It’s not too early to begin thinking about how to maximize the voter turnout of conservative Alaskans.

In about two weeks, Alaskans begin in-person, special needs and electronic voting for the Nov. 8th general election. The deadline to request mail-in absentee ballots is Oct. 29. By Oct. 30 regional offices open up for absentee and early voting.

After perusing myriad voter turnout guides and websites, these are a few ideas that seem particularly pertinent for inspiring family, friends, fellow churchgoers and neighbors into casting a ballot this year.

TRANSPORTATION: If you’re a member of a church, civic organization, book club, men’s group, prayer chain, social group or other association, think about offering to provide transportation to voting locations on election day, or for early in-person voting later this month.

COMMUNICATION: Let those in your sphere of influence know why you’re voting this year. We’ve got a U.S. House and Senate seat up for grabs, the governor’s race, 59 state legislative seats and a constitutional convention question on the ballot. When people know what’s at stake, and why, they are more likely to engage.

TIME OFF TO VOTE: If you own a local business, think about giving employees a little extra time to vote. How about an extended lunch break on Nov. 8?

TELL PEOPLE YOU’VE VOTED: After casting a ballot, let your network of family and friends know that you’ve voted. This can serve as a timely reminder to others that they need to get down to the polling places and cast a ballot.

LOCATION: Share this link with people so they know exactly where and when they can vote at polling locations across Alaska.

CHILDCARE: Consider offering to take care of a friend or neighbor’s children for an hour while they head to the polls. This can serve to increase turnout among busy and bustling families.

THROW A PARTY: Last but not least, think about hosting your very own “election central” party with friends who took time to vote. Good food, drinks and conversation may be all the motivation some people need.

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Tips on how to increase conservative voter turnout in Alaska

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Excellent tips Mr. Davidson! Thank you for your great research and reporting!

  • Terry Stires says:

    Just based on the headline Joel, my hand went up; I have some tips for successful conservatives and these are from a liberal, so know your enemy and all that. Ready? Number one – rebuild integrity. Any association with, endorsement of or failure to condemn deceitful republicans has corroded your credibility. Alignment with trump, DeSantis, Bronson, Tshibaka, Herschel Walker, ron Johnson, Gaetz, Boebert,Gosar, or MTG is a flooded bilge. Right the ship. Let’s get back to 49-51 boring administrative policy discussions. Second. Once you are in the dispassionate world of Reagan and Cheney we can meet, have a beer, poke fun at each other knowing that we are in the same boat landing on the same shore and will sleep under the same leaky tarp. Third, dump the dinosaurs and we will do the same (thinking of Biden) and finally , some evening reflection. Are we so different that this divisive infighting should prevail? Are our differences so drastic and our history so divergent that we can’t reflect and commiserate and empathize?

    • Kathy says:

      In my case yes. I will never unite with those who support open borders and sex trafficking of children. Vote your conscience.

  • Sterling Crone says:

    you don’t have to be a Rhodes Scholar to see that nearly everything on TV media is crafted to divide us. Old vs young, blue vs red, black vs white, whole food vs manufactured, men vs women, prescribed drugs vs natural and on and on…
    ALL ON PURPOSE. Chaos will continue to distract from real issues… SUCH AS deaths and disability from a certain illegally mandated experimental injection.
    Also, isnt it obvious that Alaskans see that voting is useless? Our votes have been stolen for years; we know that we are told only what they want us to know—by the paid media reports on tv stations (owned by one big corporate monster).

    The following items are NOT one vote per one confirmed legal citizen per one issue or election.
    1) Ranked Choice Voting
    2) by Dominion machines? hooked to the internet?
    3) no ID required?
    4) “covid-just-mail-it-in ballots” really?
    And so, we are to raise our dismal voter turnout by happy activities at home when common sense tells you this is crooked as hell? The low voter turnout in Alaska would indicate that we aren’t as dumb as they think we are.

    • Bob Curtis says:

      Good practical advice to get the conservative vote out this upcoming election! Here’s a statement I posted on Facebook I want to share as an encouragement.
      Good day all? Years ago a political insider gave some advice that stuck with me today. He said, “Never mention your opponent name in political ads or debates–because people only remember names and are likely to vote from them.” Well, it appears as though Kelly Tshibaka’s name is mentioned numerously in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau and the outlining regions in Alaska. Kelly Tshibaka has gained a lot of notoriety even through unintended consequences; all that to say, I’m voting: Kelly Tshibaka for U.S. Senate to represent Alaska based upon upstanding principles and beliefs. she aspires to lead Alaskans by in the U.S. Congress. Please join me in voting: Kelly Tshibaka for the U.S. Senate to represent Alaska. Ariigaaa Taikuu (Real good! Thank you!)