Nearly every single military entity dedicated to protecting Alaska and the nation as a whole is using taxpayer resources to push acceptance of LGBTQ lifestyles and sexual identities during the month of June.

Federal entities in Alaska that are actively promoting LGBTQ Pride Month include: Eielson Airforce Base, Alaska Air National Guard, Alaska National Guard, Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER) and the U.S. Coast Guard. Each of these groups have posted notices on their websites or social media platforms advertising LGBTQ events and praising the movement as a whole.

The Alaska National Guard Facebook page includes a striped, rainbow colored flag affirming Pride Month.

JBER is hosting an entire lineup of Pride events including book readings, Pride lunch and learns, guest speakers and a Pride picnic, all aimed at mainstreaming LGBTQ ideologies among soldiers, airmen and their families.

U.S. Coast Guard Alaska is highlighting a number of Pride events, encouraging members of the armed forces to support those who openly serve as “LGBTQIAP+ sisters and brothers.” The Coast Guard Facebook page features members marching alongside a float in the Kodiak Crab Fest Pride Parade, and another photo of service members gathered around a rainbow-colored cake.

Later this month, Eielson Air Force Base is hosting a Pride prom called “Love in Color.” The base’s Facebook page shows a woman in full uniform saluting with a rainbow tattooed arm.

These events reflect the U.S. Defense Department’s all-out push to mainstream LGBTQ identities across all levels of the U.S. military.

Earlier this month, Dept. Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks gave a speech for the 11th annual LGBTQ+ Pride Ceremony at the Pentagon. She noted that President Biden is fully behind the LGBTQ movement in the military, which she said is “essential to U.S. warfighting success.”

In 2011, the military repealed the “don’t ask don’t tell” policy that discouraged openly gay service members. Since that time, the armed forces have increasingly disseminated LGBTQ ideology across the board.

Under the Biden-Harris administration, the normalizing of homosexuality and transgenderism within the ranks of the U.S. military has gained momentum. 

Hicks claimed that developing a diversity, equity and inclusion strategy which openly affirms LGBTQ lifestyles is now essential to “warrior readiness.”

“That plan is in the final stages of approval and will identify DOD’s priorities and objectives for the coming year,” she added. “Progress will not be driven by policies and programs alone; it will also result from the individual actions each person takes every day.”

Critics of the LGBTQ movement in the military say it amounts to using the armed forces as a social experiment and diverts time and resources away from unit readiness. In 2018, U.S. Defense Secretary Gen. James Mattis released a 48-page report on transgender service members. The extensive document concluded that there was “substantial risks” associated with allowing transgender soldiers to serve in the military, and that doing so could “undermine readiness, disrupt unity cohesion, and impose an unreasonable burden on the military that is not conducive to military effectiveness and lethality.”

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U.S. military uses taxpayer dollars to push LGBTQ ‘Pride’ in Alaska

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Steve Lankerd says:

    My money is being wasted… Do not be using the military for stupid things like this….

  • John J Otness says:


  • Mark says:

    Gay people have always been in the military. They should be affirmed in service to the country. Not everyone is like you

    • Proud Alaskan says:

      Then tell me why, there’s not affirmed for all people.
      Old, Young, Fat, Green, you get the point.
      This is disgusting,
      Do your job, work hard and gain respect from your peers.
      Not because your different or gay.

  • S. Gibson says:

    Why do they need to be affirmed Mark? Why does anyone need to be affirmed so publicly? It is the opposite of what we do in a multi ethic, multiple culture republic. If you affirm one then you consequentially do not affirm others. It is the road to ruin that we all are currently on. And all for just sex? What a sad, weak hearted era we live in.

    • Proud Alaskan says:

      Agree 100% S Gibson
      Is the military building cry rooms for these people too.
      When the Sergeant yells at them for not keeping up.

  • Andy says:

    In the end we will all stand individually before the lord.

  • Steven C says:

    As A 23 Year Retired Veteran I can not understand why they want to put one group ahead of others. If you are a Heterosexual male we have essentially become second class citizens. We continue down this path I fear the United States will be gone as those of us who have fought and my Brothers and Sisters that have died for this great country.

  • Steve Peterson says:

    “Don’t ask don’t tell” was a superior policy. Sexuality is nothing to be proud of, especially since they say they were born this way. Be proud of what you can accomplish as an average human being, not of your sexual proclivity. But I guess if any group has a right to be proud it is heterosexuals who actually produce new human beings and have been the backbone of every successful society.
    We should never have caved into their “tolerance” argument. It was a trojan horse for unending demands to approve every type of deviant behavior.

  • NAV says:

    America has fallen and the sins of the Nation will reap what it has sown !

  • Chris says:

    Let’s be kind to them and have June as an affirmation month with a few minor events…. conditionally, and the rest of the year we have events for the rest of us to affirm those that are the majority and have events, parades, etc for the heterosexual. Fair is fair, if you are going to do something for one, then you need to do it for another!

  • Mike Coons says:

    So glad I am not in today!