There is a growing movement to suppress parental concerns across our nation, especially for those who advocate for their children’s educational wellbeing. Anyone who follows the national media can see this unfolding trend.

Last year, the National School Boards Association wrote a letter to the White House, requesting that the father of a girl who was allegedly sexually assaulted by another student in a Virginia school district be deemed a “domestic terrorist” after the father was arrested during a public comment period at a school board meeting.

Richard Robinson, a school board member from rural Pennsylvania, wrote a piece for the York Dispatch titled “With all due respect… I do not work for you.” Specifically addressed to parents, Robinson characterized them as “bullies” who do not know what’s best for their kids.

These attacks on the parents of this nation’s children are unconscionable and growing. It is a dangerous path for our Republic to move down. We can see some of what is occurring across our nation appearing in school districts across Alaska.

Adolf Hitler once stated: “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” Likewise, Vladimir Ilyich Lenin stated, “Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.” Even these two ideologically opposed leaders saw the value in controlling the education of their respective nation’s children.

Alaskan parents need to understand that they are in control of their children’s educational wellbeing. Alaska has a thriving homeschool community and many communities have access to charter and private schools. The State of Alaska specifically recognizes the importance of parental rights in state statute (Sec.14.03.016), which affirms: “A parent’s right to direct the education of the parent’s child.” Within the body of that law, the state recognizes “the authority of a parent and allowing a parent to object to and withdraw the child from an activity, class, or program.”

Parents have tremendous power to influence their child’s education. Knowledge of this state statute, and exercising it in their child’s classroom, gives parents an enormous amount of control over their child’s educational experience.

The best and most powerful advocates for the children of Alaska are their first and most important teachers – parents.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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Alaskan parents must recognize and exercise their parental rights in education

Thomas Bergey
Thomas Bergey is a member of the Mat-Su Borough School Board.


  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    Amen. Thank you Joel for keeping our parental rights in the forefront. We are blessed in our state to have complete autonomy with the education of our children. So many parents are unaware of this, as well as even many working in all levels of our public school system.

  • John J Otness says:

    This is so true but sadly there are no standing for the rights of the child injected with MRNA, Methodical removal of the immune system
    is genocide and starkly that is where we are. Prayers for the tricked and pricked.

  • Jen says:

    The enemy knows the word very well to know the scripture train up a child a way and they will not depart from it. At least for MOST children. Read your bible. Its got everthing for good parenting lessons.

    • Terry Tiree says:

      But please keep the Bible out of public schools.

      • SL says:

        Maybe if the Bible were allowed in public schools, public school students wouldn’t be in the position they are in. If the public school system had any backbone and showed any sort of moral compass or value system, public school students, and thus families, would be better off.

      • Warren says:

        That is what is wrong with our society, the Bible is not in public schools

      • Put that Apple Down Woman says:

        Ah, the voice of evil speaks.

  • jh says:

    I support religious education and practice in our homes and places of worship.
    They teach our children morals and good character.
    Without religious education the following happens:
    • Very poor Academic achievement and very poor SAT scores
    • Increased rate of out-of-wedlock births
    • Increase in illegal drug use
    • Increase in juvenile crime
    • Deterioration of school behavior

    • Terry Tiree says:

      There is no data to support your claim. You want to believe it because you love to hate that which scares you and that which you don’t understand.

  • John. J Otness says:

    A plan to protect the most innocent, Surety Bonds that are an Achilles heel.