The screenshot images above show the Ryan Middle School website on Oct. 13, and then one day later on Oct. 14, following the Alaska Watchman report.

Ryan Middle School in Fairbanks promptly scrubbed its website of all links to LGBTQ material following an Oct. 13 Alaska Watchman report which detailed how the school was using its public resources to encourage 6th-8th graders to question and explore their sexual orientation, gender identity and how to engage in various sexual acts.

Before the Watchman article was published, the school’s website provided links for students to visit five specific LGBTQ activist websites that advocate for same-sex locker rooms and bathrooms, as well as allowing biological boys to compete on all female teams. One website walked students through how to discover whether they are gay, lesbian or bisexual, while providing explicit details on how to have anal and oral sex. It also included “first time sex stories” and told students how to prevent pregnancy through “pulling out,” abortion and the morning after pill, among other options.

While the school website no longer explicitly promotes LGBTQ sexuality and practices, it still invites students to speak confidentially with school counselors about “sexual orientation” and “social concerns.” It states that any service provided by school counselors is confidential, so long as students don’t reveal “an intent to harm yourself or others.”

“Here at Ryan Middle School we want to ensure all students are in a safe environment regardless of their sexual orientation,” the website currently states. “Don’t hesitate to talk to the counselors about sexual orientation concerns, questions, or needed support.”

Given the school was clearly using its official website (and continues to use paid counselors) to promote LGBTQ sexuality, state law may have something to say about the matter.

According to Alaska State Statute parents must be notified “not less than two weeks before any activity, class, or program that includes content involving human reproduction or sexual matters is provided to a child.”

Parents have the right to “review the content of an activity, class, performance standard, or program” and withdraw the child if they see fit, the law states.


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Fairbanks school scrubs website of LGBTQ links following Watchman report

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Neil DeWitt says:

    Well does this mean Fairbanks schools have finally wised up or were they afraid of an outcome if they left it on their web page? It really begs to question now. Will they still promote alternative life stiles behind our backs? Time to step up and keep an eye on these folks.

  • Kathy L. says:

    Interestingly, the schools claim they cannnot promote “religion” and that there ought to be “separation of church and state” (false by the way) But folks…this IS religion. It’s the religion of secular humanism which claims that man is god and can do whatever he wants. A religion of no boundaries! A belief and world view IS the definition of religion. What these people want is to be the ONLY religion…shunning or outlawing the Judeo-Christian faith.

    • Sharon Alice Turner says:

      Absoutely! We the taxpayers, voters, need to ‘flex our muscles.’ Put these out of control, self serving renegades on strict notice: WE pay your wages/salaries, medical, dental. We pay your ‘bloated’ state retirements, every watt of light, drop of water, chair and table, scrap of paper, and the maintenance thereof. Message: uphold your moral and ethical obligations, and your oaths or Hit the Road and do not look back. This may be a great time for caring adults, stronger than I to Take over Public schools. Unafraid of Federal funding pull outs. Alaska’s per student $$$ spent near highest in USA… and what we get are a majority of kids who cannot read, do math, Can’t find their own homes on a map, and know only a twisted perverted, and mostly fantasy history of their own nation! The list of failures continues since we moved here in 1974. It has gone to trash. If you care for children’s mental, physical and academic health.. Create private schools that raise strong, smart, educated grown ups. Grandma

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    A step in the right direction. Thank you Alaska Watchman!

  • Richard Corbeil says:

    HEY FAIRBANKS! Wake up, and I don’t mean woke up! You guys need to get a grip on you politics.

  • Diana says:

    Where is the second school?