By Quinn TownsendAlaska Policy Forum

The annual state budget has finally been delivered, reviewed, and signed as of mid-June 2023. For the first time since Alaska Policy Forum (APF) began releasing the annual Responsible Alaska Budget (RAB), the state funds portion of the enacted budget is less than the RAB threshold! For FY 2024, the RAB was set at $7.71 billion, and the state funds portion of the FY 2024 enacted budget — both operating and capital appropriations — is $6.89 billion. We applaud policymakers for their hard work and dedication to compromise in finalizing a budget that meets the needs of Alaskans while still being realistic and responsible.

APF combines Undesignated General Funds (UGF), Designated Funds (DGF), and other state funds (Other) to calculate total state funds, leaving federal funds, fund transfers, and the Permanent Fund Dividend payment out of the RAB equation.

Moving forward, we urge policymakers to continue practicing fiscal responsibility and to consider sustainable reforms that will ensure a stable budget year after year. These reforms include implementing a meaningful spending cap, avoiding new taxes that will harm Alaskans, and exploring the impacts of accepting massive federal funds.

We are confident that enacting a Responsible Alaska Budget was the right move for Alaskans and will benefit the Great Land. We are hopeful that a Responsible Alaska Budget will become a recurring trend.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

OPINION: Alaska Has a Responsible budget

Quinn Townsend
Quinn Townsend is the Policy Manager at Alaska Policy Forum with an M.S. in Resource Economics and Management from West Virginia University. Previously, she worked as the Economic Research Analyst at The Buckeye Institute. She is a graduate of the Heritage Foundation’s strategic communications fellowship and a Young Voices Contributor.


  • Reed says:

    What is the PFD projected amount?

    • Steven Chappell says:

      The last report I heard was a $1,300 disbursement. I also understand that the Legislature used funds that should go to the residents in this budget. The State of Alaska should return to the standard way of PFD disbursement and less on utilizing these dollars for a budget.

    • Gisela Foulke says:

      wont be long it will be Zero due to thievery from out state legislators.

      • Stephen Wright says:

        POMV is not good but the numbers are growing: PORTFOLIO THURSDAY JULY 6, 2023
        Stocks $26,453,400,000
        Bonds $14,038,200,000
        Private Equity $ 15,216,400,000
        Real Estate $8,193,800,000
        Private Income and Infrastructure $6,742,400,000
        Absolute Return $5,561,300,000
        Risk Parity $13,800,000
        Cash $1,936,200,000
        Total $78,165,100,000

  • Aunt Sally says:

    Y’know while you’re busy applauding feckless legislators’ “dedication to compromise”, Quinn, conservatives actually remain appalled at the reckless spending with so little to show for it and your characterization of the budget as “responsible” calls into question the value of the education you’ve seen fit to reference in that little CV of yours above.

    • Lucinda says:

      Do you object to Dunlevay’s 3 $120,000 nonexistent jobs for cronies? I would call that reckless spending

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    I object to all government at this point! Pedophilia, thievery, tiered justice system, children having their innocence stolen, etc. equates to my conclusion! To hell with government and particularly those who lead it! Biden/Dunleavy both costumed clowns!

  • DaveMaxwell says:

    Responsibility and government do not belong in the same story line! OXYMORON you moron!

  • Stephen Wright says:

    Assets Under Management

    Unaudited, as of market close on Thursday July 6, 2023

    These daily values reflect all assets held in the portfolio and their market valuations on a given day. The valuations take into account (have deducted) investment-related liabilities, such as pending purchases. They do not reflect APFC’s obligations, such as income distributable to the General Fund (POMV) and accrued operating expenses/manager fees, which are reported on the monthly financial statements.

    THURSDAY JULY 6, 2023
    Private Equity
    $ 15,216,400,000
    Real Estate
    Private Income and Infrastructure
    Absolute Return
    Risk Parity