In the wake of the heated controversy over the Palmer Chamber of Commerce’s failed attempt to rebrand the historic Palmer Colony Days celebration into “The Braided River Festival,” the Watchman has discovered one major corporate power behind this push to eradicate the word “colony,” both from the summer Colony Days and the winter Colony Christmas celebrations.

The Mat-Su Health Foundation is a growing organization that issues millions in grants each year.

It turns out that the Mat-Su Health Foundation, a powerful organization with hundreds of millions of dollars at its disposal, was intimately involved in the deliberately planned scheme to rebrand the two popular community events.

The Mat-Su Health Foundation issues millions of dollars in local grants each year. One such grant was given to the Palmer Chamber for its now abandoned rebranding project. The Chamber is tasked with organizing the 86-year-old Colony Days event that is intended to celebrate the 203 colony families who traveled by boat and train from the Midwest to establish a unique agricultural outpost in Southcentral Alaska in 1935.

In describing the Palmer Chamber grant, an internal Mat-Su Health Foundation document states that the goal was to “remedy health among Mat-Su residents by addressing racist practices that undercut health and well-being of indigenous people living in Mat-Su.”

The description regarding Palmer Chamber’s grant request also states “longstanding concerns that Mat-Su’s indigenous tribal communities and other local organizations have expressed about the City of Palmer using a highly offensive and hurtful historical term – ‘Colony’ – for its summer and winter festivals (Colony Days and Colony Christmas).

The grant was intended to help the Palmer Chamber erase “colony” from both event names. In publicly announcing the rebrand effort on March 24, however, the Palmer Chamber received massive community pushback, and eventually reversed its decision to change the names of Colony Days and Colony Christmas.

A number of prominent figures with ties to the Mat-Su Health Foundation have noted that the organization has increasingly embraced an agenda that seems more intent on advancing a leftist politics than furthering health.

Executive Director of the Palmer Chamber Ailis Vann told KTUU that the Mat-Su Health Foundation grant had been returned since the rebranding plan was formally abandoned.

The plan to alter these two community pillars appears to have been in the works since at least last summer, although it the public was largely unaware. The term “braided river” showed up last June during a quasi-religious prayer circle, just moments before the 2021 Colony Days celebration kicked off.

video, posted June 11, 2021, on the Palmer Chamber Facebook page shows current Chamber President Sam Dinges gathered in a semi-circle outside the Palmer Museum. The congregation included current Vice Chair of the Mat-Su Health Foundation Lisa Wade and several others standing around a white pole that says, “May Peace Prevail on Earth.”

The video shows Dinges reading a statement from the Palmer Chamber to the small contingent of somber faced attendees. He apologizes for the “hurtful connotations” of the word “colony,” and says “not everyone’s experience of the Palmer story is the same.”

Wade, who also serves as the Health & Social Services Director for Chickaloon Village, then proceeded to offer a blessing, both over the small assembly, and what she called “the sacred pole” around which they stood.

In their annual report for 2020, published last year, the Mat-Su Health Foundation stated the following in reference to one of its subsidiary organizations:

“In response to a global call for racial equity, R.O.C.K. Mat-Su (Raising Our Children with Kindness) deepened its commitment to developing a localized racial equity curriculum. The workshop pivoted to a virtual platform, and 32 community members trained during the pilot phase with plans underway to fully deploy in 2022. The curriculum is now called Braided Stories: Building Equitable Communities for Alaska’s Children & Families.”

The use of the term ‘braided’ is clearly interwoven in all the recent attempts by the foundation to foster a climate encouraging residents of Mat-Su to embrace the controversial concept of ‘Racial Equity’ that was one of many stated goals of the Black Lives Matter movement, who’s leaders were self-proclaimed “trained Marxists,” and whose ideology spread across the nation inciting violence, arson and rioting.

