If Alaska’s ranked-choice primary is any indication, there will be a dog fight to determine whether Kelly Tshibaka can oust U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski this November. The two are running neck-and-neck with Murkowski enjoying a slight lead.

Likewise, the race to become Alaska’s next U.S. Representative in the House of Congress is close. Mary Peltola holds a slight lead in the special election to choose a temporary replacement for the late Rep. Don Young, and she also enjoys a slim lead in the primary to take over after Young’s term expires in January. That said, Palin is a close second, and Begich is just around the corner.

In reality, either Palin or Begich will likely fill Young’s giant shoes as Alaska’s sole member in the U.S. House. Peltola’s lead is a bit of a mirage. Due to ranked-choice voting, no one will win more than 50% of the vote, which means either Palin or Begich will be eliminated in the second round of counting. Since an eliminated candidate’s second-ranked choices go to the remaining candidates, it is highly unlikely that a liberal Democrat like Peltola will finish first.

In the governor’s race, Gov. Dunleavy’s position as incumbent seems to be too much for anyone to seriously challenge him. He enjoyed a wide lead over all the other candidates and appears headed to victory in November.

In reality, the ranked choice primary was really a rehearsal for November. All the leading candidates moved on, and nearly every single person running for State House or Senate advanced. The real race begins now.

For the next three months, conservatives need to buckle down, mobilize and get out the vote. This is especially true with regards to the U.S. Senate race and the 59 State Legislature contests. We can’t afford another compromised RINO circus on the state level, nor should the country be stuck with a self-proclaimed Republican senator from Alaska who prides herself in voting with the Democrats.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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OPINION: Alaska primary shows conservatives have fight on their hands

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • James says:

    > We can’t afford another compromised RINO circus on the state level
    Well, since Alaska seems to be going the way of Colorado, we may end up with an outright Dem majority before long.

  • Jo Martin says:

    What you say here is true if -and ONLY if- our elections are not corrupted. As we are still being subjected to Dominion Voting Systems, I doubt that is the case. I just cannot bring myself to believe Alaskans are truly stupid enough to continue voting Murkowski into office…she is not elected by the people, she is SELECTED by those who control our elections.

  • Jerry says:

    Although, I’m hearing many Palin supporters are only voting for a single candidate and that doesn’t bode well for Begich if Sarah ends up 3rd.

  • Marion says:

    Lisa Murkowski did not get more votes than Kelly,,,Period! The fix is in! Alaska wake-up and realize you are being played for fools and your vote is being
    stolen from you, right before your eyes by George Soros’ voting machines and rank choice voting! Who voted for rank choice? No one and I mean no one that I know voted for that measure. Ask all of your friends and families if they voted for rank choice and you will here the same thing, No! We have criminals in our election system who devised this new system to steal the vote from Alaskans and unless we insist on a hand count, the election is a complete fraud.

    • Elizabeth Henry says:

      Although I agree with most you have said, if you look at the list of candidates and the votes received so far, pretty much all democrats, and other non-conservatives voted for Murkowski. Then add in the few Republican Murkowski loyalists, the confused, uninformed, or new residents thar just haven’t gotten up to speed. Taking that into consideration, her vote count adds up.

  • Marie Bigstone says:

    This sounds more like rigged voting than ranked choice voting. As Biden said so prophetically, “I don’t need your vote. I just need your support.”

  • Akdale says:

    Murkowski DID get more votes. Native community supports her. If all im left with is her or a Dem i would vote for the Dem.

    • Daug says:

      I know what you are saying, she knows she has the native vote and works very hard to make sure the subsidies are there for them. I am Native and always thought that subsidies are a crutch for our people, there are many ways that native communities could prosper in private enterprises. I have always maintained that subsidies should have a time limit as to not produce slaves

  • Joe Hartley says:

    After the bitter attacks on Sarah from the Bagboy followers, some who are conservative voices in Alaska plays directly into the attacks brought by the Left against Sarah for years. If you do not think that does not motivate voters you are a fool. Recall Republicans should not attack Republicans. Then some are surprised that Palin voters will only vote for Palin, I’m not surprised at all.

