Alaska Airlines has now given its official corporate stamp of approval to employees who wish to cross-dress, sport gender-nonconforming hairstyles or wear makeup and nail polish to appear as the opposite sex.

Alaska Airlines is rolling out a new corporate policy regarding gender identity and expression.

Last month, the airlines proudly announced new policies that allow flight attendants and others to also officially display whichever personal pronouns they happen to identify with.

The new policy includes gender-bender uniforms for flight attendants, customer service agents and lounge employees. With the changes all employees can now wear fingernail polish, makeup, two earrings per ear, and a single stud. Tattoos are also allowed in more bodily locations, and hairstyles options are vastly expanded.

One of the goals behind the new policy is to publicly demonstrate to the public exactly where Alaska Airlines stands when it comes to notions about gender expression and identity.

“We will continue to look at our policies, programs and practices to ensure we live our values and create a place where everyone feels they belong,” a statement from the airlines affirms.

Passengers and employees who don’t share the airline’s enthusiasm for cross-dressing and transgenderism will be expected to fall in line.

The new uniforms approved for Alaska Airlines employees are intended to showcase the company’s commitment to the LGBTQ social agenda.

James Thomas is the airline’s director of diversity, equity and inclusion. By night he is a drag queen performer. He is firmly committed to push the airlines, and the general public, into accepting the new and evolving policies.

Alaska Airlines website notes that Thomas first introduced his transgender self to the world when he showed up at his senior prom in a dress.

“I didn’t do it to make anyone uncomfortable or to be the first,” he said. “I did it for me, and that’s all that matters.”

Now Thomas expects his professional colleagues to go along with the new corporate policy. He said he looks forward to the company’s support if he is ever faced with adversity among peers or passengers who may find it off putting to see him wearing nail polish or dressing up as a woman.

“Me wearing something that makes me happy and expresses my fashion sense should have no bearing on how you treat me as an individual,” Thomas said. “We are all human beings and should treat each other with kindness.”

It’s not clear what Thomas or the airlines plans to do to employees or travelers who fail to adequately embrace and affirm their radical gender experimentation.

In addition to the uniforms, makeup and hairdo changes, passengers will also see tailor-made personal pronoun name tags for employees. By the end of 2022, the airlines will offer guests the option to choose their own personal pronouns when booking travel.

“This is what it means to care – to ensure everyone can bring their best and most authentic selves to work and to be an inclusive and welcoming environment for employees and guests alike,” a notice from airlines proclaimed. “That’s the journey we’re on, and the future of Alaska Airlines.”

The future looks quite different from the recent past. Just 10 years ago, Alaska Airlines ended its 30-year tradition of providing prayer cards including passages from the Book of Psalms to travelers aboard its planes.

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AK Airlines implements cross-dressing, gender bending corporate policy

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Steve Peterson says:

    Just direct people to their seat, serve the drinks and peanuts and keep your sexual/gender choices to yourself. I don’t care about your confusion or perversion.
    If/when I travel it won’t be on Alaska Airlines… which should really start calling itself Washington Airlines.

  • Mike P Burdick says:

    If I was into wearing girls clothes or any other sick perverted crap I sure wouldn’t be out there bragging about it. Alaska Airlines lost my support too. Damn what in the world are you thinking. Or are all of you executives coming out of your closets too. Please just do your job and shut up or go back in and close the door behind you.
    Scotty beam me up there doesn’t appear to be any intelligent life at Alaska airlines.

  • Steve Steve says:

    How can you trust your personal safety to a person or group of people that are confused about their gender? Would you fly with Alaska Airlines if the pilot (male) showed up in drag?

  • Steve C says:

    Have you seen . ?
    As Joel said, the really sad part is that this airline used to hand out scripture quotes with meals. I remember that from the 1970s.