Many Alaskans are reeling as they witness the vicious character attacks by a large cohort of physicians against their own peers.

In November 2021 Alaska Covid Alliance hosted a well-attended early Covid-19 treatment conference, which was widely panned as “anti-vaccine.”  Later a group of rabidly mainstream physicians filed numerous complaints to the Alaska State Medical Board claiming that “misinformation” was killing COVID patients.

Two of the main complainants are Drs. Merijeanne Moore, DO (psychiatrist) and Leslie Gonsette, MD (hospitalist).  Their complaints claim “First the virus was the cause of many unfortunate deaths, now MISINFORMATION is,” and they claim, “Parts of the conference … misrepresented the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccines and the recommended courses of treatment.”  Neither of these assertions offers any supporting evidence. A third attack was provided by Anchorage Doctor Javid Kamali, MD (intensivist) on his personal blog site, which states, “The decisions people make based on this confusing bundle of messages directly influence the number of the patients coming to the ICU.” Kamali is one of the 140 additional healthcare practitioners who signed Moore’s letter.  The notion that “misinformation” kills people is plainly absurd.

There is a conversation going on which the mainstream doctors simply refuse to engage.

Since then, Alaska Covid Alliance sent letters and gift bags with candy and Christmas cards to each of the doctors who signed Moore’s complaint. Now, with the help of the Anchorage Daily News, the same doctors are playing the victim card by alleging that the gifts are a form of “stalking” and “harassment,” both of which are crimes under Alaska Statutes and Anchorage Municipal Code.

Let’s lay this bare for a second. A group of alternative-minded physicians gathered to discuss ideas on how to prevent Covid hospitalization using early treatment techniques. It was an open forum, and all doctors were cordially invited to join – even those who disagree. Most mainstream types refused to attend, and instead organized a professional coup d’etat by attempting to have the alternative-minded doctors’ licenses revoked. That’s a very real, serious attack by one group of doctors against another.

When the alternative-minded physicians parlayed this attack with a personalized offer for dialogue, the mainstream physicians turned to the Anchorage Daily News, and complained to the Anchorage Police Department in an attempt to suggest that the Covid Alliance doctors were guilty of a criminal offense: “stalking.” Who is attacking who here? 

There is a conversation going on which the mainstream doctors simply refuse to engage. Despite their extensive training in the scientific method, clinical and laboratory practices, and research, they are threatened by alternative ideas. Rather than defeat those ideas based on arguments, these doctors, led by Dr. Moore, engaged in what looks like an organized conspiracy to destroy the careers of dissident doctors. There is nothing intellectual, scientific, or respectable about such behavior. Nor is there any benefit to society when the scientific and medical community devolves into character assassination.

These actions might also be explained by the psychological process called the Semmelweis Reflex.

By Kamali’s own admission his patients, “once intubated,” are as likely to survive as “a coin toss.”  Out of one side of their mouths, they cry out to governmental powers for help, but out of the other side they attack out-patient doctors who might help them defeat Covid by keeping more people out of the hospital. Neither action does anything to increase their patients’ survival rates. Why are these doctors doing this?

This behavior resembles a well-documented tactic used by Communist dictatorships the world over: Political Abuse in Psychiatry.  While Moore, Gonsette, and Kamali have yet to imply that their counterparts are mentally ill, they have actively sought state-sanctioned punishments and use of mass media which effectively defames the alternative-minded doctors. Asking the State Medical Board to intervene, for example, could have ruined these doctor’s careers. Likewise, claiming to the Anchorage Police Department that the gift packages were akin to “stalking,” suggests that the alternative minded doctors might need to be fined, given community service or even be incarcerated.

Fortunately, the allegations did not meet the legal standards that merit punitive action by the State Medical Board or the police. Still, that didn’t stop the Anchorage Daily News from amplifying the witch hunt to the detriment of the alternative-minded doctors.

These actions might also be explained by the psychological process called the Semmelweis Reflex – the “behavioral tendency to stick to preexisting beliefs and to reject fresh ideas that contradict them (despite adequate evidence).”

In 1847, a Hungarian doctor named Ignaz Semmelweis discovered that when doctors disinfected their hands, fewer people died of horrific infections. While running a maternity ward, he instructed doctors in one part of the ward to disinfect prior to performing pelvic palpitations on child-bearing women. He allowed the other side of the ward to continue running back and forth between the cadaver lab and the labor beds. The incidence of Puerperal Fever (a highly deadly form of uterine infection) nearly disappeared in his “clean hands” cohort. Semmelweis reported his findings at several medical conferences and was so heavily ridiculed as a quack by his peers that he was eventually evicted from his hospital position, rendered jobless by his medical establishment peers, and died suspiciously in a mental institution.

