In a somewhat surprising move, the three conservative-leaning Anchorage Assembly members enthusiastically joined their hard leftist colleagues in unanimously approving a resolution encouraging Anchorage residents to enthusiastically celebrate and affirm sexual identities and preferences associated with homosexuality, bisexuality and transgenderism.

Upon approving a resolution establishing June as “Pride Month,” the entire Anchorage Assembly gave a standing ovation as several people who identify as LGBTQIA2+ proudly stood in front of the podium.

Conservative Assemblymen Scott Myers and Kevin Cross – both from Eagle River – can be seen clapping on video, while fellow conservative Randy Sulte participated via phone line.

Once the Assembly finished applauding, several gay and transgender identifying representatives from the LGBTQ community addressed the elected officials.

After thanking them for “using government to uplift our community, instead of restrict our rights,” the LGBTQ representatives urged the Assembly to “create safe spaces for our queer and trans, black and indigenous, multi-racial, peoples of color.” The Assembly was told to make sure these groups are “getting their rights.”

Vincent Feuilles, a biological woman who now identifies as a man, spoke on behalf of the LGBTQ community. Feuilles is president of the Queen’s Guard, an activist group that places a heavy emphasis on influencing youth with LGBTQ ideology. Feuilles’ group promotes drag queen performances for young children, as well as other youth events that encourage children to embrace various sexual identities through exposure to shows featuring homosexual, bisexual and transgender performers.

Feuilles praised the Assembly for helping to “lead the way” in highlighting the LGBTQ agenda.

“Resolutions like this help to affirm that,” Feuilles said, before proceeding to criticize recent laws passed in other states, which Feuilles deems “harmful” to LGBTQ youth.

Feuilles didn’t specify which laws were objectionable, but a number of states have passed legislation to protect girls’ sports from biological males who claim to be female. Other states, such as Florida, have approved laws against sexualized drag queen shows for minors. Several states have passed laws prohibiting so-called “gender affirming care” for minor, which includes life altering cross-sex hormones, puberty blockers and surgeries that remove or permanently destroy otherwise healthy organs.

The Pride month resolution, lavished praise on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people who staged the violent 1969 Stonewall Riots against New York City police. It also lauded the “brave pioneers” who organized Anchorage’s first LGBTQ demonstration in 1970.

The proclamation asserts that “Anchorage’s LGBTQIA2S+ community is America’s story” and “an integral part of our long, ongoing struggle to realize the American promise of equality under the law and equality of opportunity in our society, while protecting and guaranteeing privacy rights.” It ends by imploring residents to participate in various public celebrations of alternative sexuality and gender identity.

Upon passage of the resolution, openly gay Assemblyman Felix Rivera highlighted the fact that Anchorage will have a Pride parade later this month.

“I think its very exciting that we are getting back into the cycle of having a parade and a festival,” he said, adding that it is an especially important message for youth.


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Anchorage Assembly conservatives cave on gay ‘Pride Month’ vote

Joel Davidson
Joel is Editor-in-Chief of the Alaska Watchman. Joel is an award winning journalist and has been reporting for over 24 years, He is a proud father of 8 children, and lives in Palmer, Alaska.


  • Ceak says:

    it’s gross that the “black and indigenous, multi-racial, peoples of color” get lumped in with the Pride crew. Having same sex attraction or gender confusion, has nothing to do with skin color. LGBTQ is a fake minority group that’s all about attention.

    • Mary says:

      Yes, I noticed thatumping also Ceak. It seems to insinuate that those racial groups are/or more prone to support the LGBTQ agenda. When, in fact, I believe the opposite is true.

    • says:

      Im straight myself but we have lived with gays, transgenders forever and I dont remember it being a problem until people got woke and seem to think their feelings rule us. I understand why the all the gay people I grew up with are sitting pride month out this year. Kinda like when antifa tried to take over blm.

  • Eva says:

    Everyone certainly has their freedoms under the constitution, but any group promoting any agenda, that is aimed at youth, who are very impressionable at that age, is not respecting THEIR privacy as they go to school to be educated in matters that will help them MAKE A LIVING one day. In other words, they do not have freedom to concentrate on education, if this agenda of unnatural human sexualities are constantly distracting them. So in the long run you create a society that is not able to sustain itself, for one with good jobs and services, the other for reproducing the human kind in a healthy way.
    Maybe in reality that is the goal of these groups, and the “sexuality games” is just a way to get the minds of the youth to be distracted from natural living. That is evil, sorry to be so blunt. Not having the good of a person in mind is just that.
    The goal of government should be to protect and promote the good of the society they SERVE 🙂

  • Steven Chappell says:

    Never had restricted rights but now you are restricting our rights from a minority population.

  • Nunya says:

    These are the end times, that’s why this seems unstoppable. They will not stop until there is open sodomy in the streets and then even further beyond. I pray for God’s swift judgement of us all.

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      Amen Nunya. My faith is in God Almighty!

    • Ceak says:

      I’m convinced this is true. With the lgbtq agenda, advancements in AI, UFOs being “real”, progressive Christianity and progressive Judaism embracing sin….
      I pray that God allows everyone to see the truth.

