By LINDA BOYLE – Alaska Covid Alliance

By now, most Americans have been inundated with information on Covid but the actual facts are still nearly impossible to determine.

Do you believe the government’s story? Do you believe the healthcare community?

Or do you believe those who have pushed back against the federal, government’s version of the virus’ origin? Why has there been no open dialogue in the health care community about this virus, as there normally has been for past viruses?

Initially out of fear, many Americans took either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccinations. The government told Americans to get the jab, or they may die, or they could infect their elderly relatives, who could perish. Many were threatened with loss of their jobs.

Schools were closed to protect grandma and grandpa. Businesses were closed to protect the citizens. Churches were closed because they could be closed. Masking was mandated.

Yet very little was known about this virus. Americans only knew that their government and mainstream media said they should be very afraid.

The risk of Covid mortality increases with age, but the overall risk is about the same as a standard flu season.

Dr. Harvey Risch, Professor of Epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health

And Americans were afraid. After all, loved ones died alone in hospitals. The public trusted and believed the health care community.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) convened a panel of health-care experts, “The Second Opinion,” to discuss the vaccine side-effects, early treatment protocols and the long-term effects of the vaccine. The first meeting was this past January, and the second meeting was held last week.

Sen. Johnson led the discussion, “COVID-19 Vaccines: What They Are, How They Work, and Possible Causes of Injuries,” to shed light on the current state of knowledge surrounding the vaccine and the path forward. Medical experts and doctors who specialize in Covid-19 vaccine research and treatment joined him, including Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Peter McCullough.

Virology experts explained that because this virus is constantly and rapidly mutating, we are chasing a different virus with the same mRNA vaccine. That is not effective medicine, they said.

Those alpha and delta viruses no longer exist. Even the omicron mutation morphed into a different form.

But the government won’t admit that its vaccines are ineffective at stopping the new virus variants or preventing viral infection.

Many people are dealing with the side-effects of the vaccines. The federal government has not messaged this at all. Instead, vaccine injury appears to be a secret between it and Big Pharma.

But there is available information in the V-safe database. This database has a checklist for you to fill out. The checklist should contain all the adverse reactions from vaccines. But it doesn’t. It doesn’t even include myocarditis, which is a major known side-effect, especially for teenage boys.

The federal government only wanted side-effects following a one-week post-injection period. It did not want any data on longer side-effects.

The data shows that 7.7% of those who were vaccinated needed medical care for some effect from the jab. That is one of every 13 persons.

The UK has stopped the vaccine program for those under age 50. Denmark has stopped the jab for those under 12 years. But America just keeps on jabbing with an ineffective vaccine, regardless of the data.

Dr. Harvey Risch, Professor of Epidemiology at Yale School of Public Health, said the risk of Covid mortality increases with age. But how bad is the risk?

This graphic shows that risk based on age. Underlying conditions, such as diabetes, lead to higher mortality. But Dr. Risch stated the overall risk is about the same as a standard flu season.

Note that the risk is minimal for those under the age of 50.

There was no information from the Centers for Disease Control and prevention on early treatment of Covid. Why didn’t the CDC recommend early treatment options including off-label drugs such as Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, Vitamin D3, steroids, etc? 

Big Pharma teamed up with government bureaucrats to control the conversation and define early Covid treatment as misinformation. That early treatment would have saved thousands of lives according to Dr. Pierre Kory, president of the US Frontline Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance.

Dr. Kory, who is a pulmonary specialist from Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center in Wisconsin, said that at the start of this pandemic the government recommendation to those who became infected with Covid was to simply stay home and take Tylenol until “our lips turn blue.”

“We’re not allowed to treat patients with safe, effective, cheap, repurposed drugs,” Marik said. Instead, the hospitals were in favor of Big Pharma control.

“We are telling the world this is the solution to COVID-19,” said Kory, speaking of early treatment, use of Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and other treatments that reduce the severity of the virus early.

No effort was made to provide off-label use for drugs that have worked in the early treatment of other viruses. In fact, drugs such as Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine seemed to have been anathema for the mainstream healthcare community. 

Dr. Paul Marik, renown pulmonologist, (formerly professor of Medicine and Chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine at Eastern Virginia Medical School) said Western doctors should have adopted these drugs starting in March of 2020. That alone would have saved hundreds of thousands of lives, he said.

“We’re not allowed to treat patients with safe, effective, cheap, repurposed drugs,” Marik said. Instead, the hospitals were in favor of Big Pharma control.

Dr. Marik said that 40% of drugs used in hospitals are off-label drugs. That’s OK for a variety of illnesses, it was not OK for treating Covid. 

Discussion concerning vitamin D3 and its use at helping to protect people from severe Covid was not allowed by the medical establishment. 

