The American union is likely beyond saving through either politics or religion. I don’t enjoy saying that. The disconnect is too far gone. You can neither reason nor argue with a madman, a mob or a monkey. The mainstream media censors everything and accuses anyone who opposes the Democratic Party of being “anti-democracy.” They hate censorship, except their own. You are not permitted to notice their hypocrisy.

There is no longer any common ground to unite us. We have a crime family in the White House, a two-tiered system of justice, rigged elections on the federal and state level. We have RINOs in charge of the phony opposition party, and a general consensus among these politicians in favor of abortion, child mutilation, homosexuality, sex trafficking, planet-worship, digital currency and bribe-taking. It’s just a partial list.

Our leaders are not motivated by love of the people, they are motivated by power and fear, and we see this even at the most local level. Many elected officials detest their own constituents when they are confronted at public sessions. People see the absurdity and the evil of the woke policies as they come to fruition. If you list your grievances, you will not be welcome. The FBI has already tipped its hand: you will someday be arrested for complaining.

We keep looking for a person with common sense to lead us out, but Donald Trump, Elon Musk, Peter McCullough, and now Tucker Carlson have been largely cancelled.

Our elected officials hedge their bets by following the “party line,” which changes from month-to-month, and pretend there is no inconsistency.

“Mask up!” becomes, “Ha, ha, sorry, it was ridiculous.”

“Vax up or get fired!” disappears into a memory hole as conspiracy theory becomes conspiracy fact.

Alternative medicines, less expensive and more effective than the poisonous vaccines, are now admitted to be reasonable.

Covid threats have been replaced by trans mob violence. The mad manifesto of the Nashville mass murderer has been suppressed, likely because it would inflame public opinion and destroy the fake victimhood of a psychopathic person.

But unlike third graders at a playground, who give up their make-believe games once they are called home to dinner, our leaders give the childish trans fantasies and double-standards of justice the seriousness of policy, and force us to accept it.

We keep looking for a person with common sense to lead us out, but Donald Trump, Elon Musk, Peter McCullough, and now Tucker Carlson have been largely cancelled. Trump and Musk have survived simply because they are rich enough to fight through the tissues of a system that is now corrupted beyond repair. McCullough and Carlson only had their reputations. It wasn’t enough.

Trump has been following the channels of justice because he would want them kept in place if he ever returned to the presidency, but he is only kidding himself. We live in a system which impeaches a man who is not even in office.

But it also appears that Trump was a chump. He appointed or retained some bad people, Barr, Pence and Fauci come to mind immediately. He won’t disown his own presidential vax promotion, homosexual “rights” or Red Flag bills. He drained some of the swamp, which really got the Deep State ticked off, but he underestimated the task.

The trouble is, all of the options look bad, and no one knows how it will happen or what will follow.

The American union has been a square peg in a round hole ever since Lincoln hammered it in at the cost of 625,000 lives. If you haven’t yet noticed, fewer people applaud him these days. The misnamed “civil war” haunts us, but not because of slavery. Through military dictatorship during and after the war, it forever warped the Constitution and the relationship of the states with the federal government. We don’t realize the dictatorship because the events of 1861-77 demonstrated the eventual ruthlessness that would follow any state that strayed beyond the newly minted boundaries.

If Alaska wanted to defy federal possession of ANWR, for example, we would soon be occupied, the governor would be arrested and any legislators who has supported him would be, too.

But our social and economic problems were never meant to be remedied by federal legislation, yet even most prolifers do not understand this. The illegally approved 14th amendment is the bludgeon by which the woke Left attempts to force-feed their policies, creating an alienation that is leading us to a new secession.

So, the break-up of the so-called “sacred American union” appears imminent. It has been orchestrated. The divide is largely urban v. rural.

The trouble is, all of the options look bad, and no one knows how it will happen or what will follow. Imagining a peaceful separation is easy, but unlikely to happen. But if so, there would be a prosperous and tranquil Great Plains and Southern union, opposing the socialist coastlands and Great Lakes. There could easily be local wars from border disputes, and continued squabbling over social and economic policies within each region whose population would contain hold-over residents who refused to migrate.