It took 50 years before the medical establishment accepted hand-washing practices, a concept that was popularized by John Lister (the father of modern surgery). That’s right. Fifty additional years of dead women resulted from one incident of mass psychosis. Looks like the Semmelweis Reflex is back with a vengeance here in Anchorage, no?

At best, Moore and her colleagues are producing a dangerous distrust in the medical establishment. At worst, their actions take the tyranny of Covid-19 policies to new and darker depths – one in which scientific discourse can no longer occur – and this is to the detriment of us all.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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Closed-minded Alaska docs wage character attacks on colleagues

Donna Celia
Donna Celia is a wife and mother of two in Anchorage. While politically active in city politics, she is not formally affiliated with Alaska Covid Alliance and did not participate in the delivery of packages to Anchorage physicians.


  • Jen says:

    Patterned Abusers from blaming the other to minimizing their own fault is an abuser charateristic. The only thing the hurt person can do is ghost their abuser and quietly move on with minimal contact you can control. The chocolate samaritans will have to quietly humbly let it go and try not to have anymore abusers

  • Jen says:

    Patterned Abusers from blaming the other to minimizing their own fault is an abuser charateristic. The only thing the hurt person can do is ghost their abuser and quietly move on with minimal contact you can control. The chocolate samaritans will have to quietly humbly let it go and try not to have anymore encounters with abusers. They mishandle conflicts with very understanding to others.

    • Cindy says:

      In today’s world can’t those helpful police go into the homes of these mainstream doctors and confiscate the stockpiles of ivermectin they have purchased in the event that they or their loved ones get Covid. Then it could be redistributed to all their patients that are dying while knowingly being denied life saving treatment.

  • Jen says:

    Patterned Abusers from blaming the other to minimizing their own fault is an abuser charateristic. The only thing the hurt person can do is ghost their abuser and quietly move on with minimal contact you can control. The chocolate samaritans will have to quietly humbly let it go and try not to have anymore encounters with abusers. They mishandle conflicts with very little understanding to others.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    What don’t they get, how stupid!
    You get the fake vaccine shot.
    Yes you can still get covid and yes you can spread covid to others.
    Yes true story, a freind she got the shot because of her elderly mother living with her. She got the covid even though she had the fake vaccine shot. Then her mother got covid and died, So Sad.
    Shut up, you woke want to be doctors

  • jh says:

    Ventilators put a lot of pressure and a lot of air flow through the lungs, necessary to keep up the oxygen levels, but obviously also spreading the coronavirus throughout every possible area of the lungs.

  • JC says:

    Thank you Mrs. Celia for a well written and truthful assessment of the situation.

  • jh says:

    Dr. Merijeanne Moore is a psychiatrist
    Leslie Gonsette has a 1 Star health grade- per
    Doctor Javid Kamali – no health grades found??????

    • NP Adam says:

      well, the one rating was probably not from a patient.
      “Ruthless doctor in name only who I would not trust to treat a rabid fox, let alone a human being. Anti-real science practitioner who refuses to treat COVID patients with proven early treatment remedies. She currently spearheads a witch-hunt against compassionate doctors with a proven track record of saving covid patients while patients at the hospital under her watch needlessly die.” Not saying it’s not warranted or deserved, but still 🙂

  • jh says:

    Court view Alaska is a good source of information

  • jh says:

    I would like for Dr. Merijeanne Moore, Leslie Gonsette, and Doctor Javid Kamali debate the following renowned, highly educated and highly respected doctors about the XI Virus/ Covid Wu Flu – and the importance of early treatment.
    **Maybe they will get another gift basket! :–)
    Dr. Robert Malone — the inventor of the mRNA vaccine platform — on the difference between traditional vaccines and the ‘vaccines’ mandated by various governments. Dr. Malone discusses the scientific data regarding the negative effects of these COVID vaccines, and how questions about vaccines or discussion of therapeutics are suppressed online and by government agencies like the WHO, CDC, the NIH and others – while simultaneously suppressing the effective treatments that have been proven to help alleviate COVID symptoms:
    Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche — PHD in virology – Certified Expert in microbiology and infectious diseases with a long-standing career in human vaccinology, explains the science of vaccines, viruses, and concerns regarding mass vaccinations during a pandemic. We also discuss the concern surrounding spike proteins and potential side effects:
    Dr. Tess Lawrie – Director of Evidence Based Medicine Consultancy in the UK; Consultant to the WHO and the National Health Service, and Co-Founder of the BiRD Group on the effectiveness of ivermectin. Dr. Lawrie exposes her conversation with Dr. Andrew Hill of the WHO who modified his position on ivermectin for a sponsor, as opposed to basing a decision on the actual medical data that Dr. Lawrie and her team had analyzed and organized. This was Dr. Lawrie’s first U.S. interview and the exclusive airing of her recorded call with Dr. Hill:
    Dr. Scott Atlas — Robert Wesson Senior Fellow in health care policy at the Hoover Institution – and Special Advisor to President Trump as a member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force. Dr. Atlas discusses the failed leadership from some of the government bureaucrats like Dr. Birx and Dr. Fauci during his time advising President Trump, and the failures and overreach during the current Biden administration:

  • AH says:

    When medical providers refuse to accept or listen to alternative treatments that may help, instead clinging to the narrative that is so heavily corrupted then they are no longer legitimate medical providers. Instead they are proponents of the government propaganda machine.

  • JaneinAlaska says:

    This is why people will never trust the medical establishment again. Since when is robust debate not allowed in scientific circles? Remember, the medical establishment once recommended smoking to cure asthma, and bleeding patients to release the “ill humors” Thank God for those who went against the status quo.

  • Me says:

    ‘Rabidly mainstream’ ????

    • Donna Celia says:

      Yes, people who are so mainstream that they consider those who are not mainstream fodder for their vicious, biting attacks. Just like a raccoon with rabies. Hence: “rabidly mainstream.”

  • Meister says:

    I would love to believe that we can chalk this terrible and unprofessional behavior to a syndrome. There is definitely a deep divide; however, the actions of these mainstream doctors have taken a very sinister turn as they continue to push for zero early, and effective, treatment for suffering patients.

  • Anyone says:

    Most practitioners who have relied on the alphabet organizations like AMA and CDC think they are trustworthy organizations, They feel
    they must go by their rules instead of their own common sense, because that’s what they are told to do. My doc took HCQ every day when C 19 first happened, because he knew what it did and that it worked even as a preventative measure, but as soon as those crooked alphabet agencies banned it, he
    believed the BS. How sad it will be when he finds out he’s been lied to all these years by corporations who don’t care about his patients.

  • jh says:

    Court view Alaska- check “the last one out”

  • jh says:

    Take the covid CLOT shot? Waiting 75 years to know if the clot shot is safe???
    Are people that f—ing STUPID?????????????

  • Ed Barno says:

    “Father forgive them, for they know not what they are doing.” Or do they?

  • Dave Cuddy says:

    Its time we had a “Lincoln/Douglass” debate on this issue…we are being divided as Alaskans…and that’s not good. If the Docs on the Alaska Medical Board think the “anti vax” crowd is wrong, and want to remove licenses, let them stand in town square and defend their position in a debate. I suggest we invite them to take the affirmative position on the resolution “Resolved, that America mandate the vaccine to all occupants.” Both sides would have to present their science and data to back up their positions. IF they won’t debate, then the matter is settled…no removal of licenses.

    • Libbey Jake says:

      That would require someone on the Alaska Medical Board to have courage. They do not, though I would happily put on the event and livestream it to the public for the true service it would be.

  • david Boyle says:

    Donna Celia, thank you so much for an astute take on what has happened to those doctors who support successively the Early Treatment of covid patients. BTW, why doesn’t the State of Alaska have on its covid data bank the success rates of hospitals treating covid patients? Dr. Farr has stated she has treated more than 700 covid patients with appropriate early treatment and only one patient has not survived due to untimely ivermectin delivery.

    • Donna Celia says:

      Good question, David! I think that could potentially be analyzed using DHSS data tables. I have worked with those tables and they are quite difficult to work with. I have also submitted one FOIA request to DHSS, which they refused to fill because, in their words “it would take too long to do the research to answer your question.” I could sue them for that, but they correctly bet that I do not have the $$$. I also do not have the patience… though I do have the skill… to conduct that research. Someone definitely should!

  • NP Adam says:

    I would love to see a list on local providers that are administering early treatment. I would trust seeing them for all of my aliments going forward.

    • AKElsa says:

      Me too! But given the current persecution of such providers, I doubt they would want to advertise their position like that.

  • Greg in Homer says:

    I would love to see a complete list of names of the doctors that participated in this attack on their peers. We were told this toxic action was started by Drs. Merijeanne Moore, Leslie Gonsette, and Javid Kamali, but that other physicians have signed on to the original complaint. If a complete list of physicians was made available, it would be a list of physicians that we could boycott. I know that I would not support these traitors under any circumstances. It would be nice if these physicians lost patients and revenue due to these inappropriate actions.