Receiving its income from a business arrangement with the Mat-Su Regional Medical Center, the area hospital, the Foundation has ballooned its assets to almost a quarter of a billion dollars by capturing 35% of corporate profits from the patients of the hospital who are subject to some of the highest fees for care in the entire country. The Foundation then redistributes a portion of its burgeoning wealth to programs that its committees deem worthy. As a growing financial juggernaut, the foundation wields tremendous power and influence on institutions that rely on grant funding to operate, or expand. With the advent of Braided Stories curricula rolling out, and its attempts to fund the erasure of the word Colonists, one thing is clear, the foundation is becoming more brazen in its approach to selectively encouraging certain ideologies.

Recently, however, a number of prominent figures with former ties to the Mat-Su Health Foundation have noted that the organization has increasingly embraced an agenda that seems more intent on advancing leftist politics than furthering health and wellness.

“I am disturbed that the Foundation’s focus on community health has increasingly shifted away from serious health issues and toward a liberal, woke agenda.”

Scott Johannes, Former Chairman of the Board

Former Mat-Su Health Foundation Board Chair and member Craig Thorn echoed these concerns, stating:

“As a former Chairman of the Board, I have watched with concern as the organization has moved toward the hard left. It seems that partnerships with local churches to assist the health and wellness of the most vulnerable have been largely sidelined, and the prior focus on broad health improvements that was the backbone of Foundation Grants and decision making has shifted dramatically toward leftist social engineering. In my opinion, spending hospital profits to move the Valley in this direction should concern everyone living in Mat-Su.”

Craig Thorn, Former Chairman of the Board

The rebranding dispute is just the latest instance of the Mat-Su Health Foundation wading into hot-button social controversies while expressing either disregard for the majority held views or disdain for their decisions and beliefs.

Earlier this year, Mat-Su Health Foundation President Elizabeth Ripley claimed the reason nearly 60% of Mat-Su residents have declined experimental Covid shots is because of irrational and emotional fixations on anti-vaccine “tribalism” regardless of the preponderance of science that has, and continues to, emerged worldwide regarding efficacy as well as the ever expanding database of adverse event side effects and deaths.

Mat-Su Health Foundation Executive Director Elizabeth Ripley

Ripley was participating in a Jan. 25 virtual conference with Alaska’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Anne Zink and Pfizer’s director of vaccinations in Alaska, Dr. Tracy Foo. Ripley lamented how difficult it was to convince Mat-Su residents to get the jab.

One of the main problems in Ripley’s estimation is that local residents share “misinformation” and refuse to get vaccinated due to “tribalism and the need to emotionally identify and belong to a group of people – it influences their thinking and filtering of information.”

With notable condescension, she asserted that Mat-Su residents’ fixation on their “emotional needs” often “trumps reason and rational thinking.”

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The real architects behind the woke agenda appearing across Mat-Su

Jake Libbey
Christian, husband, father, amateur-apologist and lover of good communication, our Publisher has invested countless hours bringing the Alaska Watchman to life. Jake is responsible for operations at the Watchman, advertising, and design of the website. In partnership with our Editor-in-Chief, the content for the articles on are a product of the passion, energy and synergy between Publisher and Editor-in-Chief.


  • Ceak says:

    These liberal companies need to back up and let Alaskans be Alaskans. We’re just as excited about our native history as we are our colonial history. Words can’t hurt you. Get over it!

    • Anonymous says:

      Ceak, words can indeed hurt. I think there are plenty of examples out there to prove that point. I am curious though, if you knew that words did indeed hurt and made those who have been oppressed for a long time in our history feel pain, would it change your mind? If it’s just words, to you, then it shouldn’t matter what the festivals are called. For others, it is a symbol of the pain and anguish that colonialism brought to them and their families. As the Judeo-Christian paper that this site proclaims to be, shouldn’t we show others the respect and love that they are deserving of? I’ll leave you with this, “Do unto others as you would have done unto you.” Hope this resonates with those of us out there that preach and practice Christian values.

