A rapidly growing and politically active judicial watchdog organization claims the Alaska Supreme Court has unconstitutionally changed the rules governing grand juries, which effectively blocks the ability of citizen grand juries to investigate and indict corrupt government officials and judges.

To address these concerns, Alaska Grand Jurors’ Association is now organizing a statewide courthouse sit in – beginning March 15 – that will continue until the Alaska Supreme Court rescinds its newly promulgated rule regarding grand jury investigations.

David Haeg, founder of the watchdog group, will give a Jan. 9 presentation about the ongoing concerns during the Alaska School of Government meeting at Real Life Church outside of Palmer. The talk runs 7-9 p.m. and will be broadcast via Zoom (Meeting ID 867 7841 9152, passcode 697678) or Facebook Live at Politadick for those who cannot attend in person.

On Jan. 7, Haeg released the following background explanation and call to action.

For over seven months a Kenai Grand Jury has been investigating evidence that Marla Greenstein (Alaska’s only judge investigator for the last 33 years and counting – 8,000 judge investigations so far) is falsifying official investigations and certified documents to keep corrupt judges on the bench and ruling over We-the-People. (See evidence against Greenstein)

But before the Grand Jury could finish its investigation and issue indictments or recommendations, the Alaska Supreme Court changed the Grand Jury rules to suspend the Grand Jury’s constitutional power to investigate, recommend, and indict corrupt officials. (See Supreme Court Order (SCO) 1993)

See  AK Constitution, Art. 1, Sec. 8: “The power of grand juries to investigate and make recommendations concerning the public welfare or safety shall never be suspended.”

Alaska Constitutional Convention Delegates: “The power of grand juries to inquire into the willful misconduct in office of public officers, and to find indictments in connection therewith, shall never be suspended. See Constitutional Convention Files/Proceedings. See “The Investigative Grand Jury in Alaska” (1987 AK Judicial Council), pages 13-18. See Highlighted Alaska Grand Jury Book

To change the rule and suspend the Grand Jury’s power, the Supreme Court bypassed the 13-member Rules Committee and even ignored Committee member requests that “the full committee should consider the proposed changes at a meeting” because of their “concern the rule changes were important and serious changes of a constitutional nature and should not be rushed through.” (November 22, 2022 Court Rules Attorney Stacy Steinberg “Memorandum” to all five Supreme Court Justices) 

An email from Alaska Chief Justice Daniel Winfree to Attorney General Treg Taylor indicates they put Deputy Attorney General John Skidmore on the team writing the rules to unconstitutionally suspend the Kenai Grand Jury. (See (August 16, 2022 email from Justice Winfree to AG Taylor.)

Yet Deputy AG Skidmore is criminally implicated in the exact corruption the Grand Jury is investigating, giving him a compelling reason to suspend the Grand Jury investigation at all costs. And AG Taylor knew this, and agreed to keep Skidmore isolated from the Grand Jury investigation, before placing Skidmore on the team tasked with taking away Grand Jury powers to investigate, report, and indict. (See evidence Deputy AG Taylor is criminally implicated and evidence AG Taylor knew this prior to August 16, 2022.) (See also evidence Alaska Department of Law Director Angie Kemp also knew of the forgoing corruption.) 

We are asking everyone to:

1. Carefully look into the above and let us know ideas on addressing it. (More evidence at

2.  Ask friends, family, neighbors, legislators, and Governor to do the same.

3. Keep up to date on new developments by sending your email address to or 907-398-6403 cell/text.

4. Start attending Alaska Grand Jurors’ Association Zoom meetings every Saturday night from 8-10 PM. Zoom ID: 821-4574-5893   Passcode: 693100

5. Start attending Alaskans For Constitutional Rights (AFCR) Zoom meetings every Thursday night from 6:30-8 PM. Zoom ID: 867-7762-7962  Passcode: 1776

6. Notify us of venues (in-person, Zoom, radio, TV, etc.) where we can inform the public and answer questions on this issue.

7. Notify us if you are willing to volunteer your time or skills – or are willing to contribute in other ways.

8. Print and distribute a flyer to the currently investigating Kenai Grand Jury, telling them the public will start a 8 AM March 15, 2023 state-wide courthouse sit-in, that will continue until the Alaska Supreme Court rescinds the rules suspending Grand Jury powers.

9. Join an 8 AM March 15, 2023, state-wide courthouse sit-in that will continue until the Alaska Supreme Court rescinds the rules suspending Grand Jury constitutional powers to investigate, report, and indict corrupt officials.

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Sit-ins to protest Alaska Supreme Court’s interference with grand jury investigations of corrupt judges

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Neil DeWitt says:

    So if this has happened and it is illegal why hasn’t the AG stepped in and stopped it? Why do we the people that are supposed to have all the power let this go on? It’s time people to get involved and take our power back. It’s pertty obvious this Judge is corrupt and suspended their power so he wouldn’t get indicted. Time for him to go. I always vote no to retain all of them on election day. Do you?

