Like all rights – be they parental, religious or civic – the right to vote comes with a fundamental responsibility to discharge one’s duty faithfully.

For all Alaskans who are physically and mentally able, voting is not merely one option among others. The political realm is inseparably linked to the great moral struggles of any age, and therefore Alaskans have a profound duty to wade into the public square in order to help bend the course of history toward the good, the true and the beautiful. This applies in the arena of the family, religious liberty, culture and economics.

If, like most Alaskans, you have not yet voted, please set aside time on Nov. 8th to bring your influence to bare on our local, state and federal contests. Each of us must utilize our position and influence to promote the common good in our time.

The U.S. Constitution recognizes the fundamental rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” Let us do our part in defending these pillars of American life by voting for candidates who are most likely to uphold and protect them.

Responsible citizenship is not just a right, but a profound obligation.

Polls are open 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Nov. 8th. Click here to find your precinct and exact voting location.

Why the duty to Vote is nonnegotiable

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Neil DeWitt says:

    I voted today to avoid the rush for a handicapped person. I was their so just did it too! The new I voted stickers are really nice. it’s worth going to vote just to get one!

  • J says:

    Nonnegotiable- that and mortal sin were the words used at the National Shrine today concerning voting for a pro abortion candidate. Voters were instructed to vote with their conscious (informed), not feelings. Yet we have a Senator, against her faith campaigning and saying she is voting for Pro abortion Peltola.