As a practicing pulmonologist, he was not even allowed to give Vitamin C in the hospital to assist in Covid treatment. The only drugs he was allowed to use were FDA-approved drugs. 

The hospital wanted him to use Remdesivir, which is a drug Marik said is toxic and ineffective. It’s a drug that increases the risk of renal failure by two-fold, and increases the risk of dying by 4%. (Click here to read a previous Dr. Marik’s presentation on Remdesivir.)

Furthermore, any discussion concerning vitamin D3 and its use at helping to protect people from severe Covid was not allowed by the medical establishment. 

Even Alaska’s Department of Health and Social Services did not recommend the use of vitamin D3 to stave off Covid and still does not make information about the use of vitamin D3 easily available on its webpage.

Dr. Paul Alexander, an expert in evidence-based medicine, said studies were done in countries that rapidly vaccinated all age groups. These studies showed the more Covid vaccines were given over a short period of time, the more increased negative efficacy. Those vaccinated are being infected repeatedly.

If society keeps vaccinating for Covid, it will increase the amount of Covid and increase infections, he said. If the country had not vaccinated in this way, it probably would have herd immunity, making Covid no longer an issue. 

Dr. Janci Lindsay, who has her doctorate in biochemistry, expressed concern about where the gene therapy (mRNA) goes when injected into an arm. Initially, scientists said it would stay in the arm.

However, the mRNA has been distributed throughout the body with uptake seen in the brain, spleen, endocrine system, ovaries and testes. This uptake in ovaries and testes is of particular concern.

Dr. Lindsay said it could lead to infertility issues and potentially reproductive harm. Of utmost concern, Dr. Lindsay said it can be passed on as inadvertent gene therapy if in sperm, and may have a profound effect on future generations.

Dr. Lindsay stated these gene therapies should not be used in reproductive age people. Watch the presentation at this link.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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AK Covid Alliance: Data abounds, while truth remains elusive

Linda Boyle
Linda Boyle, RN, MSN, DM, was formerly the chief nurse for the 3rd Medical Group, JBER, and was the interim director of the Alaska VA. Most recently she served as Director for Central Alabama Healthcare System. She is also a member of Alaska Covid Alliance.


  • Lobo says:

    If we had the TRUTH… There might be a lot less DATA (from them).

    • FreedomAK says:

      Gee. You don’t mean the feds and big profit companies had a vested interest in using citizens as lab rats, do you? Sorry, sarcasm intended. I feel sorry who believed the man on television and put the poison in their bodies. Those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it. Fools believe anything government officials tell them.

  • Johnny says:

    Great to see an article like this exposing facts and not perpetrating misinformation without being censored. This whole covid thing is a great deception, a lot of figures are complicit in this deception and the promotion of a very dangerous vaccine, Fauci, our Govt and especially the media who like blind sheep unknowingly just go along except for the fact they have known, they are complicit in this along with many figures in state govts. Anyone who at this point is not standing up for the truth, is complicit, they can no longer say “trust the science” or “safe and effective”, only a shallow, greed driven person would continue the push for covid vaccinations, how they can sleep at night is beyond anything.

  • Terry Stires says:

    “Truth’s a dog must to kennel; he must be whipped out, when Lady the brach may stand by the fire and stink.”
    – William Shakespeare

    I will always “trust the science” rather than the concoctions of conservative behavior regulators.

  • John J Otness says:

    Murkowski and Zink,,,, Pregnant women you must vaccinate…. How many Did they murder?

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      John, our governor was supporting Zink and promoting that people get vaccinated also. I think that he needs to come clean on why he has done this. Dr. Zink was working at Mat-Su Regional Medical Center when it started and was there throughout. Perhaps the MSRMC administrators should be held responsible for letting Zink carry out her plan while employed by them. Perhaps Elizabeth Ripley w/Mat-Su Health Foundation needs to be held responsible also because she and Dr. Zink met with CDC to discuss how to overcome Alaska’s vaccine hesitancy and get more people jabbed. A lot of medical people and political people need to be held responsible!!!

      • FreedomAK says:

        I heard Zink on an afternoon AM talk show in Anchorage telling everyone to get their kids jabbed so they don’t spread it to grandma and grandpa. I called in to say people with the jab can still contract and act as a vector for further spread and she was lying. The “host” and his sidekick hung up on me and disparaged me as “confused”. It wasn’t just Zink spreading lies.