      • Matt Obermiller says:

        You need to pull your empty head out of your woke ass. You are “oh, so sensitive and righteous” about innocent and harmless words while completely ignoring the devastation caused by the actions of previous holders of your ideology and agenda. Why do Alaska “natives” have such high, life long rates of unemployment and welfare dependency? Why is domestic violence and incest, sexual molestation of pre-teen and teen native girls by family members and neighbors so high? I live in between three Native groups that call themselves tribes. Ask any women in any of these groups and they will shrug and say “a native girl is lucky to reach 14 without being raped by someone she knows in our group. Usually it’s before she’s 12.” Why is drug and alcohol use so extremely high among Natives? Did “hurtful words” do that? No, wolves in sheep’s clothing, deceivers like you, who use imagined slights to signal your (non-existent) virtue did that through the laundry list of “woke” measures in years past that are bearing their rotten, destructive fruit. “Woke” people like you have done to the indigenous culture what pony soldiers and smallpox never could, almost completely destroyed it.
        It’s no man’s place to judge who is and isn’t Christian but I can tell you right now that you don’t practice anything even remotely resembling what Jesus described in scripture. Have you ever even read what Jesus said? HIS WORDS BURNED LIKE FIRE AND CUT VIRTUE SIGNALERS LIKE YOU TO THEIR CORE. Were his words “hurtful?” You better believe they were. And they swept deception like your fake concern that someone, somewhere MIGHT object to an innocuously named festival.
        Do you actually care about Natives? No, you don’t. If you did, you would take concrete steps in your life to help solve the problems ravaging them. Instead, you’re here smugly virtue signaling. Which does nothing but stroke your own ego. Cut it out.
        Here’s your bible study/devotion task from here on out: How can you tell if someone has the most important component of virtue? IF THEY PRACTICE IN THEIR OWN LIVES THE VALUES THEIR MOUTH PREACHES.

  • S says:

    Thanks Jake. We knew the real story would be found here. Glad you took the time to research the important parts and provide our communities with the truth.

    • Matt Obermiller says:

      S, you obviously know your history, thank you for weighing in on the side of truth and reality here.

  • EkimKcidrubP says:

    These Woke People (idiots) need to all get together and move them to an island all by themselves.
    Growing up I was taught the 10 commandments along with the Golden Rule among others. The one that sticks out is ” Sticks and Stones can brake my bones but Words should never hurt me “.

    • Wisdom Cries in the Streets says:

      False. Christians are indeed separate from the world. James 4:4 says “don’t you know that friendship with the world is hostility toward God? So whoever wants to be the world’s friend becomes God’s enemy.” Please do not come here and degrade the Word of God by cherry-picking verses out of context. Also, idiots not being Christian…you do know that Jesus called people names, right? Have you read the Gospels or do you only ascribe to the “love” verses? An accurate and balanced view of the scriptures requires that you accept it ALL or leave it ALL. If you follow the Jesus who said “there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for his friends” then you also follow the guy who said “ Snakes! Brood of vipers! How can you escape being condemned to hell?”

  • DoneWithIt says:

    Jake – big thx!
    This is how the Progressive Left is attempting to transform America to a neo-marxist state. The urination of “grants” from large woke business entities is the model the CIA used for 40 years to destabilize countries around the world. It’s been used in the Ukraine since 2016.
    The fact that 32 people were “trained” to apply pressure in our community to subvert our culture should be an alarm for all.
    Elizabeth Ripley, I will NEVER take one of your vaccines. The fact that you look down on the majority of your community as some sort of retrogrades is disgusting.
    A pox upon your house.
    You should fear the coming Nyremburg trials…

    • Don Francisco says:

      Why would anyone want to take an experimental drug, not once, not twice, but 4 times and no end in sight?
      There ARE effective treatments that are not dangerous or experimental. This is just one of those that have proven to be effective.
      Dr. Pierre Kory explains that ivermectin is the best tool to fight COVID-19. –
      A Distinguished Doctor, testifying before The U S Senate, Claiming Ivermectin Is A Miracle Cure – –

    • DoneWithIt says:

      Anonymous – please go get your 4th booster.

