Proposition 14 on the April 4 Anchorage Municipal Ballot proposes to amend the Municipal Charter by removing the taxation on marijuana from the tax cap calculation.

In Anchorage the terms for the sale and marketing for marijuana were approved by voters with the express promise in the ballot language that the new revenue provided by the taxation would fall under the Anchorage tax cap.

Now here we are just a few years later with a proposition before us to be voted upon which will back-track on the ballot language that was approved by voters.

In 2023 the taxation on marijuana received by the Municipality will roughly be $6,000,000, which will reduce the burden on property taxpayer’s dollar for dollar.  If passed, Prop 14 will result in an increase of $68 in the annual property tax bill for every home worth $400,000. That’s because Prop 14 would remove $6,000,000 from the tax cap according to numbers provided by the municipality.

This information is not included in the ballot language as the Anchorage Assembly deleted it in the S-2 version of the enabling Ordinance 2022-17 as passed on January 24, 2023.

Make no mistake about it, despite the way it is being sold, Prop 14 is a significant property tax increase.

What exactly does Prop 14 propose? The ballot language dedicates the revenue from the marijuana tax to be utilized for “Child Care and Early Education,” along with creating an “Accountability Board of Child Care and Early Education.”

Do we really need to create more bureaucracy in our education system?

If Prop 14 passes, this new “Accountability Board” will surely see the need for increased revenue as their number one priority for this brand-new Anchorage Municipal Program.

In 2009, voters approved the “Repair Our Tax Cap Initiative” with a 62% margin, reversing the attempt by then Mayor Mark Begich to alter the tax cap calculation.  In 2016, voters approved another “Repair Our Tax Cap Initiative” by a similar 62% vote to reverse yet another attempt by Berkowitz to alter the tax cap calculation.

Utilizing “Child Care and Early Education” as a Trojan Horse to unlock the voter approved provisions of our tax cap will haunt Anchorage property taxpayers.  If Prop 14 is approved, you will certainly see future proposals to dilute our tax cap even further utilizing this same formula.

Let us respect the initial promise made by the Municipality of Anchorage, the one approved by voters and keep the marijuana tax inside the tax cap calculation.

Vote NO on Proposition 14.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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WARNING: Prop. 14 is a ‘Trojan Horse’ to raise Anchorage property taxes

Bob Maier
Bob Maier is a property taxpayer residing in Anchorage.


  • Tamra Nygaard says:

    Child care and early education are the responsibility of parents, not municipal government. Why are we paying to take care of other people’s children? If you can’t afford to pay for your kids to have daycare, then maybe you should have been married when you had kids and maybe you need to ask grandma or someone else to step in, or maybe you need another source of income. Paying people in order for them to make bad choices always results in…. bad choices.

    • Neil DeWitt says:

      Maybe abstaining from sex you wouldn’t need a sitter.

    • Hairbear says:

      Close down the fire departments. These people have the nerve to ask others to put theirs fires out. It is not our problem if you decide to purchase a home but not a fire truck.

  • Neil DeWitt says:

    Thanks for the heads up. Now I’ll have to read te wording artfully to be sure of what they are saying.

    • Penny Johnson says:

      “This information is not included in the ballot language as the Anchorage Assembly deleted it in the S-2 version of the enabling Ordinance 2022-17 as passed on January 24, 2023.” Why am I not surprised?

  • Theresa says:

    Thank you laying this out so clearly!

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Not directly related to this topic, but the other post is so buried now. Talking about Rep. McCabe’s article talking about Carbon Credit: McCabe, I’d trust David Dubyne w/Adapt 2030 before I’d trust you and he is saying that the Carbon Credit stuff IS tied in with ESG and it is not going to work out for the little guys. Quit lying to Alaskans McCabe. Maybe you should move back on the grid and suffer like the rest of us if the b.s. you are pushing goes through.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Thank you Foh
    Subjects like ESG, psychotropic drugs/ Mary Fulp, election integrity/ forensic audits that should have happened, identities stolen via div elections, and on and on! Government is doing a huge amount of damage and gets away with it because we don’t have any ability to hold it accountable! Dunleavy knows this and plays people like there stupid fools. This might be true but equally true is that our capabilities are no match for tactics this government use’s all the time. Delay, distraction, investigations of itself, on and on! We pay for all of it, twice! A new way of fighting back is desperately needed!

  • Hairbear says:

    I have lived in many places around this world including the deep south. This place needs education more than any I have seen. People here are dangerously stupid. This is not watchman related. But how would anyone know. They are to stupid.

  • Penny Johnson says:

    Will Anchorage be paying for illegal alien child care? I’ve noticed quite a few non-English speaking transplants of late. No doubt they’re on the SOA backlog of 800 (and counting) for SNAP benefits.

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