What’s the value of a human being’s life? How about our freedom? It’s time to seriously think about these questions because they are increasingly under threat.

A recent interview with the son of a pastor in Canada is a case in point. His father has been convicted of a crime because he spiritually supported the protesting truckers during the Covid plandemic.

For those who think this is just a Canadian issue, keep in mind that this Polish family moved to Canada because the country proudly claimed to support freedom of religion – in all its forms. It’s a very informative interview and a wake-up call for everyone. As we learned during Covid, tyranny can spread. 

Another growing threat to our freedoms comes under the guise of “global warming” – now coined “global boiling.” Climate alarmists must keep it exciting and scary so people will constantly be afraid. That makes it much easier for them to get us all to comply with new policies, laws and mandates. These are the same tactics that were used during Covid. It’s happening again. 

With regards to human life, we know that humanity cannot exist unless women go through pregnancy. 

As abortions continue year after year, Christians and others who treasure life continue to protest abortion mills. They work tirelessly to reach out to these mothers before they step inside an abortion clinic and destroy their beautiful son or daughter.

But that’s changing too.

Tens of thousands of these women are now ordering – legally or illegally – online abortion pills. There’s little regard for the mother’s age or their child’s development. No one seems to care about the risks as mothers find ways to get these pills and murder their children in their own homes without ever stepping anywhere near an abortion mill.

How on earth do we save these families now? All I can think of is to flood them with education about how precious their child is. But honestly, most of these mothers will kill their babies before anybody ever knows they were even pregnant. 

The Bible says Satan has come to “steal, kill and destroy.” He has and continues to do so.

Fear also plays a role in fewer women choosing to have children. I recently had a good talk with two young women about the economy. We discussed why this generation isn’t having children. These women were intelligent and had done their research. They shared many concerns about inflation, the high cost of housing, rising interest rates, daycare costs, the lack of committed family men and the uncertainty of the future. They explained their perspectives in great detail.

We are in a very challenging era of human history, and we must ask why God chose for us to live in this specific time and place.

He has a plan for each one of us to carry out his will. I pray that each Christian searches out their specific role, especially as the world’s problems continue to increase. If we ask for direction, he will guide us to our personal task.

The views expressed here are those of the author.

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OPINION: How will you personally defend life and protect freedom?

Pamela Samash
Pamela Samash is a longtime Fairbanks area resident. She currently serves on the Alaska Commission on Aging, and is the president of Right To Life – Interior Alaska.