  • Steven Chappell says:

    Stop any Tax Breaks these entities receive and they will dry up and go away.

  • GJW says:

    You might need to look into the land acquisition from original veterans memorial to the MatSu Health foundation seemingly I lost the trail of money from MSB when they kicked the veterans off and had to move but land is still vacant as of now.

    • C says:

      Once again – GREAT investigative reporting! We knew there was more to the story and certainly funding. Thank you for “Following the Money” and getting us the real story! I hope this makes them famous!

  • Ruth Ewig says:

    What is happening to our country is exposed. The so-called “health organizations” are the conduits that distribute the leftist agenda all over the country. The HHS is another conduit nationwide as is the Human Rights Commission. Nut cases like Ripley dare to analyze the rest of us and put us in a “group” category. This is working against our individual rights as guaranteed by our Founding Documents. We are individuals and have many and varied reasons to avoid the vax. It is dishonest to lump us together as a group of racists or what ever the fad term is for the Marxism going on through nationwide pipelines or networks. Reading Mr. Libby’s essay it seems that money is being misused to fund this nationwide bureaucratic takeover of our rights as citizens. This is not a move by We the People but just more alligators and snakes surfacing from within the “swamp.”

  • Steve P Peterson says:

    Liberalism is a constrictor that tightens and tightens every time conservatives give an inch. Valley folks, don’t give them any more of your freedom!

    • Jeff says:

      The Liberals are trying to take everything away from us, They have ruined health care in this country, They are trying to take control of our childrens education, They are taking our money, our freedom of movement by making energy to expencive, Letting criminals run amok on our streets victimizing innocent citizens. All of this has nothing to do with giving gifts, and to your first point, Liberals are the perpretrators of devision with their bullying and hateful retoric.

  • Joe Byrnes says:

    Don’t forget to vote in the April 19th Recall Election. Need to shake the tree and send the Marxist liberals packing.

    • JEFF says:

      Exactly who are the opressed in this country? The only oppressed here are those who oppress themselves, the Lazy, drug addicted poeple that feel they are owed a living by those who get up every day and work hard, I’m sorry to tell you the liberals who are currently ruining this country are Marxists, try doing a little reading, like the teachings of Karl Marx, the communist manifesto, the writings of Saul Alinsky, Hillarys favorite book.

  • Debbie says:

    I’m confused: They want to include Indigenous People (aka Tribal Communities) BUT turn their noses down at those that they think won’t do as they are told because of tribal mentality. And this means that the word “Colony” is offensive because they said so. I guess my teachers have all failed me as I no longer understand science nor do I have even a rudimentary grasp of the English language.

    • Martin Tousignant says:

      You understand both science and English. The Mat-Su Health Foundation has embraced post-modernism which flatly rejects objective truth. The mindset allows them to redefine words with impunity.

  • Ben says:

    interesting fact ? cpoied and pasted in case you missed it. ” Highest fees for care in the entire county……
    ballooned its assets to almost a quarter of a billion dollars by capturing 35% of corporate profits from the patients of the hospital who are subject to some of the highest fees for care in the entire country.

  • Bob says:

    The question these Satanic Marxists are flaunting in your face is ‘WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?’ Someone needs to found an alternative and people need to boycott their organization. This must be done EVERY time if we want to win this war they’re washing on us and if we don’t want to lose this Valley. It happens time and time again across the country: town after town, state after state is infected with this plague. It’s always the same story, communists worm their way in quietly at the local level and nobody does anything about it until it’s far too late. “It’ll never happen to me” says the fool.

    • Bob says:


    • Bob says:

      Don’t pretend to be nice. People like you are trying to harm children and destroy the moral fabric of the country. I will not fall for concern trolling. Modern Leftists will not disavow communism or marxist theory like crt. It’s not myself that i am afraid for. It is the kids under threat from racist, crt pushing, anti-free speech, pedo apologists such as yourself. It’s SICK and wrong and I will fight evil like that with every last breath I have. I want peace and discussion but I won’t buy into your lies of fairytale rainbows and how innocent you are. I have seen this play out too many times in too many places with too many families hurt, and I will never again ignore the enemy when he speaks.