More likely would be a palace coup in the White House or a civil war between Woke and Patriot officers. But even a successful patriotic military coup would only provide a temporary relief. It would instead usher us into what nobody likes: a military dictatorship. Dictators seldom relinquish power, and they soon turn ugly.

A look at election maps shows us that the “Blue” counties are small in size, with a seemingly overwhelming preponderance of “Red” ones. But the Blues are large in population. If Covid taught us anything, it is that our productivity is reliant upon urban centers for manufacturing and distribution. Don’t be fooled by the colorful geography: the Left will have the power of famine behind it.

And will foreign powers offer alliances to one side or another, and have their boots on our ground?

Figure that we in Alaska would be threatened by malevolent foreign powers, rather than defended by a corrupted military. But, if they did consider us worth fighting for, we could expect … martial law.

The short-term remedy is prayer. The long-term remedy is repentance. We must begin with our own.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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OPINON: America is likely beyond saving

Bob Bird
Bob Bird ran for U.S. Senate in 1990 and 2008. He is a past president of Alaska Right to Life, a 47-year Alaska resident and a retired public school teacher. He has a passion for studying and teaching Alaska and U.S. constitutional history. He lives on the Kenai Peninsula and is currently a daily radio talk-show host for The Talk of the Kenai, on KSRM 920 AM from 3-5 pm and heard online


  • Elizabeth Henry says:

    Sad but true and well stated. Your last sentence is indeed the only hope. We are in a spiritual battle of good and evil. Those of us that see clearly need to be on our knees daily in prayer for eyes to be opened, awakening to truth, and repentance.

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    Listening to many well-known podcasters/talk show hosts, I am under the impression that we are now at a point where we will never be able to return to the “United States” that was. Too much has happened to wake up many to the lies that have built our country and our lives. I am fine with not returning to what was because I found out that so much in this world was based on lies. Thank you for the good article Mr. Bird – it is food for thought and a good reminder.

  • Johnny says:

    There’s hope if we can vote out that criminal in the whitehouse, I find it amazing it has gone on so long, quite indicative of the levels of corruption, and if it cannot be remedied by voting then may liberty & justice prevail at any cost.

  • InTown says:

    The Devil always strives to make us believe the battle is hopeless…I’m sorry, but I’ve got a houseful of young children I’m raising up to be the future of our great nation, and I’m not moved by this soliloquy
    to throw up my hands and give up. My home and hearth are my battleground, and we’re engaging in a heckuva lot more than *just* prayer and repentance!

    • Friend of Humanity says:

      I do not think that we are supposed to give up. There are so many that still need to wake up and I think that it is the job of those who are awake to fight the good fight and help the people who are still asleep wake up. I look forward to a world where our money is our money and our children are ours to raise!

    • Daddio says:

      I tool am raising a large brood. The idea is to be alarmed and take action, not give up. Prayer, Repentance, and Preparation:)
      But a single home, no matter how prepared, will not stand against this tide.

      • InTown says:

        I guess it depends on what you mean by “stand.”

        “Dear friends, may no adversity paralyze you. Be afraid neither of the world, nor if the future, nor of your weakness. The Lord has allowed you to live in this moment of history so that, by your faith, His name will continue to resound throughout the world.” -Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

        Do we consider democracy to be the form of government best suited to the human person? If so, then the “American experiment” should always be a work in progress and never deemed “beyond saving.”

  • Bob Bird says:

    In Town:
    Recourse to prayer is NOT giving up. God wants us to rely upon HIM … not democracy, not a president, not a pope. At least, that is what I believe. This is a column written to get people on their knees, not commit hara-kiri.

