On Jan. 5, Dr. Richard Wein, chairman of the Alaska State Medical Board, told the Sitka School Board that it’s mandatory masking policy is “nonsense” because nearly every mask used in area schools do not actually work to stop the spread of Covid.

Click the above image to watch Dr. Richard Wein’s Jan. 5 public comments to the Sitka School Board.

Dr. Wein also recounted a Jan. 4 meeting he had with Alaska’s chief epidemiologist, Dr. Joe McLaughlin, in which he said McLaughlin mentioned that cloth masks provide no benefit against viruses.

Here’s what Dr. Wein told Sitka School Board members:

“Doctor Joe McLaughlin . . .  mentioned that masks are about filtration and the only mask out there that does filtration is the N95, and that mask has to be fit tested and you have to be taught to be able to use it. So, if you really want to have a mitigation, you need to teach the staff and the students how to use their masks. It’s not just a well-fitting mask. There are specific guidelines on how masks actually fit and how they work. It’s filtration and N95s are the only ones that that are able to do it. The bottom line is Joe McLaughlin said it’s filtration, it’s N95, cloth doesn’t work. The surgical masks that I’m seeing here are poorly fitting masks. They will not work, and I think that if you’re looking for an authoritative notion, Joe McLaughlin says it doesn’t work. If you want to do it here it’s over with the masks. They do not work. You see the spikes. It won’t affect Omicron. It won’t affect the viruses.”

Dr. Wein urged the school board to accept the facts, adding that he would gladly speak with the members in order to convince them that mandatory school masking was not the right approach.

Earlier in the meeting, School Board Member Andrew Hames, speaking about Covid mitigation policies said, “I don’t know what normal looks like.”

Dr. Wein offered this response.

“You know what normal looks like? A smile, and these things can be removed without any effect on mitigation,” he said. “And each one of you do not have an appropriate mask on, and none of the students do, because they’re not being taught.”

Dr. Wein urged the board to be true educators and teach students how to “analyze data and then come up with reasonable decisions.”

“Stop this nonsense,” he concluded. “Make it voluntary and I think everyone will be much happier. And then you may see a few more smiles around the school, because the kids definitely don’t know how to use masks.”

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School mask mandates are ‘nonsense’ says Alaska State Medical Board chair

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • kris spencer says:

    It seems like masks have more to do with teaching children to obey authority and that authority is the school = gov’t. To teach children to be in fear of authority…because of what might happen to them if they remove the mask…discipline etc. And to get children comfortable with wearing them. This is, in fact, child abuse. Don’t see why more parents don’t pull their kids out of school and ban together to start homeschools.

    • Sharon Alice Turner says:

      Now here this! ALL of the edicts of the past 2+ years is to control “We” the masses. Right out of the Stalin, Mao playbooks. Sadly Godless and fearful people oh so easy to ‘brainwash’ ! Stop it! Fact smallest bacteria are 1000 times bigger. as in bigger that your average virus. Even the vaunted M 95 masks only repel a small % of Viruses” Even your famous Providence staff knows this and much more about “Ivermectin, Monoclonal antibodies and good ole’ Hydroxychloroquine’ used safely for 6 decades. Ask yourselves why Nigerians have fewer problems with C-19?

  • Dave says:

    If you want more proof Dr. Wein is correct, check out Delta Greely School District. Delta Junction, AK. We have been in school full time almost the entire “pandemic” and have never instituted a mask mandate. We have had cases, but not enough to shut us down and not long enough for the kids to get caught up or work online from home. Our model has been a great on without fear and mandates!

  • Alexander Dolitsky says:

    I’m sure COVID will be here to stay, always in slightly different manifestations. But another thing that will never end is the Declarations of State of Emergency all over the globe by countries with politicians that use them for increasing authoritarian control. The Biden administration is only a hair away from requiring full “vaccination” probably including boosters for even domestic air travel in the U.S. Soon there will be enormous pressure and mandates to get another new booster every 6 months–all under experimental, Emergency Use Authorization. Meanwhile, Fauci, who funded the “gain of function” research that created this disaster at the Wuhan lab in China, is idolized by Democrats and the Left as their potential savior. More Orwellian dystopia. Where is it all headed?

  • Opus says:

    God bless this man. Rational, thinking minds are hard to find these days.

  • Greg in Homer says:

    Those that have had training in the PPE required to safely handle and clean up hazardous materials recognized this long ago. Trying to stop a virus with a cloth mask is like trying to stop a mosquito with a chain-link fence. It just isn’t going to work. Face masks were a simple ruse used early in the pandemic as an excuse to let people leave lockdown. They were used to pacify the ignorant and those on the left, but I repeat myself. The DANMASK-19 Danish face mask study (Google it) proved early on that facemasks don’t work for Covid-19. It is time for Alaska to return to sanity from the mass delusion that we have been under for the past 2 years.

  • Kevin Burkhart says:


    Im Canadian but can I please have your help by asking you to sign and share this petition I made for my 6 year daughter and her class mates to stop being forced by our government to wear masks??

    If we win this battle its a worthy victory. I need youe help

    If you are concerned with the brutal and ill-advised decision by Alberta Education to have all school boards in the province mandate our littlest ones to mask their face despite warnings by the WHO, UNICEF and many emerging studies as to the harm this mistreatment causes, and all the clear evidence of their ineffectiveness, please sign and share my letter to Alberta Education, Minister of Health, and Chief Medical Officer of Alberta who are responsible for this

  • Dee Cee says:

    Guarantee he won’t be the chairman of that board much longer! Good for him for speaking out. Bad that he’s going to go down because of it. Bad for all of us.

  • Christie Bentz says:

    Funny didn’t he have some nefarious issues in Sitka.. which led to the end his practice.. He is a joke

    • Deborah says:

      Everything I’ve seen shows that he is still in practice in Sitka. Are you trying to falsely malign this man?

      • Brandon says:

        As a Sitkan, who has worked at both hospitals he’s worked at in town when they told him he can no longer work for them, I can tell you that he’s not currently employed as a physician in town…

  • Deborah says:

    Here’s proof that your mask isn’t working. Spray a little bear spray and see if it gets inside your mask. I guarantee it will! The virus is soooo much smaller that pepper particles!

  • jh says:

    The board who hunted down the doctors who prescribe Human Ivermectin…..

  • jh says:

    We need to keep fighting until the radical leftist democratic party, the house of cards come tumbling down.

  • jh says:

    Michigan State University won’t allow for in-person learning until the final day of January, but at the same time the school had no problem opening the school’s arena for nearly 15,000 screaming fans to attend every Spartans’ home basketball game this month.
    This is the funniest article about Covid!!! It is beyond HILARIOUS!
    Make sure the article is from Red State
    A Canadian COVID Hysteric Goes to Florida and Absolute Hilarity Ensues