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Thank you for covering this Linda Boyle. I hope that your article will open the door for others to speak out. I attended the Alaska Medical Freedom Symposium this last fall and was encouraged to see that Alaska was not being left out in the cold in regard to the plandemic, treatment and our rights. Alaskans definitely need more exposure to what is really happening. Additionally, we need to start concentrating on what people can do to help negate the damaging effects of the jabs. Good information is coming out from reliable sources on the toxins being dumped on us through spraying of the skies, the toxins in our medicines, foods and water; how we can build up our immunity and clean our blood to lessen the effects. Again, thank you! God bless you and I hope that you will continue to put out the word about what is going on! We are all in this together!

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Here is emotional testimony from Dr. Kirk Milhoan. His opinion is that we should mandate no harm. Amen!
    “151 kids who had a cardiac MRI, at 90 days [after mRNA Covid vaccination], 81 of them still had damage to their heart and the damage was of late gadolinium enhancement which is associated with sudden cardiac death”.

  • Michael Johnson says:

    The COVID-19 planned-demic was in place prior to 2020. They actually had the so-called vaccine complete in 2018. The World Economic Forum held meetings planning the event prior to the 2020 release of the man-made virus that was manufactured in a joint effort by American Universities, DARPA, Ukraine Labs and China’s military labs. Fauci used the mainstream media and the murder of our seniors in the nursing homes to drum up the fear factor amongst the American population in order to enforce lockdowns and mandate a deadly drug labeled as a vaccine to be used in the people. Dr. Fauci may go down in history as the most evil and diabolical mass murderer ever recorded. Just wait until Elon Musk releases the Fauci files from twitter, coming soon!

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    It’s pretty hard to believe and watch our inadequate, and may I be so bold as to declare incompetent and propped up governor, as he silently stands by and watches the devastating results of his administrations actions! Even now his administration is still advocating and administering this deadly shot! Fauci will go down as the most sinister and deadly bureaucrat of all time! Dunleavy and his minions not far behind!

    • Carbon tax says:

      Wanna invest in some crypto currency? Did you know the word “gullible “ is NOT in the dictionary?

  • CD says:

    This Doctor was told if she used hydroxychloroquine again on a patient she would be fired. Turned out it was the insurance company telling the hospital not to use it. The drug has been around for decades and is safer then Tylenol.
    I had Covid back in December 2019-January 2020 and it almost killed me. I woke up in the middle of the night and my lungs had stopped breathing. It was like they were frozen. I didn’t know what to do, my mind was racing, Providentially, I grabbed my water bottle on my night stand and took a drink. It opened everything up and I was able to breathe again. You can be sure I drank 8 glasses of water a day while I was sick after that. I have autoimmune issues already so I just thought it was something weird going on with that. Then in March and April when news started coming out about it that’s when I knew what it was.

    • Carbon neutral says:

      CD: illegitimacy=citing Tucker Carlson.

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        What are you talking about Carbon neutral? Citing Tucker Carlson? Do you have a link to whatever you are referring to? I’d like to hear it and see what the date was that Tucker said this!

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Two websites that I just learned of that are compiling data: and

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Mike pacarro and Mike Dunleavy are co conspirators in this deadly scheme! That’s a fact! Do they understand what the hell they’re doing? Time will reveal!

  • Lawrence Wood says:

    I have so many studies, articles, books on this since it began in March of 2020. Geez. There is not doubt that the original release was an attack on the western economies, because of the way the CCP cracked down on the original outbreak. Only outgoing flights to western countries were permitted. No warning, no attempt to quarantine, nothing. That was an act of war. The other was the fear mongering promoted by the western governments, primarily NIH in the U.S. and the NHS in Britain. Remember Neil Ferguson and his projections? Why were CCP protocols recommended, on an on. Then came the ‘vaccines’ in the face of the efficacy of Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. All about money, not science. All about population control, population reduction, and destabilizing the world economy. A goal was the subordination of medical practice to a central government authority, by fiat rather than by patient doctor relationship. Insane and a failure. Bottom line is, the Marxists and the uber rich almost got away with it, almost, but not quite, or Biden’s destruction of the U.S. would be a done deal, not slowly unraveling as it is.

  • Lawrence Wood says:

    Sorry for the typos on the above. Unfortunately, the people of Alaska have a short memory. Our Legislature ran away, hid, cowered in their homes, removed our voices from the dialogue regarding the governor’s emergency declarations the mandates. We sent the same cowards back to Jundeau. Soi, will there be any justice, any investigations, no. However there are many who will not forget, and I am one. Too many died. Those deaths need justice. Those who were traumatized by those deaths, by the harm to their loved ones, by suicides from confinement and fear, the damage to the kids . . . on and on. JUSTICE NEEDS TO BE DONE. I want to see investigations and indictments in Alaska, every state, and in DC. Or, we are just sheep.

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Another manipulation of our DNA that is believed to be a future event:

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Mike Adams (Health Ranger) is reporting on checking the blood of unvaxxed people for the clots that vaxxed people are getting.