  • AKElsa says:

    The sad outcome of all this nonsense is that now no sane persons trust the medical community and have the need to question everything. Most of us are not professional scientists or doctors, and would rather rely on the advice of those who are, but they as a group have shown themselves untrustworthy and now we can only rely on common sense. It’s a sad day for science really.

  • Sharon says:

    Even medical doctors are trying to remove a patient’s right to choose what treatment they prefer. I don’t trust the doctors that are going after the doctors that are using early treatment. One size does not fit all! Some of us can’t chance these vaccines so our options are to die?

  • jh says:

    WHY does the government and public health officials around the world have put little to no emphasis on outpatient treatments in their efforts to fight the COVID-19 virus, (to save people’s lives) instead promoting a massive effort on vaccines??????
    There is zero effort, interest, promotion, or care about early treatment for people who are sick with COVID-19
    Maybe people will take the EXPERIMENTAL geno covid clot shot when FDA RELEASES the data about the SAFETY of the clot shot. People are starting to get the theme here…….
    Well, the Front-line Doctors are fixing the problem, they are opening their own CLINICS and their own PHARMACIES!!!! (Maybe they will open up surgery centers as well!!!)
    :–) :–) :–)
    Let’s put the doctors out of business, who REFUSED to treat early covid symptoms and let patients die!!
    What goes around comes around, doesn’t it?

  • jh says:
    America’s Frontline Doctors (AFLDS) is planning to open its own clinics and is inviting medical staff and pharmacists to join.
    Most doctors now belong to a corporate group practice or a large medical center faculty group practice. The doctors must obey the corporate rules to keep their jobs & get their year-end bonuses. (A doctor (pre-1960s) was intellectually curious & capable of independent thought. This is no longer).
    When hospitals are financially rewarded by government for a covid DEATH (MURDER) instead of a covid LIFE saved, we are spiraling away without liberties – THIS IS A VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS!
    Because of Government intrusion of our health care with Obamacare, most MORALLY highly educated, highly qualified doctors have retired or LEFT the medical profession.
    If a doctor denies you early treatment for covid that saves lives and tells you to isolate at home until you are turning blue – only people too stupid to live, would continue to trust them.
    Find a doctor who has a private practice and ask him/her if they treat early covid symptoms.
    The FDA, CDC, NIH and the AMA are all LEFTISTS, working for themselves and their masters, and clearly NOT for their patients and our citizens regarding the COVID PLAN DEMIC.
    The flow of government research grant money is controlled by Collins (NIH), Fauci (NIAID) and others like them. Our professors can’t speak out for fear of losing their grant money (which pays their salaries). The lower-level academic doctors, right down to the resident who sees you in the Med School Emergency room, are on salary from these big institutions and FEAR for their livelihood if they don’t OBEY the company rules. The same corruption of money and influence leaks down to the big, so-called “independent” PRACTICE GROUPS who employ most physicians today.
    Nurses have union representation and can’t be fired just for speaking the truth.
    Physicians have only the American Medical Association that is legally forbidden to represent physicians like a union.
    Physicians are coerced to obey the leftist government, a very “progressive” LEFTIST leadership.
    There are many doctors who would speak out if they didn’t fear for their livelihood, their medical license and, in many cases, their ability to pay off all the medical school debt they incurred in their average 13 years of education beyond high school!
    It is disgusting to see some doctors knowingly towing the line to “protect” their financial interests – refuse to treat early covid symptoms.
    The “Covid Plan demic” has exposed the CORRUPTION in our medical system, that use to be the best in the world.
    America must stop the leftists’ corporate overlords that control doctors, controls medicine and controls our free speech.

  • Gunter Thompson says:

    Science abides with reality, not political squabbling between professional and rogue doctors. Here’s the scientific takeaway message: vaccines aren’t perfect, but they are 20 times better than no vaccine.

    • jh says:

      Treatment first!!!!! Then vaccines!!!
      You will not know about the safety of the geno (gene) mNRA vaccine, from FDA for 75 years! You will be dead by then! There is no liability!!!
      Wait for a safer vaccine like the Novavax vaccine. It seems to be alot safer. It is made more like our traditional vaccines, like the flu shot!!!!
      Find a doctor in private practice who will treat early covid symptom so you do not die!

