You’ve seen and heard and read the stories. America’s government-run, public schools have been overtaken by leftist ideologues intent on indoctrinating our youth with Marxism, critical race theory, pornographic LGBTQIA curriculum and hatred for our country.

In Alaska, we even get some of the lowest test scores in the nation despite bloated budgets in addition to all the socialist, progressive, rainbow pride, drag queen, choose your own gender madness.

The National Education Association, as the most powerful lobbying force in America today, wants to keep it that way and they are always willing to spend money to make it so.

Recently, the NEA raised the ante on the fear they have of Alaskans having a Constitutional Convention. They have now invested $1 million to scare you and I into voting no because this DC-based swamp creature hates school choice. They are desperate to maintain control of the hearts and minds of Alaska youth.

Parents and families need school choice now more than ever.

Alaska Family Action has made the once a decade Constitutional Convention vote a top priority because of how dangerous government-run schools have become in overtly and proudly brainwashing kids. But we are facing massive odds against the NEA and a group called the 1630 Fund, a DC-based dark money group. Together, these two liberal funding behemoths have poured over $2 million into Alaska to scare citizens from utilizing a tool our founders put in place to revisit, and if necessary, revise, our State Constitution.

The ConventionYes Campaign has raised less than $50,000 from everyday Alaskans.
Because of how small the Alaska market is, we don’t need to match the DC dark groups dollar for dollar. But we do need more than we have now to spread the truth. Every gift helps that happen.

It’s time to leverage the power we have as Alaskans to stop the assault on our institutions and values. A Constitutional Convention is our best chance to slow down the relentless assault by the NEA to hold our kids hostage. Parents and families need school choice now more than ever.

The people, not entrenched bureaucrats, are what gives our government power. The people make Alaska great. When the people step up and take back this power, it is an embodiment of what our state’s founders envisioned when they gave us the gift of calling for a Constitutional Convention.

As a member of the Steering Committee for the ConventionYes Campaign, I’m encouraging Alaska Family Action ministry partners to donate and help us counter the fear that is flooding our State. Please give generously and pray that our message resonates across the Great Land.

Our children deserve better. Let the rescuing begin.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

OPINION: Constitutional Convention question pits NEA vs. People of Alaska

Jim Minnery
A lifelong Alaskan, Jim Minnery has served as the executive director of Alaska Family Council since its inception in 2006.


  • James says:

    I see “NO on 1” signs everywhere I look. I have very little hope that we’ll get a convention.

    • Lobo says:

      The NEA is getting it’s support from the “national” Re-education Association”, so, it gets more monetary, and organized efforts.

  • Donald hennessey says:


  • Lobo says:

    YES on Jim Minnery
    Yes on ConCon
    No on the Commie NEA

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Alaskans do not understand what a Constitutional Convention is and does. Just recently Fox New’s Maria Bartiromo was talking with Rep. Jim Jordan about the Biden Family’s business dealings. Rep. Jordan uses the NEA as an example when talking about who needs to be held accountable. Starting at the 03:59 minute mark: “NEA communicating with the White House, the Justice department, and the Department of Education before using “counter-terrorism” measures against moms and dads. Link below. When I see that the NEA is directly involved with the White House, the DOJ and the Department of Education, this raises a red flag when I read this article that Jim Minnery wrote about the NEA being opposed to the Constitutional Convention. What would a Constitutional Convention do to the NEA’s “power”? This, in my mind is a big question!
    “Biden family’s business dealings are incredibly ‘scary’: Rep. Jordan”

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    My household is voting YES to a Constitutional Convention!

  • Steve says:


  • Richard Russell says:

    The biggest contributor to this moment is the 1630 Foundation. That alone will make me vote for the Constitutional Convention.

  • ML Moore says:

    I will vote yes, but I must confess I’m not up to speed on who controls change and how the process to make the needed positive changes. Like parent empowerment, and the appointment of judges, will proceed. As the country spins out of control, and now that things that are wrong, are now considered right, it’s important that our American way of life, (our culture) and Christian values are restored. That parents, will have complete control of their children’s values and upbringing. That teachers will teach reading writing and arithmetic , and keep their values. politics, and agendas out of the classroom under penalty dismissal. That Judges will be held to a higher standard, and accountability. That their appointments will be scrutinized, and monitored appropriately with accountability and consequence. In addition, I would hope that language of State sovereignty is mentioned as a republic, as our federal government can not be trusted to do what right for the people of Alaska. Yes on 1!