  • yeahright says:

    It doesn’t matter who goes to DC or if we even have representation. The FBI, CIA, CDC, EPA, and various federal agencies run this country. Our ‘representation’ is meaningless. Nothing matters more for Alaska than being allowed to develop our own resources, the way states east of the Rockies have been doing for 200+ years. No matter who goes to DC, Alaska is now one big national park, set apart from development. We’re left to rot on the vine. Our only economy is to be pitiful tourism dollars and trying to stretch the Permanent Fund to last as long as we can. Alaska has no future.

    • Jen says:

      I wondering how little is given using the democrat group pick-click-give since walker/mallott cut the dividend amount?

  • brandon says:

    It’s rigged… rank choice b.s…

  • JD says:

    HEY RURAL ALAKANS!! Ask yourselves who will TRUELY help you.
    I’ve spent more time in remote towns and villages than the typical “city” folk. I know what hardships have befallen you. Especially since the catastrophic decline of salmon in most of the state. It’s the most devastating thing that could possibly happen to rural communities. What happened next?? The “republican” turned “independent” Walker saw he was loosing again and convinced your democratic champion, Mallot, to join as his ticket as his #2. What did you get?….same as every Alaskan, HALF your dividend.
    A young native man from rural northeast Alaska asked me what I thought about the half dividend. My exact words: “I can probably handle it, but my concern is for the rural populations who desperately need that money for their yearly supplies as there are VERY few jobs, and fewer (if any) year round jobs.” Keep that in mind next time you vote, I implored him. “Tell your family, friends, community, inform yourselves of ANY candidate’s real motives. Do they just want to grab power and money through elections? Or are they going to serve YOU the people best?”
    Any and all candidates that promote bigger, greedier, powered dictatorial government for “your own good” is a liar. Do not give in to their false and deceptive words. Remember your vote for that shyster Bill Walker, he stole half your PFD and you still haven’t gotten it back despite all the liberal promises. Who tried to give it back?!? Who decided the Alaskan government/legislature needed even more money?
    Their lies and promises won’t pay your bills, put food on your table or clothes on your family’s backs. Bigger government will ALWAYS steal more with promises for votes. Exhibit A: Lisa Murkowski. Her one and only mission is to be re-elected. She will do or say anything to anyone to keep her power. She has lied to all of us. The seat in D.C. belongs to the Alaskan people not a Murkowski career politician. End her reign of lies, greed and deception. And people say there are no snakes in Alaska…pffff.

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    I saw hardly anyone at the place I vote (not an interior or rural place). I was surprised because I felt this election was as important as voting for the President and I know that the lines were out of the building when voting for President Trump. This election on 8/16/2022 no one was in the building when my family and I were voting. We Republicans have let ourselves down because very few got out and voted! If Murkowski wins it is because Republicans are lazy and did not get out and vote in forces! If Peltola wins, it is because Republicans did not get out and vote in forces. Murkowski has the interior folks she counts on. I hope these folks wake up. Republicans need to get out and vote in droves this November and none of this “a little bit here and a little bit there” going to the polls. This August 16th, 2022 election in Alaska was very disappointing. Sheer numbers of people showing up at the polls should have made a difference!!!

    • Dog says:

      You are right, there needs to be an awakening and unfortunately most won’t wake up until the hardship comes knocking. I’m at a loss no amount of “getting out the vote” seems to work. People have turned a blind eye as to say what is worth??

  • Shelia says:

    Dunleavy’s lead is deceptive because the cooperation between Walker and Gara will mean that their votes in the 2nd part will go to each other. That wipes out Dunleavy’s lead because some Republicans will not list him as #2 when voting for one of his opponents. Be aware! Ranks voting means that you must total all opponents and run to get more votes. In Dunleavy’s case, he should point both barrels at Walker, who still says he is proud of his PTFD decisions. Also Dunleavy should point out Walker’s record in coddling crime and various other shortcomings, while comparing his own records in correcting these problems. This will help him get re-elected. Meanwhile, republicans, conservatives, and independent voters who are not fooled by Walker should be prepared to be sure Dunleavy gets one of the places on their ballot and should be sure to vote in the general election, as the democrats are banking that they will stay home. Staying home gets Alaskans Walker. Get out and be sure to vote!