  • Jim Fett says:

    Always follow the money and one will find the corruption.

  • Richard Russell says:

    Since when is the word “colony” offensive? It’s just a word. It is enmeshed in the history of the US and our flag (13 strips representing 13 original colonies). Those who continually try to change history are usually the one who understand it the least.

  • Barb Melland says:

    Become a member of MSHF so you have a voice to curb the corruption:
    Apparently they have only one annual open meeting coming up in June.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Shame. Shame on you.

    • gary ohmer says:

      Why don’t you tell us who you really are, you don’t sound like an Alaskan. I know first hand that the shot is a bioweapon for depopulation, all you have to do is use chlorine dioxide and we’d all be healthy,, do you’re own research and you’ll find anything the establishment wants to suppress is usually something that needs more attention and research

  • j says:

    And our boy-king Dunleavy just split the DHSS into two bureaucracies which will give license to “health” institutions across the state to pull similar tricks.

  • Warren Keogh says:

    The best part of this Joe McCarthy-like rant in the guise of journalism is learning that Craig Thorn and Scott Johannes are former rather than current chairs of the Mat Su Health Foundation. McCarthyism – is a term is used more broadly to mean demagogic, reckless, and unsubstantiated accusations, as well as public attacks on the character or patriotism of political opponents.

    • Gretchen says:

      McCarthy claimed there were Communists in high places in our government. Actually, it turns out he was correct. I’m always surprised how his legacy is used to accuse people of paranoia and small mindedness. His methods might have seemed extreme but his contentions were dead on.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Executive Director of the Palmer Chamber Ailis Vann told KTUU that the Mat-Su Health Foundation grant had been returned since the rebranding plan was formally abandoned.

    Right follow the money. Thanks Alaska for standing up to this woke bull cr – p

  • Mary says:

    Any time you see the word foundation attached to a name alarm bells should go off. Foundations are an easy way to launder money and grab billions for the unsuspecting. They look so good on paper, but dig a little and you will find the majority are evil with entirely evil intentions.

  • Marie Fremlin says:

    I find it interesting that 2 prevailing attributes associated with ‘far-Leftist Liberals’ that seem to be prerequisites are: chronically being condescending to others and self-righteousness. They believe they are never wrong and are morally and intellectually superior. This attitude is projected onto others in a passive/aggressive hostility. These traits are found in people with ‘Narcissism’ which by definition by the mental health community, are “Personality Disorders”. Found in the DSM (Mental Health Diagnostic & Statistical Manual under “Narcissistic Personality Disorder”. Just saying!

  • J.J. says:

    As a conservative, Christian, Alaskan, and a pastor, I am both shocked and embarrassed by the misinformed, and frankly misleading insinuations and accusations in this article. Whether the author is intentionally misleading the audience or not is irrelevant to me, but the fact that the author is clearly ignorant of the actual relationship between the Mat-su Health Foundation and our local hospital or, for that matter, the intentions of the MSHF as an organization, is painfully obvious to me.
    Having served on the board of directors for a season, I know first hand the tireless effort and energy Elizabeth Ripley has personally invested in listening to other view points, inviting opposing ideas to the table, fighting for affordable heath care rates in the valley, and intentionally building relationships with the faith community. In fact, (because facts do matter) many if not the majority of funds granted in recent years have been awarded to organizations that explicitly hold to conservative Christian values and practices. Do I agree with all of the practices and decisions of the Health Foundation…of course not, but my disagreement was always welcomed and respected at the table.
    While I recognize that this “comment” may land on deaf ears on a platform like this, I would urge you to consider how our words hinder or help us reach shared goals, and consider how we can challenge conflicting ideas without unjustly vilifying or severing relationship with others.

  • Jeff May says:

    Marxists are exactly what this dog crap is. Go to your liberal island and mind your own damn business.

