candidate for U.S. Senate Joe Miller.

Kurka is regarded as one of the most conservative members of the State House. He is running for governor on a pro-liberty, small government and pro-Second Amendment platform. The former director of Alaska Right to Life also favors strong legal protections for the unborn, smaller state budgets, election integrity reform, judicial selection overhaul, medical freedom protections and a full statutory PFD.

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AK gubernatorial candidate blasts Homer Nutcracker organizers for segregating the unvaxxed

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Neil DeWitt says:

    It’s so so that Obiden’s administration has people so scared/convinced that without the vaccine your a leper or something! It’s the vaccinated that are stopping the cruise ships from coming up here. It’s the vaccinated that are getting the omnicron virus now. It’s like it seeks out only those vaccinated and infects them. The Obiden administration along with quack Fauci have the democrats scared of their own shadows and they are running to get their 3rd or forth vaccine shot. The unvaccinated with natural immunity aren’t sick, they’re not catching the new scam(virus). Think about it people. Look at the whole picture not just the bottom left corner!

  • JC says:

    This is appalling and must not be tolerated. It cannot be normalized. Segregating people is horrible especially when it makes no sense! How many times must we reiterate the facts. Jabbed persons can still get and transmit the virus. So who are we protecting? The unjabbed either have natural immunity or understand their very high chances of surviving the illness if they do get it. If you are not jabbed, have underlying health problems, and become ill, it is your choice to risk your Own life!
    Thank you Rep. Kurka for speaking out.

    • James says:

      It will continue, and it will get worse. In the future, no one will admit to having been part of it.

  • John J Otness says:

    DOMINION rigged machines must be smashed. Or the CCP,s Grip will not be busted. The delusion that the politician unaided
    by we the people will make this right is just that …Delusion, Rep Kurka is the man for this daunting task but we all must join in
    with him. The segregation the infighting are all agenda of the infiltration of Communist China and those in our Govt that have
    sold their souls and this Republic out for Wal Mart dollars that fund the Communists and our elected .. America bess wake up fast.

  • Brandon says:

    Protect the Protected, from the unprotected? LOL
    I think the liability is the masses whom took an experimental injection =/

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    It None of your business about my medical history, so stop asking you woke afraid sheep.
    And yes No shots for me or my family

    Kurka looks like the persons I’ll be voting for, because the governor we have now. Is not standing tall against all this woke bs

  • Jeff says:

    Time for Rosa Parks to not get up and move. The appropriate response would have been to walk right over and sat in the “vaccinated area”.
    That is how you stop this.

    • Michael Hughes says:

      Great idea, thank you! We should start a non-violent passive resistance movement, just like Dr Martin Luther King and Mahatma Ghandi did. Look at how successful they were.

    • nicole says:

      Agreed! God-fearing, liberty-lovers defy tyranny by refusing to accept being banished to the back of the room. Like Michael Hughes suggests, start a non-violent, passive resistance movement. Report businesses that illegally discriminate against the non-masked and non-injected, violating our God-given right to bodily autonomy and informed consent. Do NOT spend your Christmas dollars there. Instead, courageously walk in unmasked, and when they refuse to serve you, denying you EQUAL ACCESS, inform them they are the one’s breaking the law by discriminating against you based upon your medical status. Additionally, employees are illegally practicing medicine without a medical license by demanding you follow their personal medical advise (i.e. blocking your respiratory system or accepting an experimental messanger-RNA injection) without informed consent. Coercion is the use of express or implied threats of reprisal (as discharge from employment or refusal of service) that puts a person in immediate fear of the consequences in order to compel that person to act against his or her will. Any acts of pressure may constitute coercion if they’re used to subvert an individual’s free will or consent.

  • Natural Alaskan says:

    Please publish a list of those who organized this, so we can boycott their business. Thank you.

    • Michael Hughes says:

      I was going to go to Homer for Christmas but have now cancelled my reservation, also letting the owner know why.

    • nicole says:

      Over the Rainbow next to the Huffman post office refuses serve anyone not willing to obstruct their own respiratory system.

  • Michael Alexander says:

    When each of us is confronted with this type of situation, remember–You are the cavalry. It’s your duty to defy the Fauchi Covidians.

  • jon says:

    In order to see the Nutcracker at the PAC in Anchorage you had to be vaccinated or show proof of a negative pcr test! What’s the next act of obedience required for entry.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Support for kurka also must be connected to rejection of Dunleavy and whoever supports him. Do not be naive in this battle. Watch out for pacarro, Susanne Downing, Judy Eldridge, Dave Stiren, Todd smolder,etc .! Time to list their names! We can’t afford to lose again

  • Bckwds says:

    She (the owner) has no room to judge others based on their decisions….. there’s plenty of dirt on her.

  • NP Adam says:

    Dunleavy and his republican colleagues all over the country allowed this to happen. They are allowing segregation. They all become for private business when it suits them. They become “libertarian” when businesses trample on individual rights. This should have been stamped out the very second a business forced a medical procedure (pharmaceutical or non-pharmaceutical) in order to patronize their establishment. Revolutions were started on MUCH less than what is happening today.

  • Bill Elmore says:

    I would ask the question of Nutcracker organizers as to whether ALL organizers, actors, and participants were or are vaxxed!

  • rational says:

    What happens if the vaxxed are more contagious than the non-vaxxed? I am against regimentation, but the non-vaxxed should think this out!

  • Mark says:

    I think it is a blessing in disguise! What these Segregationists have done is to protect the unvaxxed from the disease spreading vaxxed. The foolishness of the Pro-Jab crowd is going to become clearer over time. The mental problems manifesting in vaxxed people is now becoming a known side effect around the World, of course you won’t see this on MSM sites. It’s still good to confront the Segregationists and fight their blatant discrimination and hypocrisy at every turn!

  • Kendall says:

    New term: VAIDS= Vaccine Acquired Immune
    Deficiency Syndrome. Exactly what it says, injecting AIDS into you to lower your immune system so the spike protein can survive by lowering, destroying your Natural immune system! You should research better!

  • Sky says:

    Stay out of Homer period.So many restaurants there are requiring the vax,like Fat Olive’s.Ban those restaurants let them feel the hit.

    • Elizabeth Henry says:

      That must have just started. My husband was working in Homer a couple weeks ago and ate at Fat Olive with a friend. They were never asked whether they were vaccinated nor did they wear masks. Is it possible the segregated Nutcracker event was the school’s doing, and not Homer in general? To be fair.

  • Bckwds says:

    The nutcracker event is put together by a local lady in the town, not the school from what I understand. I did hear people are going nuts about requiring vaccinations in Homer. Not surprised, many there like to feel like they are superior to everyone else. Not the friendliest town.

  • jon says:

    The vaccinated have the right not to be exposed to the unvaccinated. The unvaccinated could have been forbidden to go. I wouldn’t go if I had to sit with unvaccinated people.