The City and Borough of Juneau plans to host its first-ever “Transgender Town Hall” in September. Spearheaded by the city’s Human Rights Commission, the effort as part of a wider “Community Engagement Project,” which aims to identify and root out alleged “sources of tension, practices of discrimination, hate crimes and acts of prejudice.” The Human Rights Commission was awarded $5,000 to develop a multi-faceted strategy which must be approved by the Juneau Assembly.

The Sept. 28 Transgender Town Hall will be one of the first offerings. It will feature controversial activist Aidan Key, a biological woman who has undergone the surgical removal of her breasts, while taking cross-sex hormones in order to appear as a bearded man.

Key will be charged with guiding Juneau in a discussion surrounding transgender issues. Key’s work includes developing policies and procedures that schools can implement to affirm gender-confused children who believe they were born into the wrong body. Key’s activism also entails working with schools to develop policies which allow students to enter and use whichever bathrooms or locker rooms they feel best matches their preferred gender identity. Additionally, key has helped schools enact protocols to keep a student’s gender identity private. Key’s fixation on trans children includes writing books and holding conferences aimed at mainstreaming so-called “gender transitions.”

While Juneau recently received a perfect 100% score from the nation’s leading LGBTQ activist group – The Human Rights Campaign – the Juneau Human Rights Commission wants the borough to go even further with its LGBTQ agenda.

The commission is currently finalizing a proposal for the Assembly, asking it to create a policy that requires the city and borough to only contract with business that affirm and facilitate LGBTQ identities.

Additionally, the Human Rights Commission wants the borough to create a program to encourage the recruitment of municipal workers who identify as LGBTQ. It is also asking the local government to develop legislation broadly outlawing so-called LGBTQ discrimination while empowering the commission to investigate alleged violators.


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Juneau planning a publicly funded ‘Transgender Town Hall’

Joel Davidson
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