Ever wonder how Anchorage seems to be singing the BLUES so much?

Maybe it’s because we need more balance on the Anchorage School Board and Anchorage Assembly? 

Did you know that roughly 85% of the combined members of the Anchorage Assembly and the Anchorage School Board are progressive leftists ? There are only three members in total on both of these bodies who in anyway represent a conservative viewpoint.

​The next Regular Municipal Election is Tuesday, April 4, 2023. ​Ballots will be mailed to qualified, registered Anchorage voters on March 14th.

Please review our 2023 Values Voter Guide for the upcoming Municipality of Anchorage election and please also ask your pastor to distribute this guide.

Getting the Body of Christ to stand up and elect candidates who align with Biblical values is one of the best ways to bring human flourishing back to Anchorage.

If your pastor is interested in distributing our Values Voter Guide, have them contact us at or call us at 907.279.2825 and we’ll get them connected.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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VOTER GUIDE: Here’s how Anchorage can swing leftist city to the right

Jim Minnery
A lifelong Alaskan, Jim Minnery has served as the executive director of Alaska Family Council since its inception in 2006.


  • Mongo says:

    People still have faith in elections? LOL!

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    That is shocking at the lop-sided representation on the school board and the assembly! I do not live in Anchorage, but have many good memories of Anchorage past. What a heartbreak to see Anchorage falling apart. Come on Anchorage Republicans/Conservatives/Humanity-loving people get involved, run for these positions and make a change to help save our state of Alaska!

  • Lucinda says:

    Why doesn’t the Body of Christ just intervene and “guide” the election?

    • Lobo says:

      Our Lord, and God, gave man, .. us, .. the freedom to choose our directions in life. We are not “forced” to think in his ways, nor, are we “forced” to do as he says. Therein lies the description of the freedom of choice that Adam, and Eve made in the garden of Eden as they were tested. We can also look at Sodom, and Gomorrah where the people made their “own” choices.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Lucinda, why do you mock the Almighty Creator of All Creation and his Son?

    • Tamra Nygaard says:

      Oh. Lucinda. Your ignorance is showing, once again, wrapped up in bile. Don’t you have someplace you’d rather be? How ’bout you go there. Don’t go away mad, just go away. And bless your heart.

    • Dee Barbarick says:

      Free will.

    • Michael James Thurber says:

      God gave us all free well. He cannot intervene.

  • Jean says:

    Perhaps the Christians of Anchorage are not as conservative as you seem to assume.

  • Andy says:

    These so called republicans are closet democrats, why else would the vote swing to the left

    • Anon says:

      Because it was the lowest voter turn out in the history of Alaska voting
      Rancid choice had much to do with it

  • Citizenkane says:

    Lucinda, and people of her ilk follow their own master, his name is satan. And like many slaves throughout history, they don’t want to be free, they want to be the master.

  • Tamra Nygaard says:

    It really isn’t a case of not voting for the right candidates, it’s a case of letting the “progressives” count the votes.

  • Kathy L. says:

    I grew up in Anchorage, though do not live there now. I believe conservative voter have indeed been showing up to vote, but the sly leftists have been working a long time on their take-over plan. They bring their candidates up to live here long enough to qualify to run for office. They help more lefties move up from places like WA & ORE. Plus cheating that Anchorage didn’t used to have (at least not in a big way). But look at ADN headlines today on how many mail-out ballots have been sent out. Gonna be tough once again to pull down this stronghold, getting more and more established.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Kathy, I think also the “non-profits” like Providence and Catholic organizations help foreigners and immigrants to live here by giving them good paying jobs and giving them the maximum pay raises every years, so that the foreigners can bring their families up and “diversify” our communities even more. Who are these folks going to vote for? Anyone who will help them have “good” lives that they have never had and helps them bring their families out of poverty and communist/socialist worlds. Well, thank you Providence Health Services and all of the Catholic organizations for helping to make the US just what these people are trying to escape!

  • StopTheMadness says:

    I believe and have seen evidence that our elections have been conducted with some fraud, but that will not stop me from voting! If there’s the slightest chance that my vote may help right the ship, I’m going to cast it! And you should too!

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Impeachment Mike Dunleavy

  • Molly says:

    Voting no for every proposition, not giving the ASSY any more power….
    Voting only for conservative candidates. Donley & Cox on school board.
    Spread the word.

  • Michael Hughes says:

    Thank you for this. used it already and will take my ballot to one of the physical locations when they open on the 27th. Don’t trust the mail in system

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