Alaska Democrats held their statewide party convention earlier this month with a heavy emphasis on deriding pro-life advocates, defeating Sen. Lisa Murkowski, denouncing anti-maskers and opposing a constitutional convention.

A recap of the May 6-8 convention was posted May 16, by the Democrats’ new communications director Matthew Beck, the former anonymous blogger at Blue Alaska.

“I don’t know about you, but I’ve mostly been unhappy at the prospect of casting a vote in the upcoming Alaska U.S. Senate race, if only because historically I’ve lukewarmly voted for a candidate I didn’t believe in, hoping to keep more extreme candidates from being elected,” Beck wrote.

He added that the announcement of Pat Chesbro’s campaign now gives Alaskans a “staunch” pro-abortion candidate to run against Sen. Lisa Murkowski. Beck said Chesbro is the “embodiment of what the Alaska Democratic Party believes in and stands for.”

At this point the party is still scrambling to convince liberals to run for office.

Some 200 Democrats gathered for the convention in Seward to refine exactly what that means. Attendees included Democratic gubernatorial candidate Les Gara.

“Gara is the only true pro-choice candidate running for governor,” Beck noted, adding that Gara drew “rapturous applause” for proclaiming his belief that mothers have a “right” to kill their unborn babies.

Other speakers included U.S. House candidates Christopher Constant and Mary Peltola – both hard leftists.

State Senate candidate Donna Mears gave what Beck described as a “rousing speech” against conservative Sen. Lora Reinbold, characterizing her as a “vaccine conspiracy theorist and anti-masker.”

Reinbold has tirelessly fought for Alaskans’ right to decline Covid shots without suffering loss of employment and basic access to goods and services.

While Democrats have denounced those who decline to take the experimental Covid shots or wear ineffective face masks, the party leadership was largely unmasked during the convention, as seen on this video.

Multiple other talks by party leaders focused on global climate change.

At one point convention delegates passed a resolution urging Alaskans to vote no on a constitutional convention. They also approved a resolution proclaiming that abortion is a “constitutional right” and denouncing pro-life advocates as “extremists.”

According to Beck, the second day of the convention saw Democrats “piled onto a ship” and sailing around denouncing conservatives’ views on LGBTQ politics, abortion, public schools and libraries.

Beck highlighted the fact that Democrats are adamantly opposed to a statewide constitutional convention, fearing it may open the door for conservatives to address abortion, gun rights, environmental regulations, LGBTQ politics and the Permanent Fund Dividend.

Democrats are being urged to “vote HELL NO” on a constitutional convention, Beck noted.

Whether the Democratic message of essentially opposing conservative principles will resonate with the majority of voters this election season is uncertain at best. At this point the party is still scrambling to convince liberals to run for office. When elections do take place, Democrats in the Mat-Su are hoping to enlist an army of poll watchers to combat what they call the “MAGA Party’s trumpeting of baseless allegations of widespread election fraud.”

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AK Democratic Convention fixates on abortion, masks, ConCon & beating Murkowski

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.

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  • John Ronsonol says:

    Seriously, the Dems are in charge now and it obviously isn’t good, we can see economic destruction everywhere and holding the #1 slot here in Alaska is the North Slope, gasoline is now over 5.00 in some Anchorage stations. Build back better? I hardly think so. RINO’s go ahead and declare your democrat allegiance now, we know who you all are there’s no sense in hiding it. We need hard line republicans to right this state and not take any BS or special interest money. Democratic party, your days are over.