    • jh says:

      You will have to wait 75 years to know if the covid 19 vaccine is safe!!!! Manufactures have no liability!! VERY VERY SCARY!!!
      Yes, a covid vaccine is important, only if they are made like our traditional vaccines, like the flu vaccine.
      The covid vaccine we have now, is a gene therapy vaccine- scary vaccine!!!
      Wait for a safer vaccine like the novavax vaccine.

  • Samadams says:

    What I don’t understand is why these docs are so rabidly opposed to the alternative treatments like hcq ivermectin, etc? These medicines have been around for decades and won’t do any harm even if they don’t help with covid (which they do.) And these docs don’t have any answers except “Come back when you can’t breathe and we’ll put you on a ventilator.” So really, why be so angry and go after the alternative treatments at all?

    • Dee Cee says:

      I’ll give an answer, which is my interpretation and opinion. On an individual basis, the doctors and nurses in the hospital are deeply aware of the helplessness they feel. But there’s also an extreme competitiveness that drives them to succeed, something that has been trained into them (how else would they survive Med school and residency). Finally, there is the constant fear of making a mistake or being wrong. This produces a deadly combination because they are caught between a rock and a hard place: the in-patient doctor knows his obligation is to the patient, but the tools/techniques he is allowed to apply to covid are dictated to him by the hospital administration. If he rebels against the administration on his patients behalf, he will be attacked himself, with huge threats like malpractice lawsuits and revocation of his own license. So before a doctor can even ponder alternatives, he must first break free of insurance dictats, malpractice law suit risks, professional esteem, and his own hubris. This is almost impossible for anyone to do. So, the alternative, which is quite easy, is to join the mob. You have to lose everything before you can be free.

  • CD says:

    Having been a patient in the medical establishment for a number of years because they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me I have seen the corruption. It is not an easy answer. There are doctors stuck in the middle because they are only doing what they are taught and then there are those who are doing it for greed and there are those who got out and started their own practice or sought alternative therapies because they were tired of their patients not getting better.
    Also, we have had “doctors” that have no trouble killing in our hospitals even before Covid. There was a case brought to Court by the American Center for Law and Justice where a nurse had been coerced into an abortion procedure at the hospital she was working. I remember a former nurse from Providence Hospital telling me that in the 70’s she saw procedures done on patients that did not need to be performed. In re: to vaccinations the abuse has been rampant for years. Look up Dr. Andy Wakefield at the abuse he has suffered just because he wouldn’t recant that the MMR vaccine (at that time) may be linked to autism. They found measles in the blood of the children who were having terrible symptoms. He said that all he recommended was to separate out the vaccine. They did it for 6 months and then came back and told parents, “Nope, you got to get all 3 in one or none.”

  • Tsamacuus says:

    Great article! So there is 140 communist doctors that signed this letter I would like to know where everyone can find that list of those doctors who have the audacity to sign such a letter to attack doctors who are simply trying to help people! We need to know who these people are!

  • jh says:

    The Blaze News:
    A Female COVID-19 patient (a nurse) in England was in critical condition with covid. She was given an experimental drug Pfizer’s Viagra — and she wakes from month-long coma to go home on Christmas Eve.
    Viagra helped open her blood vessels, allowing her body to increase oxygen flow.

  • jh says:

    Covid Booster in the Morning, Covid Booster in the Evening, Covid Booster at Suppertime, gimme that lil booster,
    I’ll Booster all the time!

  • jh says:

    If you have been exposed to Covid:
    Monoclonal antibody treatments are available in Alaska. The treatment must be delivered PRIOR to the occurrence of SEVERE illness. This treatment is available to all eligible people, regardless of vaccination status, who have been exposed to someone with COVID19. Regeneron (monoclonal antibody treatment) can give you temporary immunity to decrease your odds of catching the infection by over 80%.
    High-risk patients should get treatment as quickly as possible after testing positive for COVID- 19.
    Monoclonal Site in Anchorage:
    Covid Treatment Center 1000 E. 36th Ave, Anchorage AK
    Office 907-227-2231
    No prescription needed but call them first before going there.
    Hours: 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m

  • jh says:

    AND Joe and the Ho’s NEED TO GO!!!!

  • Bob says:

    Follow the money – always. Big COVID money in the hospitals. Conviction follows self-interest.

  • jh says:

    No person should ever be coerced to engage in an unwanted medical procedure and the government violated this basic liberty right by mandating the Covid-19 vaccine.
    The government also wants to hide covid-19 data by waiting to fully produce safety data to license this product, until almost every American alive today is dead.
    That form of governance is destructive to liberty and destructive to freedom in our democratic society called “AMERICA”