  • Now We Are Two says:

    I wish I could get some corroborating opinion on this. I’m inclined to believe it’s that bad knowing the legal system as I do, but I would like a second opinion. That is, somebody who will”steelman” the argument by pointing out any weak arguments. Because if true, this could start a movement.

  • Bob Bird says:

    “Now We Are Two”:
    David Ignell has done that. He has a law degree, although not practicing any longer. It’s just an opinion, but other lawyers might fear that they might become disqualified at hearings or trials, or even disbarred for sustaining these opinions.

    • Lobo says:

      I think you may be correct on the fears of retribution for expressions of dissent .. I think, however, it will eventually take more than “sit ins” to remedy this judicial mess.

    • Now We Are Two says:

      I looked up Ignell’s arguments, and that’s enough for me.
      But it’s like a Catch-22 for conservatives IMO, who are by their very nature “law and order” and “trust the system” kind of folk. I can’t see AK ever getting the judicial system changed without conservatives turning into high-information voters and acting like progressives in demanding radical change. I’m not a defeatist, be I can’t see any path to change without things getting a lot worse.

      • Friend of Humanity says:

        We’ll be seeing what happens in the House since McCarthy won the Speaker of the House seat. From what I understand, the Conservative “20” made stipulations that they would support McCarthy only under certain conditions. Maybe Conservatives are finally putting their foot down and drawing a line.

  • Mary H Rapp says:

    Many thanks for bringing this problem to the light. The American people cannot do anything to get things fixed if we are kept in the dark about what’s going on. We need to be grateful for such news groups as the Alaska Watchman for doing their job of alerting us the people regarding misconduct on the part of our public servants. These people are for the most part getting bigger paychecks than those earned in the private sector, so we should expect loyalty and efficiency. They should be not be given a pass when they do not do their job. That Greenstein woman, for example, should be fired. Thank you Alaska Watchman for doing your job.

  • NAV says:

    The DOJ in Alaska is a bought and paid for establishment has been for decades

  • Sterling Crone says:

    We Alaskans are crippled with apathy and trained by TV “programs” to sit and be spectators. 75 years of the Elite-created-SportsMachine has trained us to watch and consume(only in America, the rest of this planet just laughs as we glorify adult men playing childrens ballgames as a “job for a man”)e.g. baseball, basketball, hockey, football.
    Meanwhile, our lack of literacy and civic education and is generational.
    oh, but NOW we are realizing the corruption in our Justice system is deep and in place for decades; and that we have a system of communication by vote to our State system and Federal system that defies common sense while openly encouraging corruption. If our eyes remain sleepy half open and Alaskans fail to SHOW UP, they will never understand how many family’s lives and estates have been destroyed by corruption, and how they could so easily be next.
    and btw, does nobody see the possible consequences of our Enstar Gas being put up for sale??

    • OAPSkweez says:

      Interesting you would mention Enstar. I was concerned about the same thing. I just got off a call where I had asked to speak to someone in management (I was on hold for 50 minutes, btw). MY huge concern is whether the current company or the new company is/was/will be, ultimately, owned by the Chinese, as both companies ARE owned by Canadians…Enstar is just a subsidiary of much larger corporations.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      I did not hear about the Enstar Gas sale. I think that Alaskans were essentially bought off and put to sleep by big oil money from the 70s and we have allowed to much to go on. Time for us to understand that the world does not float on money and that we are about to lose our state. I am getting this gut feeling that certain companies-including private ones are buying up everything and we are going to find ourselves being controlled by monopolies AGAIN. While the globalists having us concentrating on one topic, they are pushing one or more other take-over agendas. Alaskans need to be able to diversify our thinking and attention spans because our freedom is being attacked from all angles literally!

  • Chris Emond says:

    I love Alaska and have fought against the liberal influences destroying the fundamental principles of our society. My perspective is that unfortunately most conservatives Alaskans are more concerned with fishing, hunting and minding their own business than protecting their children’s futures. It’s a shame but Alaska has already fallen politically and the woke culture is alive and well. This isn’t because a majority agree with the crazy woke principles….it’s because the majority won’t vote or fight against it. THATS why I moved to Idaho – where people are willing to stand up for and fight for what they believe. The minority of the population in Alaska makes all the decisions because the majority just doesn’t care.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    To give a damn in this state will cost far too much for most people! The hint of giving a crap may lead you to vote for dunleavy as governor, and trust him to do what is right for the people of the state he governs! The problem is that this punk of a governor is not trustworthy!

  • Ray Southwell says:

    For some 18 years David Haeg has attempted to expose the corrupt court system. He was even tazed in court for his efforts. Thomas Garber has also attempted to expose the corruption in OCS FOR SOME 10 years. He was so close getting to have a grand Jury investigation until the Supremes changed the rules.

    The first cannon for judges in Alaska is their independence. Yet they asked the executive branch to direct the change. I have personal experience with Skidmore while being on a Grand Jury in Kenai. The rules changed protecting him.
    The corruption will not change until people understand civil disobedience.

  • Pam says:

    We the People have to show up and heard. Here is our chance to make a difference, by showing up on March 15th!
    THANK YOU, David Haeg, and Joel Davidson, Alaska Watchman.