  • Jeff May says:

    Anonymous revels in hiding.

    • AkFatBoy says:

      We have a paid troll on the thread. Great.

      • Hard Times says:

        Fat Boy, I really don’t get Anonymous! He’s all about talking goodness, truth, and justice. Imagine him saying that his efforts to talk sense to you folks is “free of charge!” I realize that you’ve been across the street and down the block: it’s not as if you don’t know anything. Alaska is a free-for-all “state.” It comes down to use or be used–to have or be had. This aside, it’s not as if you and your “friends” give a damn about such empty concepts. Remember, if the good, ol’ U. S. of A. was really a Christian country we wouldn’t be where we are today–tired, disgruntled, alone, and hungry! You will find out soon enough–if you haven’t already–that your friends are fewer than you thought! And honestly, you are of no account to me either if there ain’t no “remuneration” in associating with you! I don’t understand why Anonymous is willing to waste his time trying to be “save” folks: it’s not as if we don’t live in the real world where everything is dog-eat-dog. It’ll take too long to “resuscitate” this old world for me to be concerned about anybody but myself. And I don’t expect you to be any more concerned about my welfare than I am about yours. “Goodness” is best used for tithing nickels and dimes or begging for “contributions.” Besides, we’ve all learned watching Monty Python to be nothing but happily cynical!

  • Kevin says:

    I counted 17 comments by Anonymous. For crying out loud how many comments have you made?

  • Jeff May says:

    Excuse excuse excuse! Marxism is not welcome in the mat su valley! Go away and take your worthless unearned money with you. I am an indiginous!!

  • Mike Hensley says:

    This article makes me really proud of the work these folks at Alaska Watchman are doing. Joel, Jake, and everyone else. I don’t know if the Craig Thorn quoted is the same guy that serves at the church I bring my family to, but if so, I am so proud that he decided to speak on this. It’s a big deal. Thanks guys.

  • Anonymous 2 says:

    Seems like “Anonymous” up there probably has ties to MSHF. Also is it not a conflict of interest for Wade to serve on a board that’s funding a project that her other affiliation was pushing for (tribal council)? Haven’t been a fan of MSHF for awhile considering some of their board & operating staff and their track record among community programs in the valley. I’m glad the money was returned but it was still spent on paying the “PR Firm” (or outside agency) that helped developed the plan to roll this out in the worst possible manner.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hello fellow Anonymous! Nope no ties or affiliation with MSHF. Pretty sure any non-profit organization would have a policy on the ways they communicate with the public. Just a concerned Alaskan that wants the political divide to be bridged. Success and happiness is never found in division, but rather in support. And, by the way, that’s not a Communist or Marxist belief. Be well Anonymous 2.

      • The Divine Comedy says:

        You make me laugh, Anonymous. I don’t know if you are a natural comedian or just new to the area? If you want to fully appreciate these folks you need to hear them talking about the “King James Bible” and being saved! Now that will put the fear of God in you!

      • I play anonymous on the internet says:

        What does Marxism or Communism have to do with my comment? Bridge a divide by creating them with your passive aggressive comments is going as well as the PR Firms plan to roll out the name change.

        Thanks for the meaningful dialogue and critical thinking you’ve inspired.

  • Kim says:

    Don’t even read Anonymous’ comments, once you have ID’ed them as an agitator, not engaging in a meaningful conversation, just move on. That many comments? Clearly A useful idiot, a tool of his ideology to make lies sound like truth. Sound familiar? Blessings to you all.

    • Sense and Sensibility says:

      Blessings to you too, sweetheart. How naive can Anonymous be to think that folks with closed minds are susceptible to thought and reason. How hilarious! Again, blessings to you!

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Hi anonymous
    Respond to this
    Aaaaaaaaaabbbbbbbbbbbbbbddddddddddddddd that’s all folks
    Lou naugh tic

  • D Wood says:

    If Anonymous believes all this leftist jargon posted why not tell everyone who you are and stand personally behind it?

