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Please join the March 30, 7:30 a.m., rally at the Kenai Courthouse, to demonstrate against public officials stopping Grand Jury investigations into evidence of crime and corruption by public officials. Click here for more information. Click here for Governor Grand Jury email.

Concerns of systemic corruption within Alaska’s judicial system have grown rapidly in recent years.

One concern is direct evidence that the only investigator of all Alaskan judges for the last 33 years, and counting, has falsified official judge investigations to keep corrupt judges on the bench and ruling over us.

A second concern is direct evidence the judge investigator falsified a certified written document to cover her tracks. 

A third concern is direct evidence that a district attorney has conspired with law enforcement to falsify physical evidence, and then, knowing it is false, used it at trial – and violated an official discovery request to keep his (and law enforcement’s) crimes hidden. 

Most shocking of all is direct evidence that district attorneys, Alaska’s Deputy Attorney General, and judges (including some that are directly implicated in the corruption) and are unconstitutionally, illegally, and systematically stopping seated Alaskan Grand Juries that, on their own initiative, started investigating the district attorneys, judges and judge investigator. Grand Juror affidavit and Grand Juror affidavit.

And, in direct violation of page 26 of Alaska’s Grand Jury Handbook (AK Court System Form J-185) prosecutors, district attorneys, Alaska’s Attorney General, and Governor refused to give a 500-signature letter/petition, calling for a Grand Jury investigation into the forgoing, to the Grand Jury. See Letter/petitionSecond stack of letter/petition signaturesProof of receipt, and Evidence the letter/petition is not being provided to the Grand Jury.

To a growing number of Alaskan citizens, it appears Alaska’s judicial system may be corrupt to the very core. And protecting itself by making sure a Grand Jury investigation, by normal Alaskan citizens, never takes place.

After examining the above evidence, the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly, Funny River Community Association Board, & Homer City Council all unanimously passed resolutions to protest the constitutional violation. (See below). In addition, the Nikiski Community Council unanimously passed a Letter of Support. (See below).


(We are happy to provide you the evidence – or present it ourselves if it isn’t too expensive to drive or fly to your location.)


— Link to Alaska’s Constitution

— See email to Governor Dunleavy

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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Alaskans to protest violations of grand juries’ right to investigate public officials

David Haeg
David Haeg is the founder of Alaska State of Corruption, established to root out injustice in the Alaska Judicial System.


  • Mary says:

    Alaska’s governing body is corrupt to the core. We are running a close second to the elites in D.C. We desperately need voter reform and an investigation into past elections.

  • Jon and Ruth Ewig says:

    One of the causes of these judicial problems is the law schools training and teaching the “living constitution” underwhich those in the justice system who are not originalists think they can do anything they want. We have lawyers like my brother in Seattle who practice by this progressive document whose idea first started with President Woodrow Wilson. A very bad president who led the progressive takeover. Only originalist thinking people working in the justice system should be hired, The concept of a living constitution has had a corrupting influenced all over the country and has led to lawlessness, corruption and the mess we are now in. We thank the Lord for heroes with courage and integrity such as David Haeg and many other honorable attorneys and justices at every level.

  • Opus says:

    The rally is a waste of time. The problem won’t be solved until the PEOPLE discover that they you don’t petition your public servants. You give orders.

  • Auto zone says:

    HAeg is disgruntled because he was busted many years ago and can’t let it go.