The effort to remove three far-left Palmer City Council members has continued throughout the holidays with volunteers still gathering needed signatures to place Sabrena Combs, Brian Daniels and Jill Valerius on the ballot for a recall vote.

From left, Palmer City Council Members Sabrena Combs, Brian Daniels and Jill Valerius are all subjects of a recall effort.

“The gathering of signatures is going great!” recall organizer Cindy Hudgins reported on Dec. 28. “We have over 200 at this point, but we’ll keep gathering until I have to turn them in on January 11th. We want everyone to know what’s been going on so they know we will have an election coming up.”

Recall petitioners have until Jan. 11, 2022, to gather at least 169 verified signatures from qualified City of Palmer voters in order to put the recall question to a vote. Since a certain percentage of signatures are typically thrown for technical reasons, Hudgins said she is hoping to amass at least 300 or more to ensure the recall effort is successful.

Council members targeted in the recall were the focus of a city-initiated investigation earlier this year, which found that they likely violated Alaska law prohibiting elected officials from meeting in quorum to privately discuss matters they are empowered to act on.

Combs, Daniels and Valerius, along with former Councilwoman Julie Berberich, were part of a private Facebook group – Mat-Su Moms for Social Justice. The leftist organization advocates for political and social issues such as critical race theory, community oversight of police, mask mandates, Black Lives Matter protest marches and other causes.

According to the city financed investigation, conducted by attorney Scott Brandt-Erichsen the council members in question engaged in behavior that raised “serious concerns.”

One instance in particular was most troubling, according to Brandt-Erichsen. In late October 2020 there was a Facebook thread about a proposed mask mandate being pushed by the four council members. The full city council later took the issue up at a Nov. 8 meeting which generated considerable public opposition and was ultimately rejected after multiple nights of extended and passionate public outcry.

Brandt-Erichsen concluded that a court would likely find that the council members’ private discourse in a closed Facebook group was a violation of Alaska’s Open Meetings Act, and a failure to perform their duties of office.

The wording of all three recall petitions is nearly identical, stating that from “October 13, 2020, to mid-Summer 2021, a quorum of Palmer City Council knowingly engaged in discussions relating to future council business, meant for deliberation at future council meetings, in a closed Facebook group with partiality. Council members Brian Daniels, Sabrena Combs, Jill Valerius, and Julie Berberich engaged in meetings or serial discussions, and according to a legal review were found to have violated OMA on at least one occasion.”

The petitions add that the council members participated in “numerous discussions relating to council business” and lists the number of discussions for each person.


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Signatures mount in push to recall Palmer City Council members

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Neil DeWitt says:

    I think these three people knew they were wrong and did it anyway. There shouldn’t even be a vote on what they did. They should of been heavily funded and maybe jail time!

  • DoneWithIt says:

    Time to get the Freak shows out of politics.
    They have values contrary to our community – they take advantage of people’s complacency – they have a zeal for authoritarian policies and tendencies.
    This Covid Crazy madness will not end until those propagating it fear being tossed out of public office for all of the nonsense.
    Teen suicide, teen depression, teen overdoses, and teen functional illiteracy are all increasing exponentially.
    The denial of early therapeutics, the obvious overt influence of BigPharma, and the Deep State attempting to take advantage of this situation REQUIRES Nuremburg type trials – I am dead serious.
    This is CLASSIC Mass Hysteria – wake up Sheeple!
    Ak Pure Blood – for life.

  • Larry Wood says:

    There is no doubt about it, communism is alive and well with these 3. They think people are stupid, that they will not find them out as to their real agenda. Mat-Su Mothers for Justice is a BLM front, one of many established across the U.S. to promote BLM’s goals. One of which is to end the traditional family. To get elected, they use “progressive” to describe themselves. One thing about communists that is consistent, they lie. That’s all they do is lie. Good on those involved in the recall effort. We need to remove the communists from our government offices, teaching staff, school boards, city councils and borough assemblies. They are not interested in improving, but in destroying this great country. My suggestion to them is to move to Canada.

  • Me says:

    It’s wild to finally see people who look normal in political positions instead of pale thumb shaped men with combovers. Good for them!

  • kris spencer says:

    One comment on here stated “they take advantage of the people’s complacency.” Uh…hellooo! Hardly anyone votes in Palmer. Makes me so mad that people do not consider local politics important…then freak out when mandates appear. Yes, republican and conservative voters were sleeping. That’s how Anchorage got the nasty mess they’re dealing with now on the Assembly. If you don’t want it in Palmer…YOU BETTER VOTE and bring your family and friends.

  • Craig says:

    Yes, because how they look and not what they do is really all that matters, right? Please leave Palmer.

  • jh says:

    Time to destroy our enemies who destroy America!!!