  • Larry Wood says:

    Holy cow. How did this ‘arrangement’ come about? It appears that any business arrangement can be undone. This needs to be undone ASAP! The health foundation is lie, it is not acting as it was chartered, and has become the play toy of Marxists. No wonder our hospital bills are so high. This foundation and its funding need to be restored to the Hospital and put to work reducing the cost of health care in this Valley. This situation affects all who may have cause to use the hospital. I do not agree with the Health Foundation’s goals, but my money spent at the hospital is not all absorbed by the health costs . . . interesting. The hospital is doing well enough to fund millions to a foundation that is being used for other purposes than what was intended. We need a class action law suit folks.

  • Aunt Sally says:

    Outstanding work, Jake! You’ve done a great service to all.

    So now that we’re aware of a sneaky and well-heeled organization with an anti-white agenda in our midst, we might also want to know what else they’ve been up to and what else they have planned to undermine the social order and the wonderful folks of the Valley. We can presume they’re still up to no good.

  • Frozen-in-AK says:

    Thank you for informing us of this issue. The matter was already settled by the time that I read this but, we all know that it will not be the last we hear of the progressive efforts to erase our heritage.

  • Lance says:

    Anonymous, I have read through everyone’s comments and yours. The theme I see from you is, that certain words hurt certain people and if we love as Christ wants us too, why is everyone fussing over this issue? Why not just allow the renaming to remain in place? Why not just comply? Well first off, when does it stop? If any person feels “hurt” by the word “Colony”, or “white”, or “male”, or ‘female”, or “America”, or “Master bedroom”, you’re suggesting, that out of of love and respect, we should not use those words so we do not “hurt” people. If that is the case, then other people may be “hurt” by words or terms like; “Black History Month”, “income equality”, or “evolution”, or “Creation” . Should we all stop using these word or terms so we do not “hurt” those people? I think you would not suggest we stop using these second set of word or terms because these words mean good things, not bad things like “Colony” Who gets to be the judge of what words are ok and not ok? You? The leftists?, The Conservatives? Whites? Blacks? Adults? children? Rich? Poor? Christians? Atheists? Perhaps by a vote? So every time ANY person says they feel hurt by a word, or term or statement, we all vote whether we are all allowed to say it? No, there are no defaults to just say, “Any ‘Reasonable’ person knows what words are hurtful.” This is why our God given, Constitutional, government protected right to free speech is so important. The only speech that the law needs to intercede in is slander, incitements to violence, and speech that can constitute immediate threat to persons or property, like yelling fire in a building when the person saying it knows there is no fire. This is the kind of speech, that we all should guard against. Everything else, as beautiful or ugly as one may perceive it, must be allowed. If people want to discuss on radio, tv, movies, or podcasts, how they hate certain groups of people because of the color of their skin, we allow it. It’s ugly, it’s disgusting, but we must allow them. If we do not, then you might be the one who gets censored or canceled when people no longer like what you say. People hurt feelings, too bad. With freedom, comes many good things and bad, because there are those who use their freedom and yours, to sometimes take advantage or hurt you. This is the price of true freedom. It is worth it.
    Secondly, you mentioned more than once that Native Alaskans were here before us. Because of that you seem to think they should have more say in these matters, by whose standard? Also, you mentioned that we should celebrate the Native Alaskans and their Heritage, as if we do not. The Federal and State government has literally poured billions of dollars over the years in to the Native culture and communities. The Native corporations are some of the wealthiest partly due to what the Feds and State has done for them. We officially changed Mt. McKinley to Denali to show love and respect. A lot of Anchorage’s APD, and Emergency Services time municipal budgets are spent on dealing with the mostly Native homeless persons in Anchorage. If showing love to the Native people of Alaska can at all be measured by how much resources we give/spend on them, then there are no more loved and respected people on the planet! Why not focus on celebrating people who do good for our community as opposed to celebrating people because of their ethnic background? That is pure racism.
    Thirdly, you keep speaking of how we should love like Christ did. You are right, we should. Who gets to decide what that looks like? For you, loving someone may look a certain way. For me, it may look differently. You stated that Christianity is about love, and it is. It is also about division. Christ said he came to divide, father from son, Mother from daughter,….. It was not His intent or desire to divide, but He knew his message would. His first message was not love. It was repentance: turn away from evil, turn to His Father, even when it’s hard, even when your family, or community tries to get in your way. Even if it means relationships you do not want to end, must end. When we turn to God, we do it from Love. When we try to show others that also, we do in Love. Love is not equal acceptance. We should always speak in love, that is our responsibility and our right. To force a people to say certain words or not say certain words is not love or loving It is compulsion . If a community wants to change titles, or terms, fine. Let the community do it because it’s in the best interest of the entire community, not handful of alleged “hurt” people.
    Finally, I do not agree with a lot of what you said. It sure sounds like you leaning left in your politics and views. Regardless, I am glad you have said what you did. It is your free speech right to say your piece. If your intent was to be an agitator, to stir up people, more power to you! Your free speech! If you really are genuine in trying to get people to think about what they are saying, who they are listening to, where they are getting their information, great! Sometimes is easy to get wrapped up in something, without knowing the full of what is being discussed. I will not support those try to stomp on your right to speak, please do not support those who try to stomp on mine.
    To all others who might read this other than Anonymous, before getting too excited, and commenting too quickly, check into it. I myself have been too quick to jump on a bandwagon and later found I jumped not high enough and cracked my shins. Love you all! God Bless! Let freedom ring!

