Alaska’s education system has failed our children. Nationally, Alaska is 47th in education and our fourth graders are dead last. How can this be when Alaska spends more per-pupil on education than most other states in the nation? That’s abject failure.

Why in the face of this failure are teachers’ unions pushing an LGBTQ and openly communist agenda to turn Alaska’s schools into perversion factories and communist indoctrination centers?

The attempt to remake society through our schools needs to end. 

I propose the following solution to end this purposeful and ongoing failure of our state education system. Bar the school districts from taking federal funding. That money has not served us well in providing the tools or teachers for effective classrooms.

It is federal Department of Education (DOE) funding that imposes the vast majority of classroom regulations and policies that prevent good teachers from teaching basic literacy. It’s DOE funding that brings with it the failed paradigms reflected in Common Core, CRT, 1619 Project and feelings-over-competition. Now, through the National Education Association, our schools are in the midst of the most divisive attack on the family – the LGBTQ agenda – which just recently raised its ugly head again at a local high school in the Mat-Su.

Literacy should be the primary mission of education, not anti-American political and anti-family sexual indoctrination.

The liberal siren call of easy money is hard for school superintendents and school boards to resist.

Now, you know why homeschooling works. Little or no federal interference.

Parents and school boards should be in charge of curriculums, budgets, and academic goals – not unions, and not the federal or state governments. Alaska business should have a say in the curriculum by informing school boards and parents about the basic education and skills an employee should have.

NEA should be barred from any influence in the classroom, and restricted to dealing with wages, benefits and working conditions for teachers.

Most legislators who have been in office more than one term will not buck the system. Education funding is sacrosanct, untouchable, and little accountability is required of school districts or teachers’ unions. Therefore, Rome continues to burn.

Vocational schools need to be encouraged. We are failing to ensure that an aging work force will be replaced. Skilled labor is hard to come by these days. Given the increasing “extra-deaths” in the working age groups, this situation will get worse, and bring with it severe repercussions for the economy and national defense in the coming decade.

Literacy should be the primary mission of education, not anti-American political and anti-family sexual indoctrination.

We can thank our legislators and governor for their lack of moral courage in allowing this cancer into our schools. 

The Constitution, our government system, our traditions, history, law and culture – free from communist distortion – should be taught from elementary through high school to give students a firm foundation with regard to our American way of life. No state college loan should be issued without this academic requirement being met.

Additionally, no state funds should go to any public university, if that institution requires woke CRT, 1619 or other communist inspired, racist, divisive classes for a degree. They shouldn’t even be taught as electives.

Competition and mandatory physical fitness are additional standards that must be restored to our school curriculum. Physical fitness is necessary for a healthy life and for the national defense.

Life is about hard work, learning, proving your worth and competing with others for a job or in business. Literacy, character, integrity and patriotism are the foundation for making a responsible, productive citizen. These attributes need to be encouraged, not disparaged.

Schools should be one of the safest places for kids. Unfortunately, the Mat-Su School District has now joined with Anchorage, Fairbanks and others in making Alaska’s children less safe with school staff promoting the LGBTQ agenda without parental knowledge or consent.

Children lack maturity and judgment to make such life-altering decisions. They are easily influenced by adults they trust – and too many educators are untrustworthy.

Until DOE funding is barred, I recommend that you homeschool your kids.

We can thank our legislators and our governors for their lack of moral courage in allowing this cancer into our schools. Florida’s lawmakers and Gov. Ron DeSantis recently stopped the LGBTQ and communist agenda cold. We need DeSantis-styled governors and lawmakers who are willing to take a stand.

I will stand up and do the hard things in Juneau to protect our children.

The views expressed here are those of the author, who is currently running for Alaska House District 25 in Palmer.

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Alaska House Candidate: Here’s how to stop leftists from destroying public schools

Larry Wood
Larry Wood is a Christian, conservative and Republican resident of Alaska since 1954. Married 50 years, he is a father, grandfather, great grandfather, and retired from mining, soil remediation and telecommunications. His columns on politics and resource development have been published statewide in various publications.


  • Granny says:

    Bingo. But getting the state to walk away from federal money and its accompanying control will be a real stretch. I would love to see it happen, however.

    • Lobo says:

      That’s when the public school system really started going to the trash: back in the early, to mid 50s, when the schools welcomed federal dollars, and the feds then demanded interference/control over the entire system. If you take one federal penny, you surrender your rights of self control.

  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    Here here! Well written and with great insight and reasoning. It is long past time for the DOE to be abolished. Education should be as locally driven as possible. It is criminal what the system has done for trade vocations also. We are now reaping decades of imbalance of pushing kids in very narrowly defined career niches, leaving excellent career opportunities ignored, overlooked and disrespected yet here we are and good luck finding a skilled technician in just about every single trade field.

  • Meister says:

    Voucher system. So all parents, regardless of financial or social status, can choose a quality education devoid of the perils facing students who continue in public schools.

  • T says:

    Leave OUR children alone w/ woke bs!

  • Joel Adams says:

    I was going to say: “Close them all!”. But I’d settle for trying Mr. Wood’s suggestion. I will remind us that our teachers are graduates of colleges and university graduate programs where this trope of which we are speaking is “knowledge” required to graduate.