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It is ominous to hear joy heaped on mothers while also listening to the fear of pregnancy spread by those who celebrate abortion. For those who wonder how to weigh keeping the baby inside you vs. the trouble from the time of life you will spend being pregnant, I offer this: Adoption is an option.

Yes, you will probably fall in love with your baby while it grows to full-term inside you. Your body will change to support the feeding of the baby, and you will put on weight that will be hard to lose. You will grow increasingly uncomfortable as delivery nears.

Unlike what is claimed by the abortion proponents yelling at the homes of our Supreme Court justices, however, your life will not end. You will not be in baby “prison.” You will not lose all your life’s options. You will not be a lesser person for accepting the “burden” of childbirth.

If the baby has come to you while you are in high school or college, then have the baby, and with a heart full of love, give the joy of that child to another loving family. It will be hard to do that. We are not designed to spend nine months wondering about the new life we are creating to let someone else love them. I know it is hard, but it is better to give that child life, because life is the beginning of hope. Your life, after letting that child live out his or her God-given destiny, will be better and fuller for accepting the harder road.

I have nine children. I am blessed and burdened by each of them. My wife has laid down much of her life for them, for me, for our family. Each was hard. With the marking of Mother’s Day this past weekend, set your face firmly for the baby’s life over your own fears, and then make the hard decision to let other’s love them in your place, if that is what is required.

You will be changed and those who adopt your child will be changed. The world will be brightened from the sacrifice you made on behalf of your child.

May God bless all mothers with peace and wisdom in this time of joy and trial.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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Yes, babies are a burden, but life is worth it

Glen Biegel
Glen Biegel is a long-time Anchorage resident, former host of a popular radio talk-show, a community activist and a political strategist.