  • Craig Walls says:

    I have two points. First, unfortunately it’s common these days for a non-profit or “foundation“ to simply be a money laundering affair while promoting extreme change directed toward all people. 30 minutes researching Bill Gates will tell you all you need to know, (if you can stomach it that long). The MSMF seems to operate along those lines. Also, it’s likely that part of their hospital money came from the feds as they were giving out financial incentives for hospitals to call illnesses that weren’t covid, covid, money if a patient went on a ventilator, more money if they used remdesivir in their treatment protocol, etc. Find the money and follow it. Second, why is is ok for someone to use a derivation of the word tribal (as in the reason people aren’t getting the shot) but not ok to use the word colony? Some words are obviously hurtful and wrong. Others, not so much. If anyone who has a problem with whatever word that happens to bother them that day gets to change our language or culture any time, where would it end? How about the word “equity”? Not equality, big difference. That word bothers me so I guess I can expect Anonymous and others with her point of view to help us get people to stop using it. Here’s an idea: since the Colony Days event is about the colonists, leave it alone. Use some of the Foundation money to create an event for whoever wants it. Name it whatever they want.

  • Anon says:

    This is just a piece of the overall plan orchestrated by the MSHF and those who have taken control of the foundation all together.
    The name change was announced on 3-24-22 … and it also just so happens to occur right before the MATSU R.O.C.K. Workshop education series called “Braided Stories” which kicked off on March 28th – if you go to the MatSu Rock facebook page, you will see the rollout of this educational opportunity. You will also see lovely photos of the community and hello kitty etc. But if you dive into the actual substance of this “educational series” you will be quite informed as to the real aims currently unfolding in the Matsu – this is an endeavor specifically targeting the youngest of our community. You can download the power points of the class and i suggest you take particular notice of the timeline poster and the Timeline alaska and matsu powerpoints. These make MANY unreferenced claims and assertions that are just plain nonsense. It is all however masterfully crafted and shows just how much money the MSHF is dumping into this effort.
    The desperate NEED to eliminate the word “colony” is a consistent theme in this whole effort – I can only imagine the frustration at the palmer chambers absolute failure to achieve this goal is causing many sleepless nights.

    And in the end – exactly where or how are the Matsu youth to be indoctrinated with this “history of shame” nice try Matsu health foundation, nice try Lisa Wade, nice try palmer chamber, nice try palmer museum, just a giant expensive failure.