    • Andy says:


    • Jen says:

      His judgement is coming. Its inevitable. We don’t need to pray for it nor for his time when he ‘takes up the Church to come quicker. Instead pray we be strong in God’s Word , making ourself ready and our family, neighbors , and friends, to be a better reflection of it everyday, laying down our own sins, that He may be able to use us in ways we don’t know that turns lost people away from their sins. Its still better we have America still somewhat intact than a sudden collapse for our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world facing the daily threat of persecution by death knowing it could be the last day for them here on earth. In thanksgiving in America’s continuance we know those foreign brothers and sisters still would have a bit more time to share and teach the gospel in their countries without an area wide persecution greater than seen because of the chaos that’ll increase from a superpower’s collapse.

  • Vonda Sanders says:


  • Jen says:

    I understand why they three conservative assembly members had gone through displaying public support, intimidation not to and being bullied for taking a different opinion. Eagle river-chugiak voters probably won’t trust them if their community leaves the anchorage municipality. We are those generations living in the end times when we have to choose our side. No more straddling on a ruddy fence for saving your face among bullies.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    What a bunch of sick people. Now the so-called conservatives voted for this evil stuff too.
    Please tell me what Rights you don’t have as Any other American?

  • StopTheMadnesz says:

    Kevin Cross surprised me, by Myers has already shown himself to be a liberal and is homosexual, if I’m not mistaken. Sulte was not a surprise because he and Jamie Allard voted the same way last year. I wrote to the conservatives on the Assembly after last year’s affirmative votes. Sulte said he knows it’s a divisive issue but that he has a family member who’s gay. I laid things out for Allard:

    “The Pride movement has not proven itself to be concerned with tolerance or equality.The Pride movement has proven itself to be concerned with an aggressive agenda that uses intimidation, money, and shame to coerce businesses, institutions, police departments, etc to declare their allegiance to the ever-evolving rainbow flag or be attacked, publicly shamed and destroyed. Their tactics reveal an underlying sense of “tolerance” and “inclusion” that is fundamentally flawed, if not intentionally skewed.

    As a parent concerned about safe-guarding the innocence of my children and instilling in them an accurate moral compass, I am very disturbed by the lewd displays and incoherent tautologies that are publicly flaunted during the month of June in the name of “Pride,” “tolerance,” and/or “equality.”

    As a Christian, I am disturbed by our society’s growing acceptance of behavior which does not respect the essential order of man’s nature as God created him.

    I have always appreciated your willingness to engage those who contact you, and I feel compelled to let you know that many Christians who have a high regard for you as a fellow conservative will view your vote as a betrayal or a slap in the face, and that is because we know that both our families and our Faith are under attack from the aggressive agendas of the LGBTQ and Pride movements, both locally and nationally.

    I hope you understand where we are coming from when we respond to your vote with shock and dismay, and I hope you will re-consider this matter over time.”

    To her credit, she admitted that she had an immense amount of guilt and regretted her vote.

    Please consider writing to the Assembly members and respectfully expressing your views. You never know when the Truth may fall on ears willing to hear!

    • Jen says:

      Rep Allard with a political friend chose to given a 5000 donation to Covenant House in 2020 or 2021. That was enough to raise my eyebrow. Giving it to the Anchorage Gospel Mission or Hope Center would had been better aligned with her Christian values. She either didn’t know about Covenant House radical left ideology which by then she should know since she is a leader or she is moderate.

      • Elizabeth Henry says:

        Agree. Both Hope Center and Anchorage Gospel Rescue Mission are excellent ministries quietly making a difference without any public monies or politics.

  • Bob Logan says:

    It isn’t a month. It is perpetual.
    We’re a multiracial family. We don’t need special recognition, applause, or safe spaces.

  • AK Fat Boy says:

    In related news…reporter upset that conservatives “caved” refers to a biological female as “He”. I guess mistakes can be made by anyone.

  • Matthew Myers says:

    This Pride Month Garbage is a continuation of some human garbage that the leftists celebrate. That human garbage is Alfred Kinsey and John Money. Both at the least encouraged and/or paid for incest and full rape of infants for “science”. At least John Money directly caused 2 suicides in the case of the Reimer twins. These satanically twisted pieces of garbage only engaged in rape by proxy and many other horrific perversions in the name of (only in the name of) science and accomplished nothing scientifically. They only sowed pain, confusion, assault, rape, and lies.
    Pride month is simply the celebration and continuation of these satanic ideals.

  • Anon says:

    Polititions all seem to eat from the same though.

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Easy to say amen when you risk nothing!

  • Margaret Prestwick says:

    If I remember correctly this is the SAME assembly that emphatically urged/mandated that we trust the SCIENCE during Covid. I would like to mandate that they defer to SCIENCE in this case as well!! Lord help us!

  • Keith says:

    We should make this month Patriots month, and display the American flag as our Proud flag.

  • Proud Valley Boy says:

    Thank God we’re all white and straight here in the Mat-Su!