  • Kenneth L. Wells says:

    His frustration is understandable but it’s not helpful.
    Instead, focus upon what is happening;
    Religion is seeping back into mainstream culture. I offer you two examples; Disturbed’s cover of Sound of Silence and Ren’s, “Hi, Ren”.
    Pushback against the groomers and grooming books is happening in schools across the nation.
    Pushback is growing against “pride” grooming events and parades.
    An anti child trafficking movie, Sound of Freedom, is #1 at the box office.
    We still remember epstein didn’t kill himself and we know Jan 6 was a Fed op.
    We still know covid was an excuse, fauci is a liar, and more people than ever before understand the federal government is corrupt and an enemy of this country.
    More people are realizing our involvement in Ukraine is for the interests of the M.I.C. and joe biden’s laundering of tax money, not for the interest of either the Ukrainians or the U.S.
    Pushback against electronic ballot machines, mass mailing of ballots and rank choice voting schemes are growing daily.
    There needs to be a revolution but it does not need to be bloody. We just need to keep pushing back against the forces of evil.

    • Blaine in Camelot says:

      Good summary of the fringe desparately Far Right wacko evidence free, lust of unsupportable whines

    • InTown says:

      Prayer and repentance go hand in hand with action at hone and in the public square. The hopeful examples you list are the fruits of prayer and action.

  • Jen says:

    For other readers who missed it within the writing, except Elizabeth Henry, bob bird writing isn’t about giving up the race set before us for our personal running as hebrews 12:1–3 speaks about running our race or doing the work set out before us using the talents and gifts God given each of us enduring the struggle, the hardship, the mockery, the scorn with a joy in our heart in full knowledge Christ lives. We all have some sort of work cut out before us like mothers as myself and Intowm is one race we are racing is raising children who can’t lose their away getting shuffled along to accept dysfunctionality as normalcy. Instead of mediocrity be striving for something better. If you have a family of young kids the parent is responsible for each child’s upbringing after all how he or she is raised determines how independent he will be and how much they love how well they will be able to look after us if we live to an age of senior dependency. I mean a parent don’t want ignorant and addicted homeless adult children cause they be no use to you as a senior on a fixed income quickly dwindling, because of while they were young and impressionable you didn’t spend time with them teaching them in their studies, nor reading aloud quality books wit them, showing them all work is beneficial and being employed isn’t slavery, no types of work is beneath them even working cashier at the Holiday gas station, or investing in the talents you seen your child exhibit that gave them joy like you saw they gravitated to an interest to sign them up for private lessons. However before people get on their knees before the God of Israel the one earlier leaders of America done while mapping out this nation, they looking for a world leader like an anti christ who’d promise peace, prosperity, and security not believing a Christ already came that’s why some people can experience joy through our shared struggles and some have their joy only while they are getting their way then quickly despair when they aren’t getting their way no more.

  • Daddio says:

    I firmly believe the answer is in creating a parallel society. The tyrannical leftist postmodern relativist society is doomed for failure. They will want to take us down with them. We need to be actively subverting their sadistic agendas while creating like-minded and ever growing groups of allies. Some institutions could possibly be won back, but most must be re-created completely – schools, libraries health care, food sources, media, banking, energy, etc.. fall into this category. Find or create a good church group and NEVER leave your children exposed to those loonies. Its Christ or Chaos. They have chosen the later.

  • Toscano says:

    Do not fear the change that is coming. If it is a painful change, it may be the Divine route to follow. The Hebrews did not like Jeremiah. Thinking of the U.S. as a coast-to-coast national entity was always a mistake. It is too big, too diverse. Christianity held it together, then its memory. But now, that is so much vapor, with only a lingering fragrance. Last time I checked, a reliance on prayer and penance is not giving up. It is accepting the Lord’s will. Those raising a family, or have descendants, have more reason to fight than most. Trust that the sincerity of your efforts are seen, noted, and will bear fruit in an unexpected way.

  • Lady Donna says:

    The government is targeting to destroy the family unit. They are truly coming for the children. The chant,”We are here and we are coming for your children,” at their parades is one example of the Reveal. Last autumn, while I was meditating in the Spirit, the Lord appeared. We were hovering above the earth. I heard Him say one word, “REVEAL”, with such Authority and Power that I understood that everyone was going to Reveal themselves. No one will be able to not reveal as the Most High God has given the Command. This is why we all see people truly Revealing what they believe by their Fruit. There will no longer be “fence-sitters”, as the “fence” is no longer made of wooden planks or metal wires, but of Sharp Swords pointing up out of the ground. People will either Reveal themselves to be For the Most High God who is Holy….or they will Reveal themselves to be Against God, defiling His Precepts. One or the Other, they are Revealed. This is part of Bibilcal prophecy.

    Globally, we are also seeing international countries also Revealing if they are for God’s precept commandments or against God’s precept commandments. The USA has revealed itself as a place for every unclean spirit. Those countries who align with God’s precepts, will enact laws to uphold those precepts, and the unclean spirits will flee from those countries and go where? They will come here to the USA because the United States Supreme Court has unanimously opened that door to the sexual immorality that those unclean spirits practice. This is also a fulfillment of prophecy in Revelation. Prophecy means that no one can stop it from being fulfilled. Isaiah and Job remind us that what the Lord does, no one can stop, and to try to stop what the Most High God has purposed, is disobedience….as Peter found out when he was rebuked by the Anointed One.

    Look around you. Does anyone think that the USA (state & federal) government elected & executive leadership will be as Nineveh’s leadership, openly & publically repenting and calling upon the Name of the Most High God? No, they wont. They have Revealed themselves by their Fruit.

    Mr. Bird is correct. Those who call upon the Name of the Most High God, must humble themselves, pray, repent, and seek His refuge. This is the only recourse a Child of the Most High God can take through Christ Immanuel. Revelation reminds those who call upon the Holy Name, to “Come out from Among them.” Sperate yourselves. Revelation also reminds us to let unbelievers continue to be vile….and let those who believe in the Most High God continue to be righteous.
    It is what it is.
    The Lord Gives and Takes Away. Blessed Be His Name.

  • Shelia says:

    Pray is right. So is fight. Instead of yielding to those who oppose defending the family, we need to get out there and meet them face to face. The activists for the left are far more violent than when I opposed useless wars that only served to fatten the wallets of the military-industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about. We have to realize that this struggle for a sane and free country for believers will be a lifetime struggle. Time to get going!

    • DaveMaxwell says:

      Shelia, have you consulted with your close friend or possibly relative known as our useless governor dunleavy and asked him why he supports gender queer in our junior high schools?

  • Chuck Anziulewicz says:

    Let’s face it: Trump OWNS the Republican Party. The other GOP candidates make tepid, mealy-mouthed pretentions about being a more reasonable voice, but if they attack Trump directly, they invoke the wrath of the MAGA mob.

    The only thing missing from Bob Bird’s commentary was a bunch of “End Times” mumbo-jumbo about the Rapture, Tribulation, etc.

    • Proud Alaskan says:

      Same to you chuck, God gave you a choice you choose Heaven or Hell
      The only thing missing from Bob Bird’s commentary was a bunch of “End Times” mumbo-jumbo about the Rapture, Tribulation, etc.
      Yes all of this will come to pass read your Bible

      • Lucinda says:

        These are interesting statements: “If it is a painful change, it may be the Divine route to follow” and “It is accepting the Lord’s will”. If one is to accept the “Lord’s will”, why have any personal agency? Why pray to change that which is divine?

  • John H Slone says:

    A very sobering assessment of the current situation in the US and Alaska except he didn’t adress the Chinese involvement and the likelihood of global conflict in which the US could be drawn.

  • Proud Alaskan says:

    Because God answers prayers

    • Lucinda says:

      Nothing fails as reliably as prayer. Or maybe you have some evidence that I’m wrong.

  • Friend of Humanity says:

    ‘The Out Of The Shadows documentary lifts the mask on how the mainstream media & Hollywood manipulate & control the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content. Their goal is to wake up the general public by shedding light on how we all have been lied to & brainwashed by a hidden enemy with a sinister agenda.’

  • ML, just common sense says:

    Bob, we’ll keep the faith!